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La Pulga Seagoville

+1 214-695-7719
1706 US-175, Seagoville, TX 75159 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

En Elotes Los Brothers tienen un excelente servicio, calidad y producto. No pueden irse sin visitarlos frente ala montaña rusa ???? tienen mieles con fruta natural además de fritura hecha al dia, y su salsa casera es solo para valientes ????
Great Christmas Light display! Took a solid hour to go through! Best drive through display I have ever seen!!!!!
No hay mucho mercado como en la pulga de Grand Prairie, pero si de comida se trata no pasarás hambre hay mucho que elegir , lo bonito de este lugar es qué hay un mini zoológico donde puedes ver canguros, camellos llamas y otros más.
Bonito para ir y distraerse en familia para sacar a tus hijos de casa y que conozcan animales hermosos.
This is my first and last time I go to this place. It took us 3 hours to leave the parking lot. There is only portable restrooms and they are so stinky and dirty. Do not recommend to come and waste your time here.
Entrada y salida es un caos no hay orden ni personal que dirija el tráfico y aparte las personas no tienen educación civil para manejar …….no recomiendo este lugar.
Super grande esta pulga. Me gusta ir a comprar mi plantas para poner en mi casa. El estacionamiento es grande. Venden comida y de todo un poco.
Muy buen lugar para comprar todo tipo de utensilios, desde herramientas hasta cosas para el hogar.
You can find so many different types of dishes from all different regions of Mexico in one place! And authentic! Street vendor style. Never had so much delicious homemade Mexican food in these parts of Texas. There's always Tex-Mex but real Mexican food that's authentic is kinda hard to find. THIS is the spot!! So many food vendors to choose from! Highly recommend people to come out and try anything out here.

Quick Facts About La Pulga Seagoville

La Pulga Seagoville, based on the comments provided, appears to have several strengths and weaknesses.
One of the strengths of La Pulga Seagoville is its food options. Commenters mention the excellent service, quality, and variety of food available. Elotes Los Brothers is praised for its natural fruit honey, freshly fried food, and homemade salsa. The availability of authentic Mexican food from different regions is also highlighted, with commenters expressing satisfaction with the wide range of options and the delicious homemade meals. This strength can attract customers who are looking for diverse and authentic food choices.
Another strength of La Pulga Seagoville is its attractions. The comment mentions a Christmas light display, which is described as one of the best drive-through displays ever seen. Additionally, there is a mini zoo where visitors can see kangaroos, camels, llamas, and other animals. This adds an element of entertainment and family-friendly activities to the pulga, making it an attractive destination for families looking for a fun outing.
La Pulga Seagoville also appears to be a good place for shopping. Commenters mention the availability of a wide range of items, from plants to tools and household utensils. This indicates that the pulga likely has a diverse selection of products, catering to different needs and interests. The large parking area is also mentioned as a positive aspect, potentially accommodating a larger number of visitors.
However, despite these strengths, La Pulga Seagoville also has some weaknesses. One commenter mentioned a chaotic entrance and exit, with no traffic management and people lacking proper driving etiquette. This can lead to frustration and inconvenience for visitors, potentially deterring them from returning to the pulga in the future.
Furthermore, the lack of adequate restroom facilities is highlighted as a major issue. Commenters express dissatisfaction with the portable restrooms, describing them as stinky and dirty. This can significantly affect the overall experience and comfort of visitors, leading to negative reviews and a decrease in customer satisfaction.
One commenter also mentions spending three hours trying to leave the parking lot, indicating a potential issue with traffic flow and management within the premises. This can result in frustration and a waste of time for visitors, impacting their overall impression of the pulga.
In summary, La Pulga Seagoville has several strengths, including its excellent food options, attractive attractions, and diverse shopping opportunities. However, it also has weaknesses, such as chaotic entrance and exit processes, inadequate restroom facilities, and potential traffic management issues. Addressing these weaknesses can improve the overall experience and customer satisfaction at La Pulga Seagoville.

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