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Ouyen is amazing! I’ve been making appointments with her for about 6 months for both my nails and toes. She has been great and I am always very pleased with my service. I did the royal pedicure today and was so impressed. I will definitely be bringing my mom in for one soon!
My nail tech cut two of my cuticles too low causing them to bleed. I had to go pick up a box of bandages and some ointment to place over them because when I left they were still bleeding. Now I'm afraid they may get infected. The quality of the nails aren't the best either. I had polish everywhere, even on my finger tips and palm portion of my hands. The nail tips weren't smooth. Overall just a messy job. It's over priced as well. $41.25. Such a rip off
Derek is the GOAT!!!! Loved my Birthday nails, consistently great customer service!! I gave him a picture and he elevated the design idea, he did a great job. Fast service.
I occasionally go in for a complete set of gel nails and might maintain them with a couple of fill ins. I’ve had one pedicure. I love NSD and I request one certain nail tech every time. She does phenomenal work and is very pleasant. I regret that I’m not one of her dependable regulars but that’s my personal choice. I hope she will continue to serve me when I come in but I am sure all the techs are wonderful!
Derick and Celine are the dream team! I was the last customer of the day, but they still took their time and didn’t make me feel rushed; nor do my nails look rushed. They’re both so personable and I loved chatting with them during the process. And when I tell you Derick did what needed to be done FOR ????????THIS ????????NAIL ????????SHAPE ???????? Definitely will be requesting him or Celine again!
When this place first open the customer service was great and they always did a great job! However I went to get my eyebrows wax and a guy was in the room sleeping. The gentleman in the Calvin Klein shirt that did my pedicure did a horrible job.
Came to visit and needed my nails done. They provided excellent service and the wait time was great and worth it. When I come back to visit I will always come here.
Besides my colors not matching for $117.00 everything else was wonderful

Quick Facts About Nails So Dep MC

Nails So Dep MC Place, also known as NSD, is a nail salon that provides various nail and pedicure services. Based on the comments provided, we can assess the strengths and weaknesses of this establishment.
Starting with the strengths, one recurring theme in the comments is the praise for certain nail technicians. Customers consistently mention specific technicians who provide excellent service and deliver phenomenal work. This highlights the presence of skilled and talented professionals within the salon. It is crucial for a nail salon to have competent and capable technicians as they are responsible for the end result and customer satisfaction.
Another strength mentioned is the friendly and personable nature of the staff. Customers appreciate being treated with kindness and enjoy engaging in conversations with the nail technicians. This friendly atmosphere enhances the overall experience, making customers feel comfortable and valued.
In terms of service quality, many customers express satisfaction with the work done on their nails. Positive experiences range from birthday nails to royal pedicures, indicating a diverse range of services offered. The ability to deliver varied and high-quality services is instrumental in maintaining a positive reputation and attracting repeat customers.
Timely service is also mentioned as a strength. Several comments highlight the relatively short wait times, which is an essential aspect of any service-based industry. Customers appreciate efficient service and minimal waiting, as it allows them to manage their time effectively.
Now shifting to the weaknesses, one common criticism is the pricing. A customer mentions feeling that they were overcharged for the services received. While the exact details of the services rendered are not mentioned, the customer perceived the cost as a "rip off." This suggests that the pricing may not be transparent or commensurate with the quality of the services provided. Pricing is an important consideration for customers, and if they feel that they are not getting their money's worth, it can lead to dissatisfaction and deter them from returning.
Another weakness highlighted is the inconsistency in the quality of service. One customer had a negative experience where their cuticles were cut too low, leading to bleeding. Additionally, they were dissatisfied with the overall quality of the nails and the cleanliness of the application. Inconsistency in service quality can be a significant issue, as it erodes trust and can leave customers hesitant to return. It is crucial for NSD to ensure consistent and high-quality service across all technicians and appointments.
Furthermore, there is a mention of a negative experience with a technician who did a poor job during an eyebrow waxing session. This indicates that there may be inconsistencies in skill levels among technicians within the salon. It is vital for NSD to maintain a high standard of excellence among all staff members to ensure customer satisfaction and avoid negative experiences.
Lastly, there is a comment mentioning a discrepancy in color matching. The customer paid a significant amount but was not satisfied with the result. This highlights the importance of attention to detail and accuracy in fulfilling customer requests. To prevent instances like these, NSD must focus on effective communication with customers to ensure their expectations are met.
In summary, Nails So Dep MC Place has several strengths, including talented and friendly nail technicians, high-quality service, timely appointments, and positive customer experiences. However, there are areas that need improvement, such as consistent service quality, transparent pricing, and attention to detail. By addressing these weaknesses, NSD can enhance customer satisfaction and further establish itself as a reputable nail salon.

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