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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

First time visiting this place and although the inside is nothing fancy, the food was fairly good. We ordered the chicken wings, won tons and tom yam kha soup. Everything was good although the satay chicken had gone cold and the satay sauce didn't have much flavour. Main course was very good; sweet and sour chicken, chicken pad Thai noodles and the massaman curry (which was just ok).
Service was a little slow, however our waiter was very polite and friendly.
Total cost of food Inc 2 soft drinks and 1 tea: £59
All food is halal. Alcohol is served on the premises.
Food and service were absolutely amazing.
So much so we went back two days in a row.
Spicy mixed kebab meal and the Naga Chicken wings were full.of flavour and you get a huge amount for what seems a little cost.
Thanks guys.
The shop only supports cash payment but not bank cards, I rarely go to that place, once I didn't bring enough cash because it was too busy, one of the clerks yelled that I didn't bring enough cash and had a very bad attitude, I quickly said sorry I'll go get it, when I paid the employee, he shook his head and said something with contempt"not today, bring the money next time..." I don't know if this was meant as a threat or what. I explained that I didn't have enough cash today and because I was too busy today and I paid now. But the employee gave me a look and turned his head and left the food on the table. When I got home I noticed that I had less fries than before.(If the food was fine then I won't complain) All in all a very bad experience, the hygiene in this shop was so filthy and the only pride worth having was the attitude of the customers served, now nothing, very disappointed and won't be coming back!
The food was good. The wings were the main draw for me having watched YouTube videos about this place. The quality of the chicken was great, but I was let down by the seasoning and the breading of the wing. Seasoning felt very minimal - I was expecting more of a kick. The wing felt very greasy. Granted, it's fried chicken, but i have experienced deep fried wings that don't feel as greasy. Also the lack of a multi buy deal e.g. 20 wings for £x is criminal - every other chicken place I have been to offer a multi-buy deal for wings.
The positives - the mixed Donner meat was exquisite. I had that with chips. The meat was sautéed with spices and sauce (in house I assume) that gave a real south Asian twang I could appreciate. For the quantity you get, it is priced very fairly in this day and age. The chips were also great, fried in good oil and had a decent level of crunch.
EDIT: Despite the Donner meat and chips being very good, the fried chicken was the main draw for myself - and I am sure for lots of you - so I feel my final verdict has to reflect this. The generic nature of the wings, combined with a lack of multi buy offers just cannot be glossed over.
To conclude - I live quite a distance from here so I wouldn't go out of my way. However in the event I am local, I would come for the Donner meat!
This place used to have the most delicious chicken wings & chicken pieces ever. The coating they use was the best tasting, even better than kfc chicken in my opinion. However, recently the quality and standards have been dropping and its a hit or a miss. Sometimes the chicken is good and sometimes it's soggy with oil and the flavoured coating hanging off.
Their chips are now sometimes fresh and nicely cooked or other times it looks, smells and tastes like they re-fried leftover chips!
Their donner kebab is great too.
I will say their portion sizes are still generous and the price is very reasonable too. There are options for a filling meal for under £5.
Been coming here frequently, best chicken shop in east london. The highly recommend food I would recommend is the hot wings, the flavour is spicy and different to all the other chicken shops in the surrounding area, also there mayonnaise, pink sauce and chilli sauce is so nice. Highly recommend, bare in mind the prices have gone up due to inflation and they only take cash only.
Worst lamb doner I ever had so far. Completely Waste of money and time . Won't recommend to anyone. fries were average tomato slice was rotten, naan was hard like rock and the lamb meat was raw not cooked properly . I'm feeling unwell after having this. And the customer service was ridiculous they don't even know how to deal with customers . Will stay 10 miles away from this shop from now on.
I just loved the wings, fresh-crispy-soft and juicey. Perfectly cooked. Never tried KHF before as I always liked Spice Hut. This will be my new favourite place. ????????????

Quick Facts About KHF

KHF Place, based on the comments provided, has a mix of strengths and weaknesses. It is important to note that different individuals may have different experiences and opinions, and the comments here provide a range of perspectives.
Strengths: 1. Good food: Many customers mentioned enjoying the food at KHF Place, specifically praising dishes such as the chicken wings, mixed kebab meal, Naga Chicken wings, and Donner meat. The food was described as flavorful, tasty, and well-cooked. 2. Generous portion sizes and reasonable prices: Several comments noted that KHF Place offers generous portion sizes at reasonable prices. This makes it an attractive option for customers looking for a filling meal without breaking the bank. 3. Friendly and polite service: Although some comments mentioned slow service, there were also mentions of friendly and polite waitstaff, indicating that the customer service experience can be positive. 4. Halal food and alcohol availability: KHF Place attracts customers looking for halal food, as all food served is halal. Additionally, it offers alcohol for those who prefer it.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent food quality: A few customers mentioned that the food quality at KHF Place has been inconsistent recently, with some experiences being positive and others being disappointing. This suggests that there may be variability in the quality and consistency of the dishes. 2. Slow service: While the service was described as friendly, there were comments about slow service. This may be a concern for customers who value efficiency and promptness in their dining experience. 3. Limited payment options: KHF Place only accepts cash payments and does not accept bank cards. This can be inconvenient for customers who prefer to pay using alternative methods or do not typically carry cash. 4. Hygiene concerns: One customer mentioned that the hygiene in the shop was "filthy," which raises concerns about cleanliness and food safety standards. This can be off-putting for customers who prioritize cleanliness in restaurants. 5. Lack of deals and offers: A customer commented that KHF Place does not offer multi-buy deals for wings, which is something that other chicken places typically provide. This may be perceived as a missed opportunity for customers looking for cost-saving options.
In summary, KHF Place has strengths in terms of good-tasting food, generous portion sizes, reasonable prices, friendly service, and catering to halal dietary needs. However, there are weaknesses related to inconsistent food quality, slow service, limited payment options, hygiene concerns, and the absence of deals and offers. Potential customers may need to consider these factors when deciding whether to dine at KHF Place.

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