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South Pier Family Entertainment Centre

+44 1502 512793
2 Royal Thoroughfare, Lowestoft NR33 0AE United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet
  • Good for kids
  • Toilets

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Lowestoft promanard were different ships arriving from there dock
Walking along the pier there are statue
History of lowestoft
There was a famous poet plaque near a hotel enjoyed my evening out recommend you visit these places here are the photo's to enjoy or share comment view these photo's tell others about please thank you much appricated from adam
I love this arcade the staff are so friendly and helpful there's always someone around if you need any assistance. My kids always win something from the 2p machines even with only spending a couple of £'s.
The South Pier offers fish and chips, beer, arcade games, ice cream, and a classical Grecian statue.
There are plenty of benches outside overlooking the North Sea, and many traditional seaside stalls can be found along the adjacent promenade.
We went on the beach it was absolutely beautiful. Lowestoft Beach is a credit to the council who looks after it and maintain it throughout the winter.
Just amusements & pub with cafe & good fish & chips. Watch the seagulls if eating outside. They do like chips & will swoop down & steal them if your not looking.
Fantastic location. A real gem. Suitable for families with children and also the lone traveller.
A bit of old school fun on a cold day. Plenty of 2p tipping point style machines here some a little worse for wear but the kids liked them. The ticket ones seem to be the most popular with prizes to be won in exchange.
It was a beautifully sunny day when we were on the pier. Stunning views out to sea

Quick Facts About South Pier Family Entertainment Centre

The South Pier Family Entertainment Centre in Lowestoft has several strengths that make it a popular destination for visitors. One of its greatest strengths is its friendly and helpful staff. Many reviewers mentioned the excellent customer service they received from the staff members, who were always available to assist with any needs or questions. This level of service contributes to a positive overall experience for visitors.
Another strength of the South Pier is the variety of activities and amenities it offers. From arcade games to fish and chips, beer, and ice cream, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The arcade games, particularly the 2p machines, are a favorite among children, providing entertainment and the chance to win prizes without spending much money. The availability of food and drink options, including traditional seaside fare like fish and chips, ensures that visitors can have a complete day out without having to leave the pier.
Additionally, the South Pier is situated in a fantastic location, providing stunning views of the North Sea. Visitors can enjoy these views from the benches outside the pier or while walking along the adjacent promenade. The combination of the seaside atmosphere and the historic Grecian statue creates a unique and enjoyable setting for visitors.
The South Pier Family Entertainment Centre also benefits from its proximity to the beach. Many reviewers mentioned the beautiful beach and praised the local council for its efforts in maintaining and caring for it. This adds an extra dimension to the visitor experience, as it allows visitors to enjoy the beach and the pier in one outing.
However, the South Pier does have some weaknesses as noted by reviewers. One of the most common complaints is the presence of seagulls that can be a nuisance, particularly when eating outside. Visitors are warned to be cautious of the birds, as they may try to steal food if left unattended. While this is a common issue in seaside areas, it is still a drawback for visitors who may find it bothersome or disruptive to their meal.
Another weakness mentioned is the condition of some of the arcade machines. While many reviewers enjoyed the old-school fun of playing the 2p tipping point style machines, some noted that some of the machines were in disrepair or showed signs of wear. While this did not detract significantly from the overall experience, it could be a disappointment for some visitors who were expecting newer and better-maintained machines.
Additionally, while the South Pier is generally seen as a family-friendly destination, some lone travelers mentioned that they also enjoyed their visit. However, it is unclear whether the pier offers specific attractions or amenities for solo travelers, which could be a missed opportunity to cater to this demographic.
In conclusion, the South Pier Family Entertainment Centre in Lowestoft has several strengths that make it a popular destination. The friendly and helpful staff, variety of activities and amenities, and stunning views of the sea all contribute to a positive overall experience. However, it is not without its weaknesses, as some visitors mentioned issues with seagulls and the condition of some of the arcade machines. Overall, it offers a unique and enjoyable destination for families and individuals alike, but there is room for improvement in certain areas.

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