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Heavy Hitters Barbershop

+1 904-241-3001
1447 Mayport Rd #4, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Heavy Hitters Barbershop

Strengths of Heavy Hitters Barbershop:
1. Skill and Expertise: John, the barber at Heavy Hitters Barbershop, is highly skilled and has been cutting hair for over 15 years. Customers repeatedly mention that he gives great haircuts and is precise in his work.
2. Customer Loyalty: Many customers have been going to John for years and have developed a strong loyalty to him. They appreciate his consistency and trust him to give them the best haircut. Some customers even mention that they drive long distances to have John cut their hair, which shows the level of dedication and satisfaction they have with his work.
3. Versatility: John is praised for being a versatile barber who can meet the needs of all ethnicities. He is capable of providing haircuts for diverse hair types and styles. This appeals to a wide range of customers and contributes to the heavy clientele at the shop.
4. Customer Service: Customers appreciate the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at Heavy Hitters Barbershop. They enjoy the conversations and rapport they have with John and other customers. This creates a positive experience and adds to the overall satisfaction of getting a haircut at the shop.
5. Customer Appreciation: John is known for showing appreciation to his customers. This can be seen through his efforts to upgrade the shop and create an enjoyable environment for everyone. Customers feel valued and respected, which further strengthens their loyalty to the barbershop.
Weaknesses of Heavy Hitters Barbershop:
1. Lack of Cleanliness: A customer commented that the shop was filthy and that the floor had not been swept in weeks. This raises concerns about the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the shop. A clean and tidy environment is important in a barbershop to ensure a hygienic and professional setting.
2. Poor Communication: Another customer was unhappy with the lack of greeting and communication from the barber. They also mentioned that the barber left without informing them and gave them a subpar haircut. This highlights a communication issue and lack of professionalism that needs to be addressed at the shop.
3. Distance: While many customers are willing to travel long distances to have John cut their hair, the fact that the shop is located far from certain areas may be a disadvantage for potential customers. It may deter individuals who are looking for convenience and proximity when choosing a barbershop.
4. Overcrowding: It is mentioned that John is in high demand and the wait times can be long on busy days. While some customers don't mind the wait due to the enjoyable conversations, others may find it inconvenient and prefer quicker service.
In conclusion, Heavy Hitters Barbershop has strengths such as the skilled and versatile barber, customer loyalty, and customer appreciation. However, there are weaknesses in terms of cleanliness, communication, distance, and potential overcrowding. These areas of improvement should be addressed to provide a better overall experience for customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

If I could give a lower review I would. Wasn’t greeted or anything and the place is absolutely filthy including where they keep their clippers, trimmers, guards, etc. Floor looks like it hasn’t been swept in weeks. Homeboy leaves for 10min without saying anything then proceeds to give me a horrible haircut. I asked for a bald fade with my right side blended in a comb over style…. That ain’t it.
I moved to Atlantic Beach about 4 years ago, and for the first 2 I went to 3 different shops in the area. Finally I found this shop & had the pleasure of meeting John & feel lucky that I did. He never disappoints. Also I love the atmosphere. I understand John is in high demand but if it's a Friday or Saturday & a few people are ahead of me, I never mind the wait since there is always great conversation. I look forward to getting my cut. There is nowhere I'd rather go. I just moved back to the Westside, but still drive back the 35 mins to Mayport to have John cut my hair, even though there are atleast 50 shops on this side of town. That should tell you all you need to know about how good John is.
John runs an awesome barbershop!Walk ins are welcome.
Just as good as ever!
Still the best haircut!!!
John's been cutting me for years !!! Won't let anyone else touch it!!
John has been my barber for the past 15 years or more to date. Very precise barber. Take pride in his craft. One of the most versatile, and diverse barbers around in the area. Always thinking of ways to upgrade the shop to appease all of his customers. His clientele is heavy due to being a barber who welcomes all ethnicities to the shop. He’s very good with kids. Been cutting my kids hair since they’ve been able to get haircuts. He’s always showing customer appreciation. Well respected by the youth in the area. The shop in a whole is just a good, diverse place to be when wanting a haircut. The most important thing is, you’ll always be satisfied. A sharp haircut, and good laughs is what you’ll get at Heavy Hitters Barbershop.
I've been going to John for 15 years now n I've always gotten great line ups. He cuts most of my family n friends as well. I've gone other places to get a hair cut over the years and sure enough I always end up going back to John so he can fix up the messed cut that I got. I live 45 min away from heavy hitters barbershop but its worth the drive. (I make sure I call first though). Respect to all other barbershop out there but heavy hitters is the only place I would ever go.
I’ve been bringing my son here for 7 years now and I must say, this is the ONLY place I will take him. John is the best!!!
My son absolutely loves coming here today he got his hair cut.
They’ve been remodeling the place too, and it looks awesome. Can’t wait to take him next time to see the newest improvements.
First I will say this, I have 4 boys, all teenagers now, oldest is 19. John has been cutting my boys hair since 2000 when he was still in school. He is consistent in his work and his passion and craft show every cut. I will never take my boys anywhere else. John moves....we move.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
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