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Al's Café

+1 559-233-9226
1823 W Olive Ave, Fresno, CA 93728 United States of America
Open Today: 06:00 AM - 03:00 PM


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Hammer Frühstück. Ziemlich große Portionen!
My family of 3 was in the area with big appetites. This restaurant showed up near us and I'm always open to new places. As soon as we entered the restaurant the atmosphere was cozy and relaxing. I'd say the menu was an American breakfast diner with an edge of awesome authentic Mexican food by choice. Our waitress was bubbly, funny, and very inviting. The food is awesome, the sides varied from country potatoes to beans and rice. This place is sure to hit your spot. I definitely will be back. I'm confident no matter what I choose it will be awesome.
Service is always above and beyond. Most people I know absolutely love and rave about the food. It's just okay. I keep trying different dishes but I just don't get what the excitement is about. Maybe they love the breakfast options and I'm not a huge breakfast lover in general. I keep trying and I'm sure I'll try again, as so many people I know love it. The service, I will say, is unbelievable. The staff has worked there for years. Very friendly, kind, helpful, and on top of anything you may need or want.
A friend of mine took me here this week for breakfast and as per usual since its a Mexican Restaurant I order Chile Rellenos. Our server, Sandy, is also the manager of the place. She was very cordial and an all around great server.
As you can see from the pic I posted the portion was mammoth and took one of the Chiles home along with some rice and beans. They used Ortega Chiles (not poblanos) so they had a bit more heat, but all around a very good meal. Coffee was just so so. Bathrooms were clean.
One might wonder why only 3 stars, but to be fair I gave Annesso's only 4 stars. I really struggle to give a place 5 stars, even if I like it. I feel that 5 stars should be reserved for the truly exceptional dining experience. I'd give this place 3 and half if I could and I would definitely not hesitate to visit this place again. Good eats.
Amazing and huge portion breakfast, service was awesome!
The service was amazing are waitress name was Mary the Food was great first time eating here it was Lunch time there was 9 adults and 1 toddler in are party I will be coming back this restaurant made you feel good very friendly worker everyone was great ????% another lunch here on February 15,2023 had a great Tasting Lunch and the service was great they were busy but still check up on us even after we got our meals and drink made sure our drinks were filled I really enjoy this restaurant service was no different than then the first time I came here I know I enjoy it here
This is a great place to have breakfast at. I love coming here customer service is totally awesome very friendly and they treat you like their family. I had chicken fried steak Al's potatoes two over easy eggs two pieces of wheat toast coffee and a orange juice I had to take half of it home with me cuz it was so much food there. Best place to have breakfast at everybody's real friendly there. I'll be going again here in the next couple days.
Lunch was perfect, the waiter was very friendly and served us all with a big smile ????..We will be back,We came back and food still ????..

Quick Facts About Al's Café

1) Cozy and relaxing atmosphere: Many customers appreciate the comfortable and inviting atmosphere of Al's Café, which adds to the overall dining experience.
2) Varied menu: The restaurant offers both American breakfast options and authentic Mexican food, providing a diverse range of choices for customers.
3) Bubbly and inviting staff: The waitstaff at Al's Café is described as bubbly, funny, friendly, and helpful. This positive customer service experience enhances the overall dining experience.
4) Generous portions: Many customers praise the restaurant for its large portion sizes, particularly for breakfast dishes. This offers value for money and satisfies those with big appetites.
5) Long-standing staff: The fact that the staff has worked at Al's Café for years demonstrates a level of consistency and expertise in service. Customers appreciate the experienced and knowledgeable staff members.
6) Clean bathrooms: The cleanliness of the restaurant's bathrooms is mentioned positively by a customer, indicating a commitment to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.
1) Mixed reviews on food quality: While some customers love and rave about the food at Al's Café, others express their disappointment. One reviewer mentions that they have tried different dishes but did not find the food exceptional. This mixed feedback suggests a lack of consistency in the food quality or perhaps a subjective preference for breakfast options.
2) Average coffee: A customer mentions that the coffee at Al's Café is "just so so." This suggests that the quality of coffee may not meet everyone's expectations.
3) Lack of exceptional dining experience: A reviewer mentions struggling to give the restaurant a higher rating, as they believe five stars should be reserved for truly exceptional dining experiences. This implies that Al's Café may not stand out compared to other restaurants in terms of creating a memorable and outstanding dining experience.
4) Busy during lunchtime: One customer mentions that the restaurant was busy during lunchtime. This could suggest potential wait times or a crowded ambiance, which may not be preferable for some guests.
Overall, Al's Café has strengths in its cozy atmosphere, varied menu, friendly staff, and generous portion sizes. However, the restaurant receives mixed reviews regarding food quality and falls short of creating an exceptional dining experience for some customers.

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