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Los Altos Meat Market Inc

+1 951-658-6263
126 N Carmalita St, Hemet, CA 92543 United States of America
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Service options
  • In-store shopping
Health & safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Safety dividers at checkout
  • Great produce
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Public restroom
  • Quick visit
  • NFC mobile payments

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Girls that work at the cashier need better customer service. Always with a nasty attitude n rude Never greet customer. Need better training . Overall tortillas n bread r delicious
Señora vieja grosera en la cocina, si no le gusta su trabajo, puede renunciar. Trabaja en el edificio con aire acondicionado. Trabajamos afuera bajo el sol. No nos quejamos ni una vez. sobre todo la comida es deliciosa
Drove 1hr 30min just to try there food and it was well worth it. Tortillas are hand made tacos are delicious and Birria plate combo was so bomb. ???? definatly worth it prices are reasonable and portions are great.
Heard about this place and went yesterday to try tacos and asada fries......I went back this morning for a burrito and wow I wish I never found this place I'm be going back alot ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Lots of great deals, not a huge Market but the Employee's are usually very nice & helpful. Helps to speak Espanol but several speak English also. A must Visit. Small world Restraunt in Back with excellent food!
Sure was well stocked with great produce their services quick and accurate the beans there are delicious and they make homemade sweet bread and homemade tortillas can't go wrong there at all we should stop on by
Hoy fui a comprar tamales para la cena. Muy desilusionada compré una Dosena y media. Una tristes que vendan tamales tan malos, secos, duros y viejos no los recomiendo
Ricas tortilla y ricas teleras y la carne para asar

Quick Facts About Los Altos Meat Market Inc

1. Delicious tortillas and bread: Multiple customers mentioned that the tortillas and bread offered by Los Altos Meat Market Inc are delicious. This indicates that they have a strength in producing high-quality baked goods.
2. Reasonable prices: A customer mentioned that the prices at Los Altos Meat Market Inc are reasonable. This can be a strength as it attracts customers who are looking for good value for their money.
3. Portions: One customer commented that the portions at Los Altos Meat Market Inc are great. This suggests that they offer generous serving sizes, which can be appealing to customers who want to get a satisfying meal.
4. Friendly and helpful employees: Despite one negative comment about the girls working at the cashier, multiple customers mentioned that the employees at Los Altos Meat Market Inc are nice and helpful. This indicates that they have strength in providing good customer service.
5. Diverse language skills: Another positive comment mentioned that several employees at Los Altos Meat Market Inc can speak English, in addition to Spanish. This indicates that they have a strength in catering to a diverse range of customers.
6. Well-stocked with produce: A customer mentioned that Los Altos Meat Market Inc is well-stocked with great produce. This suggests that they have a strength in providing fresh and diverse produce options to their customers.
1. Poor customer service: One customer mentioned that the girls at the cashier need better customer service and often have a nasty attitude. This indicates a weakness in the overall customer service skills of some employees.
2. Rude behavior in the kitchen: A comment mentioned that there is an old lady in the kitchen who is rude. This reflects a weakness in maintaining a positive and respectful work environment.
3. Dry and old tamales: A customer expressed disappointment in the quality of the tamales, stating that they were dry, hard, and old. This suggests a weakness in the consistency and quality of the food offerings at Los Altos Meat Market Inc.
Overall, Los Altos Meat Market Inc has several strengths such as delicious tortillas and bread, reasonable prices, great portions, friendly and helpful employees, diverse language skills, and a well-stocked produce section. However, they also have weaknesses in terms of poor customer service, rude behavior in the kitchen, and inconsistent quality of some food items like tamales. It is important for the management to address these weaknesses in order to improve the overall customer experience and maintain a positive reputation.

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