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Crepes & Cones

020 3903 8374
24-26 S EndCroydon CR0 1DN
Open Today: 02:00 AM - 10:30 PM


  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating
  • Cosy
  • Casual
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Groups
  • Family friendly
  • NFC mobile payments
Dining options
  • Dessert
  • Dinner
  • Seating
  • Lunch
Health and safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Accepts reservations
Service options
  • Takeaway
  • Dine-in
  • Delivery
  • Wine
  • Vegetarian options
  • Spirits
  • Cocktails
  • Late-night food
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee
  • Halal food
  • Bar on site
  • Good for kids
  • Toilets
  • Wi-Fi
  • High chairs

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

wack brav
I'm late to the party!!!!! only just found this place and it's on my doorstep!!
I've now been 3 times in a matter of weeks and have enjoyed every visit.... well, honestly, I've enjoyed the food so much....my go to..... is loaded fries, MAC&CHEESE....OMG Wicked! and the Prawns with Mango, they just melt in my mouth.
and to top it all.......Portions sizes are great value for money. Service can be a tab slow, but I've been to The IVY, and it was slow too.!!!
I and three friends visited Crepes&Cones on Sunday 20th November unintentionally. My friends and I had planned to dine elsewhere, which was fully booked.
Crepes&Cones was on our list of places to dine at in the near future, it was relatively close to the fully booked restaurant we didn’t wait for, so took a chance going to Crepes&Cones. Despite a couple of reviews saying service was slow and waiting time very long we gave it ago and so glad we did. Service was excellent and waiting time was minimal to be fair it wasn't busy, a large group came after us and a few more people later on. We had an amazing meal with generous portions. We started off with the red velvet prawns, absolutely delicious in addition to the roulette of wings, tasty. Main course didn’t disappoint, once again generous potion and delectable. Service was excellent. We were served by a young lady named Olivia, she deserves 5 stars for being attentive and hardworking, she made us feel welcome, Olivia made sure we were ok. Definitely would recommend and hope to visit again.
Summary: We wouldn’t go back at all and sadly, would not recommend.
Food ordered:
Chicken Popcorn (2/5) Nice but tasted like KFC
Salt & Pepper Squid (4/5) It looked like sweet and sour chicken but it was tasty.
French Fries (1/5) Tasted like chips with freezer burn
The Buff Burger (3/5) A nice basic burger, reminded me of a burger from a van.
Grilled King Prawn Skewers: (0/5) Awful, so underwhelming given the title. They definitely did not use King Prawns and it definitely was not restaurant quality in terms of presentation or flavour - even for a diner. This was quite bland and supposedly took over an hour to prepare. They need to go to Billingsgate & invest in some actual King Prawns.
Sides: (These actually came with our Starters & we waited so long for Mains that we’d finished by then)
Return of the Mac (5/5) The Man N Cheese was really tasty, and a nice portion size too.
Plantain: (5/5) Good portion size, nice and juicy.
French Fries: (1/5) Still tasted like chips with freezer burn.
Pushing Pina (5/5)
Orange Juice
Pros: we were running late, when I called to move the booking it was done without an issue. The lady on the phone even explained that they had a booking of 45 people and the kitchen was very busy so moving our booking later would work out well because the kitchen would be less busy by the time we arrived.
- The starters and sides came out quickly with out drinks
- The salt and pepper squid was the nicest starter we tried, it looked like sweet and sour chicken but it was tasty.
- The Manager was polite, efficient and had really good customer service skills.
- We’d cancelled the order due to the wait time but the manager reinstated it and gave us complimentary take away boxes.
- We had a booking but the waitress that greeted us looked confused as to what to do or where to seat us.
- The place lacked ambience and the music playing was notably terrible.
- Even after moving our booking to a time that worked better around the booking of 45 people, the mains took over an hour to arrive. We saw four people that walked in after us get 4 burgers whilst we waited an hour for just one.
- we had to get back by a certain time so we cancelled the order due to the wait time and discrepancies on how long it would take from different waitresses.
- Other than the manager, the staff we saw seemed miserable. Maybe a team visit to another restaurant could give them an insight into the customer service they should aim to deliver and also raise morale.
Great atmosphere it was just freezing because the heating was not working. The food was not quite up to par for the child but I enjoy the jerk chicken meal and pepper steak meal, coselaw and rice and peas. Was very fresh and tasty. Throughout though we were cold. Service friendly buy I think they could also be understaffed. They helped by making another kids meal.
We had a fresh waffle and a Belgium waffle. They were really sweet, actually a bit too sweet as I'm not so used to that much sugar... I gave 4 stars because I was told they can't offer us tap water, but everyone around us do get offered water. No idea whether that was because we only came for waffles not for main courses, but technically I don't see that as a reason (given the sweetness as well). Also waitresses seems really occupied and tired on a Sunday afternoon and wasn't too attentive. Would still revisit but appreciate some improvements.
"Not your average desert spot"
If we're talking about 'not average', there are 2 sides to a bell curve and they fall to the left of it. While somewhat presentable, the service was bad the day we went earlier this year, the food is genuinely terrible and there's a reason it's always empty. Also they spelt dessert wrong.
Date night here was so much fun. We really enjoyed ourselves and had a good time. From the music to the food and cannot forget the drinks. Who knew that a drink without alcohol could taste so good? I honestly can’t recommend it enough. We couldn’t fault anything from the staff to the food. It was all on point. Everyone always had a smile on their faces. So happy you have come back with a bang.

