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Hannah's Beauty Salon And Spa

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1155 E Battlefield Rd, Springfield, MO 65807 United States of America
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I used to go to this salon every two weeks. I went back today after about a year and can say with certainty that I will NOT return. Nails are not even, not fully filled in or colored, and not the shape I asked for (tapered square). When I requested that they fix the shape (and bulge of acrylic on one nail) the girl that was fixing them rudely responded with “the shape isn’t bad, you saw me angling the file”. Owner was on the phone making reservations for the park. Very I professional atmosphere. Don’t waste your money.
I loved my nails after leaving Hannah's! It wasn't too busy at all when we went. Which was nice for a girls day with my sister in law. The girl doing my nails followed exactly what I wanted to do and I absolutely loved my nails.
Me and my daughter and law and granddaughter had our nails and pedicure they were not busy and they hurriedd it was the worst manicure and pedicure ever we did stars on one nail my daughter and law's didn't even look like a star and the next day the polish was coming off very dissatisfied
The first time I went to Hannah's with my daughters I loved my nails and they stayed on really well and they looked nice. I believe it was the owner that did them. The second time I went back I had a younger girl and when I went to take my nails off about two and a half weeks later I had nail fungus growing. It doesn't take that long to clean your instruments. I won't be back because it took me over a month to get rid of the fungus. I've heard other people say it's not as clean in there as it used to be.
I absolutely love this place! We always go in a larger group and they are always so accommodating. My nails always look perfect when I leave. They have my business forever! Thank you Angel for always doing a fabulous job!
My daughter and I went in for pedicures today. We received the worst pedicures we have ever gotten. Both of the ladies were rude and tried to push the more expensive pedicures off on us right off the bat and acted mad that we didn't want them.
Then they proceeded to give the most terrible service we have ever gotten. We neither one got any type of exfoliation on our feet, a hard one pass with the pumice stone, painful skin clipping, scalded with the hot rags, and no lotion. The toenails were the only thing my lady did well. My daughter's toe nails were cut terribly short without being asked and the gel polish was not even applied well.
The whole service probably took 25 min.
Such a waste of $35 × 2.
I told the manager and she just said... sorry.
They have very fair prices the pedicure chairs are really old but they work. The ladies that work there they do speak on their language but that doesn't bother me. They do a good job
Came in to get a pedicure and I sat for so long my water was cold and then everything they used on my toes you could tell was not changed out. They use the same scrub brushes and files and they don’t change them between clients. The only sanitary thing they do is wear gloves for their safety.

Quick Facts About Hannah's Beauty Salon And Spa

Hannah's Beauty Salon and Spa has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. This analysis will discuss these strengths and weaknesses in detail.
Starting with the strengths, one recurring positive comment is that the salon offers fair prices. This is appealing to customers who are looking for quality services at affordable rates. Additionally, the salon has been commended for its accommodating nature, especially when it comes to larger groups. This suggests that the staff at Hannah's Beauty Salon and Spa are customer-oriented and strive to provide a pleasant experience for their clients.
Another strength of the salon is mentioned in a comment where a customer praises the owner for doing an excellent job on her nails. This implies that the salon has experienced and skilled staff members who can deliver satisfactory nail services. The fact that customers mention specifically requesting certain nail shapes or designs and having them executed correctly shows that the staff at Hannah's Beauty Salon and Spa are capable of meeting the individual preferences and needs of their clients.
Furthermore, the salon is also praised for the overall outcome of the nail services. Customers mention leaving the salon with nails that they loved and that looked nice. This highlights the ability of the salon to deliver aesthetically pleasing results. This strength is further reinforced by another customer who expresses their gratitude to a specific nail technician named Angel for consistently doing a fabulous job. This suggests that there are skilled technicians working at the salon, such as Angel, who consistently provide excellent service.
Moving on to the weaknesses, one customer mentions a lack of hygiene practices at the salon. Specifically, they state that the tools used on their toes were not changed between clients, and the only sanitary measure taken was the wearing of gloves by the staff. This is a significant concern as it poses a risk to the health and safety of the customers. Such an issue should be addressed promptly by the salon management to ensure the well-being of their clients.
Another weakness highlighted in the comments is the inconsistency of service quality. While some customers had positive experiences, mentioning that their nails looked great and lasted well, others had negative experiences. Dissatisfied customers mentioned issues such as uneven nails, poor application of polish, and hurried service. In one case, a customer even developed nail fungus after visiting the salon. This inconsistency in service quality suggests a lack of attention to detail and a need for better staff training and supervision.
Furthermore, customer service is cited as a weakness in multiple comments. Rude behavior from staff members and attempts to push more expensive services onto customers can create a negative atmosphere in the salon. The comment about the owner being on the phone making park reservations while a customer was dissatisfied demonstrates a lack of professionalism and disregard for customer satisfaction. Poor customer service can lead to a loss of business and negative word-of-mouth.
Additionally, the appearance and upkeep of the salon are mentioned as weaknesses. Some customers comment on old pedicure chairs, which may impact the overall experience. While this may not directly affect the quality of the services provided, it can create a less appealing environment for customers.
In summary, Hannah's Beauty Salon and Spa has both strengths and weaknesses highlighted by the comments provided. The salon has fair prices, accommodating services, and skilled staff members who can deliver satisfactory results. However, there are areas that need improvement, such as hygiene practices, consistency in service quality, customer service, and the overall appearance of the salon. Addressing these weaknesses could significantly enhance the salon's reputation and customer satisfaction.

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