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Marria's Cafe

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21 Westham Rd, Weymouth DT4 8NU United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Marria's Cafe

Marria's Cafe is a small but superb little place that has received positive comments for various aspects of its service and offerings. One of its strengths is the quality of its food, as multiple customers have mentioned that the food was served hot and tasted delicious. The coffee, in particular, has been highlighted as proper coffee and not wishy-washy, indicating that Marria's Cafe prioritizes the quality of their beverages as well. In addition to this, the fare at Marria's Cafe is simple but extensive, offering a wide range of menu options at very reasonable prices. This affordability, combined with the well-cooked and tasty food, ensures that customers leave the cafe feeling well satisfied.
Moreover, the atmosphere at Marria's Cafe is another strength that has been mentioned by customers. While the cafe is described as quiet, it is also stated that it manages to be busy without being over-crowded. This suggests that Marria's Cafe strikes a balance between providing a lively and vibrant ambiance while still allowing customers to enjoy a peaceful dining experience. Furthermore, the cozy and warm environment has been commended by patrons, contributing to the overall positive atmosphere of the cafe.
Marria's Cafe also receives praise for its customer service. Many customers have mentioned the friendly staff and quick service as positive aspects of their experience at the cafe. This indicates that Marria's Cafe places a strong emphasis on providing excellent customer service and ensuring that customers feel welcomed and taken care of. Additionally, the cleanliness of the cafe is highlighted by multiple comments, further enhancing the positive image of the establishment.
Another strength of Marria's Cafe is its menu variety. Several customers have mentioned that the cafe offers an interesting range of menu options, including both Chinese and traditional English dishes. This diverse selection allows customers with different preferences and dietary restrictions to find something suitable and appealing. The cafe also offers vegetarian items, accommodating those who follow a meat-free diet. The inclusion of Chinese and South-East Asian foods has been noted as a pleasant surprise, showcasing the cafe's commitment to providing unique and diverse dining experiences.
Although Marria's Cafe has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, there are a few potential weaknesses to consider. Some customers have mentioned that the portion sizes at Marria's Cafe are modest. While this may be desirable for some individuals who prefer smaller portions, others may feel that they are not receiving enough food for the price they pay. However, it is important to note that the reasonable prices mentioned in the comments may help offset this potential weakness for many customers.
In conclusion, Marria's Cafe is a highly recommended establishment that offers a superb dining experience. Its strengths lie in its quality food, proper coffee, reasonable prices, extensive menu, pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff, quick service, and cleanliness. The cozy and warm environment, as well as the inclusion of Chinese and South-East Asian dishes, also contribute to the cafe's appeal. While the modest portion sizes may be a drawback for some, the overall positive aspects of Marria's Cafe outweigh any potential weaknesses. Thus, it is clear that Marria's Cafe is a place worth visiting for those looking for a good quality and reasonably priced dining experience in Weymouth.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

A superb little place.
The food was served hot. The coffee was proper coffee and not wishy washy.
The atmosphere although quiet was busy but not over crowded.
The fare was simple but extensive at very reasonable prices.
I came away well satisfied.
Strongly recommended.
Small but cosy and warm. Modest portion sizes but big range including Vegetarian items. Dogs allowed. Food cooked with care not slapped together. Interesting range of menu (Chinese and traditional English dishes). Pleasant experience.
Came across this after having walked past so many times. So friendly from the moment you walk in, including the other customers. Very clean, and food was delicious. Well worth it if in the area.
Coffee is really good, so are the Chinese dumplings. Breakfast cheap and cheerful. Would definitely go back.
Friendly staff, quick service, very good value for price. Definitely recommend it, mushrooms were lovely ☺️
Marria's Cafe is great. If you want a good quality, good value breakfast in Weymouth, it's hard to beat. Many Thanks and Best Regards Ivan, Jamie and Annabelle
Very clean and tidy cafe with an excellent choice of meals including some Chinese/South East Asian foods which was a very pleasant surprise. Add to that a very good selection of teas as well. A chance find as I popped into Weymouth on my way home from Plymouth.
What a find. Friendly, good menu good food
Breakfast was great, evening menu looks good as well.
Definitely worth a visit.

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