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KFC Chesterfield

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Lockoford Ln, Chesterfield S41 7EW United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Popped in this evening for a late tea, ordered, food was ready within 10 minutes… that’s the only good thing I can say.
When the food came out the chips were cold, no excuse as the store was empty apart from me and a friend. My friends flavoured bites were also stone cold. Took the chips back to the counter and had to disturb what looked like a communal group of workers having a catch-up with friends?! I said our chips were cold, and the staff didn’t give any apologies, nipped in the back and out came some fresh chips. No sorry given. The conversation between staff and friends went on the whole time we was in the restaurant. The place was what I’d call scruffy and dirty. Rubbish all over the floors and the tables look like they hadn’t been wiped in hours.
Very disappointing visit.
I ordered via the app. The place was spotless. Hardly anyone eating in so felt very spacious. The food was quickly ready and very tasty. I had original 2 piece meal and my partner had mighty bucket for one. Chicken was small, but hot and delicious. Decent portion of fries. I couldn't eat them all. The staff were friendly and I would definitely go back to this branch again
Really disappointed with the party bucket. Staff was very unfriendly and received all 14 pieces as legs only . On requesting for a change they denied telling only leg pieces are available in this particular store .
Anyways it was totally bad experience
Made an order via dekiveroo. The delivery was really quick but the food was really dry and cold. I rang the restaurant who told me to order a dip and they would replace the cold order, and a refund for dip order would be in with it. I did this but was charged £5.48 which was 50p for dip, £2 for small order charge, £1.99 for delivery and 99p service charge. The only refund I received was 50p for the dip. Therefore I paid £4.98 extra for receiving a cold, dry order. When I called to complain about this they said, well do you expect us to deliver for free? I wouldn't have needed a replacement if the food was hot or at least warm in the first place. I will never use KFC again, the service we received was disgusting.
The food here has always been fine, and I think the staff try their best. Somehow the atmosphere inside just always seems to be very miserable. And, I don't know if the heating had broken, but it was freezing cold the last time I went in.
I used to be a very regular KFC customer until I moved to Chesterfield last year. My first 3 visits to this restaurant all resulted in poor quality food, wrong orders and poor customer service, so I haven’t been back since. Well that is until I thought I would give it another try tonight!
Unfortunately nothing has changed as I paid £6 for what was meant to be a meal, but in reality was 2 chicken legs with not enough meat on them to feed a cat, together with a few chips throw in the bag on top of them. Also the bins outside were that full that they were all overflowing. Very poor standards and not a good experience at all.
I ended up calling at Tesco next door to get some proper food for my tea.
Suffice to say I won’t be going back to KFC Chesterfield.
Wish I could vote 0 star
Everytime I go there about 9.5/10 of the trips consist of them not having specific items available: chips, hot wings, bread for the fillet burgers (no joke). Or the system for scanning app rewards is apparently down almost every time I seem to go there.
The staff are constantly changing way too frequently and never see a stable manager role in the premesis. Probably why there always seems to be an apparent issue every single time.. just complete laziness, inexperience or a combination of both.
Overtime it's just become more apparent that it's got nothing to do with lack of supply/technical difficulties, but everything to do with poor ownership that's ruining not only the consistency but the quality of the meals down to the ground.
I'm guessing the owner won't even be clued into looking or caring about any problems hence why this has been going on for so long so shouldn't waste my time making a review anyway but people have the right to know what they are dealing with.
Rubbish place, terrible customer service. Staff seems tired and un interested.
They will pack wrong items for you, so please check before leaving to avoid disappointment as happened to me.
Despite getting one star from all customers, they don't seem to bother.

Quick Facts About KFC Chesterfield

KFC Chesterfield Place has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers, highlighting both strengths and weaknesses of the restaurant.
Starting with the strengths, one customer mentioned that their food was ready within 10 minutes of ordering, indicating that the restaurant delivers quick service. Another customer who ordered via the app mentioned that the place was spotless and felt very spacious, suggesting that the cleanliness and ambiance of the restaurant are positive aspects. The same customer also praised the staff for their friendliness, indicating good customer service. Additionally, a customer mentioned that the chicken was hot and delicious.
Moving on to the weaknesses, several customers complained about the quality of the food. One mentioned that the chips were served cold, which is a major drawback. Another customer mentioned that the party bucket they ordered had all leg pieces, despite requesting a variety of pieces. This highlights a lack of attention to customer requests and poor quality control. Additionally, one customer mentioned that the food they received via delivery was dry and cold, indicating a problem with maintaining the food's temperature during delivery. Another complaint was regarding the pricing and refund issue. A customer mentioned being overcharged for a replacement order and receiving a refund for only a portion of the amount, resulting in a negative customer experience.
Furthermore, several customers mentioned poor customer service. One customer mentioned that the staff did not give any apologies when they complained about the cold chips. Another mentioned that the staff were unfriendly and did not accommodate their request for a change in the order. Another customer mentioned that the staff seemed tired and uninterested, indicating a lack of motivation and enthusiasm amongst the employees. Additionally, several customers mentioned that the restaurant had a miserable atmosphere.
On the operational side, customers mentioned issues with product availability. Some commented that certain items, such as chips, hot wings, and bread for fillet burgers, were frequently not available. This indicates problems with inventory management and supply chain processes at the restaurant. Furthermore, customers mentioned the frequent turnover of staff and the lack of a stable manager role, which could contribute to inconsistencies in service and quality.
Overall, the strengths of KFC Chesterfield Place include quick service, cleanliness, spaciousness, and friendly staff. However, the weaknesses include issues with food quality, poor customer service, pricing and refund problems, food availability issues, and a lack of stability in the staff and management. These areas need to be addressed in order to improve the overall customer experience at KFC Chesterfield Place.

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