Quick Facts About Crepes & Cones

Crepes & Cones is a restaurant that has received mixed reviews from customers. While some have praised the food and service, others have had negative experiences. In order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the restaurant, let's break down the comments provided.
Starting with the positive comments, one customer expressed their excitement about discovering Crepes & Cones and mentioned that they have visited the restaurant multiple times in a short period. They particularly enjoyed the loaded fries, mac and cheese, and prawns with mango. The portion sizes were also praised for being great value for money. However, the service was noted to be slow, although the customer acknowledged that even an upscale restaurant like The Ivy can also have slow service.
Another customer had a positive experience after unintentionally visiting Crepes & Cones. They mentioned that despite some reviews mentioning slow service, their experience was excellent with minimal waiting time. They had an amazing meal with generous portions and praised their server, Olivia, for being attentive and hardworking. They expressed their recommendation and hope to visit again.
Moving on to the negative comments, one customer provided a detailed review of the food ordered. They found the chicken popcorn to be nice but tasting like KFC, the salt and pepper squid to be tasty but resembling sweet and sour chicken, and the French fries to taste like chips with freezer burn. The buffet burger was considered basic but decent, while the grilled king prawn skewers were described as awful, lacking in flavor and presentation. The sides received mixed reviews, with the mac and cheese being praised and the French fries being criticized again. Overall, this customer did not recommend the restaurant.
Another dissatisfied customer mentioned various cons of their experience. They mentioned that the staff seemed confused upon their arrival and that the atmosphere lacked ambience. The music playing was also described as terrible. The main issue was the long wait time for the mains, which took over an hour to arrive, even after changing the booking time to avoid a busy period. They had to cancel their order due to time constraints and inconsistency in waitresses' estimates of the wait time. The customer also noticed that the staff, excluding the manager, appeared miserable.
One customer had a positive experience with the food but mentioned that the heating was not working in the restaurant, making it uncomfortable. They also felt that the service was friendly but understaffed. However, the staff did try to accommodate them by making another kids' meal.
Another customer enjoyed the waffles but found them to be too sweet. They were also disappointed that they were not offered tap water like other customers. The waitresses seemed occupied and tired, and the customer suggested improvements while stating their intention to revisit.
Finally, one positive review praised Crepes & Cones for a great date night experience. They enjoyed the music, food, and drinks, including non-alcoholic options. They had no complaints about the staff or the food.
In analyzing these comments, the strengths of Crepes & Cones include the positive reviews of the food from some customers, with specific dishes receiving praise. The restaurant also received compliments for accommodating changes to booking times and for the friendly service from some staff members. Additionally, one customer had a positive date night experience, suggesting that the atmosphere can be enjoyable.
However, the weaknesses of Crepes & Cones are evident in the negative comments. Slow service and confusion among staff members were mentioned as issues. The food received mixed reviews, with some dishes being praised while others were described as awful or lacking in flavor and presentation. The long wait time for mains was a significant issue for one customer, leading to the cancellation of their order. Inconsistency in waitresses' estimates of the wait time and lack of attentiveness were also mentioned as weaknesses.
In conclusion, Crepes & Cones has received both positive and negative feedback from customers. While some have enjoyed the food and service, others have had negative experiences with slow service, inconsistent food quality, and unattentive staff. Improvements in these areas could enhance the overall dining experience at the restaurant.

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