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51 Garden Walk INTU, Metrocentre, Gateshead NE11 9XZ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

想在英國吃頓辣的美味料理?Chiquito habanero chicken wings 絕對能滿足你!這是間墨西哥餐廳,提供品項種類很多,這次點了[starters 2]chicken wings and prawns, [mains 2]southern fried chicken burger with halloumi, chicken&chorizo skewers.吃的相當盡興滿意又飽足。特別推薦chicken wings, 那個辣度真的讓人又愛不釋手,超好吃,吃得出辣勁與bbq焦香,做為前菜開胃角色再適合不過,可惜份量只有5隻太少。辣蝦前菜的部分是麵包沾辣醬附蝦一起吃,蝦子不小、辣度也夠、但可惜麵包不夠酥、醬有些油。主餐漢堡的雞肉又大又嫩,麵包酥,halloumi 起司倒是蠻平淡。skewers 雞肉有香不柴,還附上米飯,相當飽足。整體主菜份量是夠的,主菜單價約13£~20£,額外加醬另加價1£,但我覺得餐點本身醬料已足夠了。店內位置很多,桌旁還附有墨西哥帽讓你戴上增添氣氛,也適合拍照。店員服務很親切。有看到店員使用酒精清潔桌面!
So was really looking forward to this as I love Mexican food, even though this place is pretty pricey I thought I’d give it a go, wish I hadn’t. Should’ve spent my money elsewhere. Dry and under seasoned but over cooked to hell meat. Plain tasting sides that remind me of Morrisons dip selection. Yes food is piping hot - animal killed twice over as well as any flavour that was there in the first place, can’t see me coming back
Dined here last night for tea following our shopping trip as we haven't had Chiquito's in years. Lovely atmosphere, staff were all friendly and our waitress Emily was lovely.
We shared nachos for a starter (rude not to have nachos when you're going for Mexican food!). I had the Pulled Chicken Tinga Chimichangas and my husband had the Texan Stack burger. Both were lovely. Probably a bit overpriced, but still really nice and would go again.
the whole experience was just so lovely . The food was delicious and very filling .the staff were so welcoming and friendly. I will definitely be back again.
Good food, friendly staff although a bit expensive and might not be worth the price. I would go back but this restaurant couldn't become a regular stop on my shopping trips at the metro centre as £50 for lunch seems to high a price (2 adults and a child).
Decided to try Chiquito for the lunch, mocktails were really good specially the Pinacolada one!
chilli beef was okay, chicken bbq wrap was tasty too, the only thing wasn’t the nicest was the Halloumi burger, bun was cold and wasn’t even toasted/warmed up which spoiled it.
Absolutely beautiful food and fab service from Rhi start to finish who looked after us.
Food was fresh and hot very family friendly & great value for money. Highly recommend… sorry was so excited to eat I forgot mains picture…
My children got garlic bread for starters, chicken strips and chips main & Churros for desert massive hit ???????? xx
The food is always fantastic here! We love the atmosphere too and the service is always impeccable. I'm so glad things are returning to normal again and we will definitely be back again soon

Quick Facts About Chiquito

Chiquito is a Mexican restaurant that offers a wide variety of dishes. The commenters highlighted several strengths and weaknesses of the restaurant based on their dining experiences.
One of the main strengths of Chiquito is the delicious food. Multiple commenters raved about the flavors and taste of the dishes they ordered. The habanero chicken wings were particularly praised for their perfect balance of spiciness and barbecue flavor. The chicken burger and chicken and chorizo skewers were also mentioned as tasty options. The commenters found the food satisfying and filling, and appreciated the generous portion sizes of the main courses.
The atmosphere of the restaurant was another strength mentioned by the reviewers. They noted that there were many seating options available and that the tables were accompanied by Mexican hats, which added to the overall ambiance. The decoration and atmosphere of the restaurant were found to be suitable for taking photos and creating a fun dining experience.
The service at Chiquito was praised by the commenters. They described the staff as friendly, welcoming, and attentive. One reviewer specifically mentioned a waitress named Emily, who provided excellent service. The prompt and polite service was considered to be a positive aspect of the dining experience.
However, there were also some weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One commenter expressed disappointment with the quality of the food. They described the meat as dry and overcooked, and criticized the lack of seasoning. They found the sides to be plain and comparable to a supermarket dip selection. The lack of flavor and overcooking were seen as major drawbacks, and the reviewer concluded that they would not return to the restaurant.
Another weakness highlighted by a commenter was the price of the food. While they enjoyed the meal, they found it to be overpriced and not worth the cost. They mentioned that spending £50 on lunch for two adults and a child was too expensive for it to become a regular stop on their shopping trips. The high prices were seen as a deterrent to returning to the restaurant frequently.
Another negative comment was made about a specific dish, the Halloumi burger. The reviewer found the bun to be cold and not toasted or warmed up, which affected the overall taste of the burger. The temperature and lack of preparation of this particular dish were seen as disappointing.
Overall, the strengths of Chiquito can be summarized as delicious food, a pleasant atmosphere, and friendly service. However, weaknesses were noted in terms of inconsistent food quality, high prices, and specific issues with certain dishes. Despite these weaknesses, the majority of commenters still expressed their intention to return to the restaurant, indicating that the strengths outweighed the weaknesses for them.

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