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The Perch Rooftop Bar

+44 28 9024 8000
42 Franklin St, Belfast BT2 7GE United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Outdoor seating
  • Dine-in
  • Great cocktails
  • Live music
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
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  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet
  • Alcohol
  • Beer
  • Cocktails
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  • Wine
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  • Accepts reservations
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Kitschig geschmückte Location. Überall sind Plastik-pflanzen und vintage Deko wie Vogelkäfige verteilt. Trotz dass es eine Roof-top Bar (Dachgeschoss Bar) ist, gibt es keinen Ausblick auf Belfast. Die Getränke müssen selber an der Bar bestellt werden (Selbstbedienung). Das Dach ist offen an manchen stellen und somit undicht. Bei Regen wird der Bereich wo man sitzen kann nass. Kalt ist es da oben auf jeden Fall. Decken liegen bereit. Eher eine Bar für den heißen Sommer.
Am frühen Abend gab es freier Getränke sowie Pizza
Moderne Location... gute Cocktails und faire Preise
Looking for something to fill the last hour or so before we headed home, we found this place. Drawn to it by the sign stating roof top bar on a sunny afternoon and being just across the road from our hotel where our luggage waited to be picked up, it was ideal. Walking through the dark entrance with minimal lighting and not a lot of people about, we almost didn't wait at the warehouse style lift door to see if the place was open. We are glad we did and almost sorry we didn't discover it early in our visit as whilst it certainly felt different from the norm on an early afternoon, we imagine it would be even better during the evening with more customers. We only stopped for some drinks but enjoyed the experience. One observation we made that wouldn't be quite so noticeable in an evening , the artificial grass, it could do with a water .. sorry a good clean .
Booked here for brunch with the girls as a fun day out which included cocktails and pizza. My experience was just okay, stood for ages on arrival and no staff came near us, went to the bar to ask staff where our reserved table was only to stumble across it ourselves. Cocktails wernt overly nice, however I did order a cocktail from the menu (paid for of course) which was lovely. Pizza was nice in fairness. Won't rush back if I'm honest
When I went here before it was a genuinely good bar but god knows what has happened since then. 50£ deposit for a table only for it to be given away. Music was beyond club levels. My mate was genuinely wearing hearing defence. Most pretentious bar in Belfast. Currently sitting in spoons to try and get some real class and recover from the hearing loss.
Upon arrival to The Perch, we were met by a rat outside the front door.
Pleasant bouncers were the only good thing about this place.
The easiest access the rooftop bar is by a dodgy elevator.
However there are stairs that contain dirty cleaning equipment on each floor.
Entering the bar you're greeted by pink neon lighting that cover up the outdated decor and then rude discriminatory staff who tell you they have no ice for a drink.
Really wouldn't have had an issue with that if they hadn't served local patrons jugs of drink and single glasses with ice after that.
All in all, avoid this place. They ignore non local (non northern accent) patrons, the place is a dive, drink is pricey for what it is, and I've seen more life in a morgue.
Nice location and bar. Although a 'rooftop bar' you can't see any views as walls all around. Delicious cocktails.

Quick Facts About The Perch Rooftop Bar

The Perch Rooftop Bar has a unique and kitschy decor with vintage decorations and plastic plants spread throughout the location. However, this may be seen as a strength for those who enjoy quirky and eccentric atmospheres. The bar also offers a modern setting with good cocktails and fair prices, which can be considered another strength.
One major weakness of The Perch Rooftop Bar is its lack of a view of Belfast. Despite being a rooftop bar, there are walls surrounding the area, preventing any scenic views. This could be disappointing for customers who were expecting a rooftop experience with a beautiful view. Additionally, the bar operates on a self-service basis, meaning customers have to order their own drinks at the bar. This can be inconvenient for those who prefer table service and may lead to long waiting times during busy periods.
Another weakness is the structural issues with the rooftop. The bar mentions that the roof is open in some places, leading to leaks during rainy weather. This can cause discomfort for customers as sitting areas may become wet. Furthermore, it is mentioned that it is cold on the rooftop, although the bar provides blankets. This can make it less appealing for customers during colder seasons or in the evening when temperatures drop.
The comments also highlight some negative experiences from customers. One person mentions the lack of cleanliness in the artificial grass, which suggests that the bar may not be well-maintained. Another customer had a disappointing experience with service, as they had to wait for a long time and had difficulty finding their reserved table. The cocktails were also described as not overly nice, except for one ordered from the menu. This could indicate inconsistency in the quality of drinks served.
There are also negative comments regarding the atmosphere and staff. One customer claims that the music was excessively loud to the point of needing hearing protection. The bar is also criticized as being pretentious and discriminatory towards non-local patrons. This can create a negative and unwelcoming environment for certain customers. Additionally, a customer mentions seeing a rat outside the front door upon arrival, which is a significant hygiene concern.
Overall, The Perch Rooftop Bar has a unique and quirky decor, good cocktails, and fair prices, which can be considered strengths. However, the lack of a view, self-service, structural issues, cleanliness concerns, and negative comments about the atmosphere and staff are significant weaknesses that potential customers should be aware of before visiting the bar.

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