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V's Barbershop - Queen Creek

+1 480-404-6044
21576 S Ellsworth Lp Rd Suite 105, Queen Creek, AZ 85142 United States of America
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Luis is exceptional! He never fails us. He is very friendly and has made my son feel comfortable from day one. My son looks forward to his standing haircut appointments with Luis.
I can’t remember our barbers name but everyone was so nice. My son hates having his hair brushed and fights me pretty hard on it. I’m a hairy stylist myself but I’m no barber and it’s quite the battle for me to cut his hair. I will always come here now, he sat great and as still as a four year old can with no screaming! I was amazed. Thank you for a great experience ☺️
Got my baby (1yr) his first barber shop hair cut and it was perfectly done by Laz! He was so great with our son and made him feel so comfortable. We will definitely be returning and asking for Laz!
I took my active 5 yr old to get a haircut and AJ was super patient and sweet with my little boy. He did an awesome job and I will recommend him if you need a kid haircut, he is great. Thank you AJ
Over the years I've been to many a barbershop. I would put V's right in with the top 3. Good atmosphere. Very classy place. I even like the music choice. Adreis does my cuts. Please don't let him leave the shop, I'd have to follow him. ????.JG
P.S You see an old school bag like that, it tells you your going to get cut by a guy who takes his work seriously. Appreciate it.
We walked in for my 3 year old son’s first haircut. Laz waved up over to his chair with a smile. We showed him a photo of the cut we wanted and he made it happen to perfection. He was very good with our little boy and all the photos we took during the process. The shop is like stepping back in time to the 1940’s. So cool. Very good first experience there for us.
Absolutely horrific expletive there yesterday. Spent $30 on a hair cut to go home and shave my head once I saw what this clown did.
Best haircut I've had in the 20+ years of being in AZ. Hands down. Traditional barbershop atmosphere without all the needless stuff and fluff the generic "cuts" places push. Definitely will be going back and glad I finally found a place to go regularly as covid-cuts and trying shop after shop was really getting old. Las is the best! ????

Quick Facts About V's Barbershop - Queen Creek

V's Barbershop - Queen Creek has received mostly positive feedback from customers, highlighting the strengths of the place. The strengths include exceptional customer service, skilled and friendly barbers, a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, and a traditional barbershop experience. These strengths contribute to creating a positive experience for customers and establishing loyalty.
One of the common strengths mentioned by customers is the exceptional service provided by the barbers. Luis and Laz specifically are praised for their skill and friendly demeanor. Customers appreciate their ability to make them feel comfortable and cater to their specific needs. This personalized attention helps build a positive relationship between the customer and the barber.
The barbers at V's Barbershop - Queen Creek are also commended for their ability to work with children. Parents mention that their children who usually dislike haircuts were able to sit still and have a pleasant experience. This shows that the barbers have a way of making children feel comfortable and at ease, which is a valuable skill in a family-friendly barbershop.
Another strength of V's Barbershop - Queen Creek is the ambiance and atmosphere. Customers mention that the shop has a classic and classy feel, resembling a barbershop from the 1940s. This nostalgic setting adds to the overall experience and makes the visit unique and enjoyable. The choice of music also adds to the atmosphere and enhances the traditional barbershop experience.
The customers appreciate the attention to detail in the shop's aesthetics. One customer mentions the old-school bag and how it symbolizes a barber who takes his work seriously. This attention to detail reflects professionalism and adds to the overall experience.
Furthermore, customers note that V's Barbershop - Queen Creek provides high-quality haircuts. The cuts are described as perfect and exceptional, with customers expressing satisfaction and gratitude towards the barbers. The skill and expertise displayed by the barbers contribute to the positive reputation of the shop.
While the majority of the comments are positive, there is one negative comment regarding a horrific experience. Although this comment may be an outlier, it highlights a potential weakness of the shop – inconsistency in service. One customer mentions spending $30 on a haircut but being displeased with the results, leading them to shave their head at home. This experience suggests that there may be room for improvement in terms of ensuring consistency in the quality of haircuts provided.
In conclusion, V's Barbershop - Queen Creek has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. The exceptional customer service, skilled and friendly barbers, comfortable atmosphere, and traditional barbershop experience are highly valued by customers. These strengths create a positive and memorable experience for customers, fostering loyalty and satisfaction. However, it is important for the barbershop to address any potential weaknesses, like inconsistency in service, to maintain their reputation and ensure customer satisfaction.

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