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The Palms at Town & Country

11800 Mills Dr, Miami, FL 33183 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM


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Nettes Hotel, innerhalb eines Einkaufszentrums gelegen. Einige Restaurant und Bars sind fußläufig zu erreichen.. Zimmer und Betten waren völlig ok, American breakfast. Freundlichkeit und Service war sehr gut. Die Flughäfen Miami unt Ft. Lauderdale sind gut zu erreichen, ebenso Miami und Miami Beach.
Our next family adventure take us to The Palms at Town & Country on Sunday walking around this place, The Palms have an great potential if some investors come to see the place with a great lake and stores and restaurants around the place.
We like to go and walk to spend the day and see the sunset.
my daughter Yvette and her friends took me here for my 60th birthday on December 10th. we had a beautiful time good food and drinks I got drunk I had a beautiful time I came home with one she wanted one shoe off so you imagine how good time I had. and yes I'll be going back again with friends real soon!
Plenty of shops. And a nice waking behind the shops with a love lock bridge
Excellent service, food and ambiance. Will def be back. The Tiramisu is amazing!
Este hermoso shopping tiene muchas tiendas y restaurantes, discos, en el encontraras variedad de precios y entretenimiento tanto diurno como nocturno, pero el atractivo principal es el puente de los candados un hermoso puente que atraviesa el lago y donde la gente que lo visita, las familias y los enamorados colocan candados como simbolo de amor y unión, esta practica tiene muchos años asi que se ha vuelto una tradicion aqui en kendall asi que si vienes a kendall no pierdas de vivir esta bonita experiencia, comer en alguno de sus restaurantes y hacer una compra en alguna de sus tiendas.
The Palms at Town & Country, es sin lugar a dudas unos de los shopping center más hermosos de la ciudad de Kendall. Su estilo Mediterráneo al aire libre, hacen un ambiente propicio para salir de compras, para disfrutar un rico paseo con tu familia, espectacular para los niños y mascotas. Una bellísima laguna, que te harán vivir momentos de relax mientras disfrutas de exquisitos platos de los diferentes restaurantes que tienen vista hacia la laguna. Este es un sitio que todos debemos apoyar para que retome la vida social que tenía en los días de su inauguración, los efectos de la pandemia aún se sienten, por la cantidad de locales aún desocupados!!! Dios quiera que muy pronto franquicias y nuevos emprendedores puedan ocupar estos espacio! Tienen varios disponibles, para darle vida a estos bellos espacios que vas a poder disfrutar! Aún
Siguen al pie del cañón varias tiendas y restaurantes que han sabido esquivar los estragos de la pandemia! Pero con el
Apoyo del
Gobierno y todos nosotros estamos a tiempo de reactivar al
100% este espectacular shopping center, en la ciudad de Kendall!!! Visítalo y déjame saber tus comentarios!!!
Very nice place with good stores, restaurants and bars. Nice ambiance. Good mix of people. If you can go in the evening or at night you will see how they lightup the fountain in the Muddle of the small artificial lake. Lights are very nice. There is ample parking in the commercial center.

Quick Facts About The Palms at Town & Country

The Palms at Town & Country has several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, its location within a shopping center offers convenience for guests, as there are multiple restaurants, bars, and shops within walking distance. This allows visitors to easily access various entertainment options without having to travel far. Additionally, the proximity to major airports such as Miami and Ft. Lauderdale adds further convenience for travelers. The hotel's American breakfast, comfortable rooms, and friendly service were praised, indicating that the establishment provides a pleasant and enjoyable stay for guests. The positive comments about the beauty of the place, the lake, and the sunset also suggest that the Palms at Town & Country offers a visually appealing environment for guests to relax and enjoy themselves.
One of the notable strengths mentioned is the variety of shops available at the location. With plenty of options, guests have a wide range of shopping choices, catering to different preferences and budgets. This can enhance the overall experience for shoppers, allowing them to find what they are looking for without having to travel elsewhere. The love lock bridge behind the shops was specifically mentioned as a nice walking area, adding to the attractiveness of the location.
The comments praising the service, food, and ambiance at the Palms at Town & Country indicate that the establishment delivers a high level of customer satisfaction. The positive recommendation to return, along with specific praise for the Tiramisu dessert, highlights the quality of the dining experience. This strength can be a major asset for attracting and retaining customers.
The Mediterranean-style outdoor atmosphere of the Palms at Town & Country was highlighted as creating a conducive environment for shopping and leisure activities. The mention of it being suitable for families, children, and pets suggests that the establishment offers a family-friendly setting, accommodating the needs of different types of guests. The beautiful lake and relaxing moments it provides further contribute to the overall ambiance of the place, making it an attractive destination for visitors.
However, there are also weaknesses mentioned that may need to be addressed. The comment about the effects of the pandemic and the number of vacant spaces within the shopping center implies that the Palms at Town & Country may be struggling to fully recover from the pandemic's impact. The call for support from the government and visitors indicates that the location may not be operating at its full potential. This could affect the overall vibrancy and variety of the establishments within the shopping center.
In conclusion, The Palms at Town & Country has several strengths that make it an appealing destination. Its location within a shopping center provides convenience, and the variety of shops, restaurants, and bars offers a wide range of choices for visitors. The positive comments about the service, food, and ambiance highlight the quality of the experience. However, the mention of vacant spaces and the need for support to fully revitalize the location suggests that there are challenges to address in order to reach its full potential. Overall, with its strengths and opportunities for improvement, the Palms at Town & Country has the potential to continue attracting visitors and providing enjoyable experiences.

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