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Carmel by the sea

San Antonio Ave, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA 93923 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 08:30 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Good for kids

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Einfach nur zauberhaft. Nicht umonst eine der schönsten Strände Kaliforniens
Ein wunderschöner Prt an einem wunderschönen Strand. Das wäre der perfekte Alterswohnsitz ;-)
Absolut toller Ort. So ganz anders, als die anderen Orte, in der Gegend. Hübsche Häuser, toller, sauberer Strand. Nette Leute. Absolut empfehlenswert ist der Sonnenuntergang.
Tolle Stimmung wenn die Sonne untergeht. Gerne wieder
Klasse Strand, aber auf keinen Fall mit einem RV dort hinfahren und am Rand wie alle anderen parken.... 40$ Strafzettel "Overcized Vehicle"
Ein wunderschönes Städtchen, übernachtet auf dem 10Tagestripp BIG SURE..... HERRLICH
Ein besonders schöner Ort, ein bisschen "Old England" by the sea.
Wunderschöner Ort und Strand

Quick Facts About Carmel by the sea

Carmel-by-the-Sea is a coastal town located in California and it has a number of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One of the major strengths of Carmel-by-the-Sea is its natural beauty. Many comments mention the beautiful beach and the overall charm of the town. One commenter describes it as "simply magical" and one of the most beautiful beaches in California. This natural beauty is likely one of the main reasons why people are drawn to this place.
Another strength of Carmel-by-the-Sea is its unique character. Several comments highlight the fact that it is different from other towns in the area. The huts and houses are described as attractive and the overall atmosphere of the place is mentioned as being special. It is also mentioned that the town has a bit of an "Old England" feel by the sea, which adds to its charm and uniqueness.
Cleanliness and a great ambiance are also mentioned as strengths of Carmel-by-the-Sea. One comment specifically mentions the clean beach and the friendly people. It is also worth noting that the town is described to have a great atmosphere, especially during sunset. The mood and ambiance of a place can greatly contribute to the overall experience for visitors and residents alike.
Moreover, Carmel-by-the-Sea seems to have a strong sense of community. One comment mentions that the people in the town are nice, while another mentions that it would be a perfect place to retire. This suggests that the town has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, making it an appealing place to live or visit.
Despite these strengths, there are also a few weaknesses that can be inferred from the comments. One comment mentions receiving a $40 parking ticket for having an RV parked in a restricted area. This suggests that parking regulations might be strict in Carmel-by-the-Sea, particularly for larger vehicles.
Additionally, while the town is praised for its beauty and charm, there is limited information about the amenities and activities available. It is not stated whether there are recreational facilities, shopping options, or other attractions in the town. This could suggest that there may be a lack of diverse entertainment options, which could be a weakness for some visitors seeking a more lively experience.
In conclusion, Carmel-by-the-Sea has several strengths, including its natural beauty, unique character, clean and friendly atmosphere, and sense of community. However, there are also a few weaknesses, such as strict parking regulations for larger vehicles and potentially limited amenities and attractions. Despite these weaknesses, the town seems to have a lot to offer in terms of beauty and a peaceful atmosphere, making it a recommended destination for those seeking a charming coastal experience.

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