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Honiley Court Hotel

+44 1926 484234
Honiley Rd, Honiley, Kenilworth CV8 1NP United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Honiley Court Hotel has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
Starting with the strengths, one reviewer mentioned that the hotel is gut und preiswert schön gelegen, which translates to "good and cheap beautiful location." The hotel is situated in a beautiful countryside area, which provides a peaceful setting for guests. Additionally, another reviewer praised the spacious and comfortable rooms, stating that the beds were superb. The lack of noise or disturbing behavior from other residents also contributed to a pleasant stay for this reviewer. Furthermore, the hotel is described as very clean and tidy, and the prices are reasonable for a busy tourist area, making it a good value for money. Another reviewer highlighted the friendliness and attentiveness of the staff, which adds to the positive aspects of the hotel. The modern restaurant and the quality of the meals were also compliments given by guests.
However, there are several weaknesses highlighted by the comments as well. One guest mentioned that the basic rooms were uncomfortable, comparing the beds to sleeping on a brick. The lack of air conditioning or windows that could be opened made the room uncomfortably hot, with no ventilation. This led to a bad night's sleep and back pain for this guest. Another reviewer also mentioned that the rooms were a bit dated, although they were clean. The decor in the communal areas was described as average, and the breakfast was deemed okay, indicating that it was nothing outstanding.
Another weakness raised by a reviewer was the waiting times and the poor quality of the food. The waiting times were described as unbelievable, and the food was deemed inedible by some. This is an important aspect to consider as it can greatly impact the overall experience of staying at the hotel.
Another significant issue was the lack of response or apology from the hotel staff in a situation where the guest's key didn't work and they were left stranded in the lobby with young children late at night. This lack of communication and problem resolution is a major weakness and can greatly impact the guest's experience and perception of the hotel.
Overall, the hotel has strengths in terms of its location, spacious and comfortable rooms, cleanliness, friendly staff, and quality of the restaurant. However, there are weaknesses related to uncomfortable basic rooms, lack of ventilation, dated decor, average communal areas, average breakfast, long waiting times for food, poor quality food, and lack of response or apology in certain situations.

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Gut und preiswert schön gelegen
Alles schlecht!!! Schaut die Fotos an!
On arrival really nice hotel and downstairs is really modern the restaurant was lovely and meal was really nice, service was great.
Unfortunately the rooms were another story… we had dogs with us due to a competition nearby, we obviously got the most basic room but the beds were so so uncomfortable like sleeping on brick and no air con or windows to open it was sooo hot, no ventilation at all.
Breakfast was ok.
Such a shame because we had to be up early and really reunited our moods as bad backs and bad night sleeps.
Baring in mind there was 6 of us all paying for a room, I understand we had dogs but no need to be treated differently. Such a bad night sleep therefore 2 stars given.
I came across this establishment on the Internet. My friend and I wanted a quite base as to visit Lemington Spa, Warwick and Stratford on Avon. The Hotel is in the beautiful countryside. The rooms are very spacious and comfortable. Beds were superb. No noise or disturbing behaviour from other residents. I would definitely recommend this establishment. Very clean and tidy, quite, very reasonable prices for this very busy tourist area. We'll worth a stay.
I'm giving it this review because of the price, it's is exceptional value for money especially if you're working away but if you're looking for an actual 4 star hotel do not stay here you will be disappointed but what value for money it is!!! I think the bad reviews are because people are expecting something they're not paying for, it's the best place i've stayed in the UK for the cost. The decor is nice and the bar looks good, communal areas a bit average but again for the price what on earth can you expect. Two lads who work behind the bar are really decent and the staff are in general great. Rooms are a good size as well especially considering the money you're paying.
One thing i would say that lets it down massively is the food, the waiting times are unbelievable and food is really really bloody poor. Everyone i spoke to said exactly the same, a few describing it as inedible. Which to be honest isn't far from the truth.
I'd 100% stay here again and recommend anyone does but i'd make sure you'd eat somewhere else. The bar and restaurant look nice shame the food doesn't match! All in all though a good place!
Even though it is a work in progress sort of hotel, having reopened not long ago, we had a nice stay. Staff were lovely and attentive, big plus being a dog friendly hotel and food was lush. The bar and reception area looked beautiful and inviting. The room was a little dated, but clean. We left a bit of feedback upon departure (like investing in a coffee machine for breakfast and adding a few more homey touches to the room) and hope that it will be taken into consideration.
Had a room booked to arrive late at night. On arrival at 3am our key to our room didn't work and we were stuck in a lobby with a 2 year old and 2 month old.
We rang the emergency contact number several times which rang out and ended up leaving with two children under 3 to stay elsewhere.
Had no apology form the hotel or any contact.
Found this place via hotels.com and on first impression it was really nice. When we checked in, the staff member at reception was really friendly and helpful with what we needed. We get into our room, it's nice a d tidy. We see there are marks on the top of fridge. The finishing in the bathroom, was not great and operating the shower was difficult in it self. Couldn't separate the two shower heads. The bed was comfy and the room had a nice view for us to out into. Woke up this morning to have a shower but no hot water available for some reason.

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