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Greenland Supermarket

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6850 W Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89146 United States of America
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코리아타운에 있는 한국 마트입니다. 다양한 식품과 소주 맥주 다양한 브랜드가 있고 전체적인 상품이 많지만 야채의 신선도는 조금 떨어지는 것이 아쉽네요
총괄적인 관리가 조금 부족해보입니다. 일주일에 한 두번은 가는 곳인데 갈 때마다 느끼는 부분은 정리가 안되는 곳은 여전히 그대로인데 좀 아쉬워요
하지만 편리하게 이용할 수 있는 장점이 있고 친절한 서비스는 좋은 것 같아요.
주차장 공간도 넓고 마트 앞쪽에는 푸드코트도 있어서 식사하기도 좋은 장소입니다.
An amazing shopping center. Lots of options of grab your favorite Asian dish, specifically Korean dishes and food options. The bakery is amazing. The hot foods are excellent. The store is well organized and clean. Didn't find any random items on aisles. The aisles are very well organized and clean. The kitchen area has many pots and pan selections. They even have electric cooktops. Snacks galore, so if you're craving Asian snacks, they have it here. Great place!
We found in this market wonderful kim chi and squid( dry and kimchi style ) and radish marinated very tasty !! Also there is bakery and about 4-6 different food to go (or you can eat it right there ,tables and chairs in food court area). Very interesting noodles ,hot and kimchi flavor . Big choice of korean food.
Excellent quality of produce and hot Korean food and side dish. First time buying the marinated meats and they are great as well. There’s a small Korean baked good right outside the small lobby.
The only negative thing a can say is the cashiers are not Korean so when I asked them about Korean products they don’t know what it is.
They should trained their employees to know basic Korean products. Just my opinion but I still highly recommend this place for your Korean food needs.
meh at best for picking up some basics to make stuff from scratch but this is honestly a pretty sorry excuse for a "Korean" market and the food court itself had probably the worst i've ever had..
the 물냉면 literally just tasted like 물.. the 비빔냉면 somehow had less flavor, the 댄장찌게 had barely any 댄장, and the 갈비 just tasted burnt.
여러분.. 음식이 간 완전히 없습니다. 새상해, 어떡해 갈비까지 이상태로 망할수잇나.. 미들수 없다...
also was a bit taken aback that nobody seemed to understand me when i tried asking them stuff in korean... an employee straight up pointed at kimchi when i asked where they had 쌈장......
According to my wife, the only reason she and other Koreans shop at Greenland Supermarket is that there are no other Korean markets in Las Vegas. If there were, she would never step foot inside this market again. It's too expensive, run-down, dirty, and smells; the employees are unfriendly and sometimes downright rude and abusive. Every time she leaves to go to this store she gets upset at the thought of spending 30 to 40 percent more money than she used to in Los Angeles when we lived there.
I was with her today and understand her sentiments exactly. What I saw was employees without masks or worn beneath their chin. When I tried to snap a picture of one wearing her mask under her chin, she immediately pulled it up when she saw me pointing my telephone at her. But you can also see two male employees (in the rear) with their masks under their chins. These people are handling food for God's sake. These people are working in a food concession and should have masks over their noses and wear gloves.
I think my wife's allocation of two stars is more than generous based on what I saw today.
Best place in town to grab groceries for Korean and other specialty food. Plus the food court inside is a great place to grab a snack before or after shopping if you're hungry.
And if you want to do dinner with the family or even just a quick lunch please Korean BBQ next door is also on point.
I loved this place!
For a moment there I forgot that I was in Vegas.
They have all kinds of foods to try. Also Korean brand make up and different household items.
I will be going there for my Korean candy fix and some make up and skincare products.

Quick Facts About Greenland Supermarket

1. Diverse food options: The supermarket offers a wide variety of Korean food and beverages, including different brands of snacks, drinks, and traditional Korean dishes. This allows customers to find their favorite Asian dishes and enjoy a taste of home.
2. Well-organized and clean store: Many customers appreciate the supermarket's cleanliness and well-organized layout. The aisles are clean, and there are no random items scattered around, making it easy for customers to navigate and find what they need.
3. Convenient location: Being located in Korea Town, the supermarket is easily accessible for customers who live or work in the area. This proximity offers convenience and saves customers travel time.
4. Friendly service: Customers appreciate the friendly and helpful service provided by the staff. The accommodating staff members contribute to a positive shopping experience.
5. Ample parking space: The supermarket offers a spacious parking lot, allowing customers to find parking easily and conveniently.
6. Food court options: The presence of a food court adds value to the supermarket, providing customers with the opportunity to enjoy a meal or snack on-site. The variety of food available in the food court appeals to customers looking for a quick, convenient dining experience.
1. Freshness of vegetables: Some customers find the freshness of the vegetables to be lacking. This can be a disappointment for those looking for high-quality, fresh produce.
2. Overall management: Some customers feel that the overall management of the supermarket is lacking. They mention that the store could benefit from better organization and regular clean-up, as there are areas that appear messy or not properly maintained.
3. Lack of knowledge about Korean products: Despite being a Korean market, some employees do not have sufficient knowledge about Korean products. This can be frustrating for customers seeking information or recommendations about specific Korean items.
4. Price: Some customers find the supermarket to be relatively expensive compared to other Korean markets. This can discourage customers from making regular visits or purchasing all of their Korean food needs from this supermarket.
5. Unfriendly and rude employees: A few customers have experienced unfriendly and even rude behavior from the employees. This can create a negative shopping experience and deter customers from returning to the store.
6. Hygiene practices: There have been instances where employees were observed not wearing masks properly while handling food. This can raise concerns about hygiene and food safety practices within the supermarket.
Overall, Greenland Supermarket has several strengths, including a diverse range of Korean food options, clean and organized stores, convenient location, friendly service, ample parking space, and the availability of a food court. However, there are also areas for improvement, such as ensuring the freshness of vegetables, enhancing overall management, providing adequate training on Korean products for employees, addressing pricing concerns, improving employee friendliness, and maintaining proper hygiene practices. Addressing these weaknesses will help the supermarket to provide a better shopping experience for its customers.


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