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La Tolteca

+1 626-334-0302
429 N Azusa Ave, Azusa, CA 91702 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM


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  • Mask required
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

So disappointing. The food is very lackluster. Starting with the chips and salsa: the chips were unfavorable, not to mention they tasted old. The biggest red flag was the 4 tubs of clear containers filled with these chips towards the soda fountain. I ordered the cheese enchilada plate with a fish taco on the side for the entree. The enchilada was good and the sauce they used for it did taste authentic. Sadly that was the only thing authentic about it. The rice wasn't very good and the beans tasted like they were canned. The tortilla for my fish taco was tough. To make things worse, the soda fountain was acting up and dispensed unfiltered soda. For such a big restaurant and so many people, ONE soda fountain?!?! Definitely won't be eating at this restaurant again because the authenticity would match Chipotle for Mexican food.
4 out of 5. I've been coming here since this place was at it's old location. I've always enjoyed the food. It's tasty and the food usually comes out quick. This is the type of place where you order and pay first, you're given a number and the server brings the food to your table. I ordered the combination plate, and added two tacos. The food was delicious as for the service, well... The last two times I came, the server dropped the food off and we never saw him again.
If your an authentic Mexican this place is not for you. I was excited because of the stars but the food definitely lacks seasoning. The chicken & meat is very underwhelming. I ordered hard shell tacos, because who can't make hard shell. It was packed with lettuce hardly any meat. And all the lettuce was browning. The salsa was good and the nachos ok. But it's disappointing if your going to say authentic Mexican food when there's only "antojitos". Maybe for non Hispanic people it is.
Visited on a Sunday morning, the food was delicious and authentic. Menudo and chorizo plate were bomb. We'll be back for sure!
It's American Mexican food. White people probably love it. Salsa has no flavor and not hot. Chile Verde burrito was awful. Nice place but food not so good. Expensive to.
Great food for the price honestly.
This is definitely Americanized-mexican food… so don’t expect “authentic Mexican food.”
I like Amerimex stuff sometimes. And this is definitely top of the list
???? La Tolteca is like hybrid sit down diner because place is huge, interior is nice, and food is well prepared, but also like fast food because overall service is quick. ???? percent will recommend.
The food here made me sick .I don't know if it's because of covid it looks like everything they had was not fresh . They were heating everything up in their stove..yuck! back in the day when I went everything was made fresh.
This is today Aug21/22 I decided to come back to give it a try burnt tortillas and overly cooked beans. Pictures below

Quick Facts About La Tolteca

La Tolteca restaurant receives a mix of positive and negative comments, providing insight into its strengths and weaknesses. This analysis will delve into these aspects to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the restaurant.
Starting with the strengths, one of the most frequently mentioned positives is the quick service. Many customers express that their food was delivered promptly, which is especially advantageous for those looking to dine during lunch breaks or when short on time. Additionally, the restaurant's size and interior are praised, with one customer describing it as a "hybrid sit down diner." The large space allows for comfortable dining experiences, and the ambiance appears to be pleasant and visually appealing.
Certain dishes at La Tolteca also receive compliments. One customer enjoyed the combination plate and taco offerings, emphasizing that the food is flavorful. Another customer specifically mentions the cheese enchilada and sauce, describing it as the only authentic-tasting item on their plate. The affordability of the food is also highlighted as a strength, with one customer mentioning that it provides excellent value for the price.
However, several weaknesses are identified through the comments. Many customers criticize the lackluster quality of the food, particularly the chips and salsa. Some complain that the chips tasted old and were stored in containers that did not appear appealing. Another common complaint is the lack of seasoning in the dishes, with one customer expressing disappointment in the underwhelming flavors of both the chicken and meat. The letdown continues with mentions of poorly prepared hard shell tacos that were primarily filled with lettuce. Additionally, there are complaints about burnt tortillas and overcooked beans, which indicate inconsistent and unsatisfactory preparation.
In terms of authenticity, opinions are divided. While some customers appreciate the Americanized-Mexican food and acknowledge it as tasty, others express disappointment, stating that it does not cater to the preferences of authentic Mexican cuisine. One customer highlights the absence of seasoning, particularly in the chicken and meat, and suggests that it may not meet the expectations of Hispanic individuals seeking traditional flavors. Consequently, those looking for genuine Mexican dishes may not find La Tolteca to be the ideal choice.
The quality of ingredients and freshness of the food are also areas of concern. One customer remarks that the food made them sick and suggests that ingredients may not be fresh, as they observed the staff reheating items on the stove. Furthermore, there is mention of browning lettuce, which indicates a lack of attention to detail and quality control.
The reviews also indicate issues with the soda fountain and service. One customer expresses frustration with malfunctioning equipment that resulted in the dispensing of unfiltered soda. Another highlights inconsistent service, as servers dropped off their food and did not return to attend to any additional needs.
Finally, there are a few comments that mention the demographic preferences for La Tolteca. One customer implies that the restaurant may cater more towards white individuals, suggesting that their taste preferences align with the Americanized-Mexican offerings of the establishment.
In conclusion, La Tolteca possesses strengths in terms of quick service, comfortable dining environment, and affordable prices. Some customers also appreciate specific dishes and find the food flavorful. However, weaknesses such as lackluster food quality, seasoning issues, inconsistent service, and potential freshness concerns are mentioned. The authenticity of the establishment's Mexican cuisine is a point of contention, satisfying some but disappointing others. Overall, while La Tolteca does have its strengths, it still faces challenges in meeting the expectations of all customers regarding food quality, authenticity, and consistency.

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