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Emirates Riverside

+44 191 387 1717
Chester-le-Street DH3 3SH United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM


  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance

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Fantastic stadium around Durham, well connected with the metro and bus. It took around 20 mins by walk to reach the stadium from chester-le-street metro station. Plenty of parking spaces available near the ground and also on the opposite park. Friendly staff as well. Witnessed a fantastic game between England & Indian women's T20.
Fantastic ground to watch and enjoy cricket in all formats. Great views of the action from all round the ground. Parking next to ground in nearby carparks. Delicious food and drink on offer and plenty for families and kids at the T20 games. Great setting by the river and nearby Lumley Castle.
Had an amazing time at the Micheal Buble concert but gutted at the fact the internet went down across the venue so wasn’t able to get a drink or food as I didn’t have any cash and the fact the venue sent an email out informing it would be a cashless event.
Glad I arrived and got a drink at the start
Lucky to have this ground in Durham it’s one of the big attractions. Very good value for money buy a cushion from the shop because after 8 hours sitting you will be glad of the extra padding in the posterior. Staff friendly food generally good
One of the prettiest Cricket venues I have been to. What an atmosphere. Great pitches and great surrounding. Lots of food stalls around the stadium. Washrooms are not bad compared to some other Cricket stadiums. Yes, I definitely recommend Riverside Durham to all you Cricket fans ????????????????????✌
A day in the corporate suite!
Food and drink good quality but not what you'd expect to the value of tickets. Small portions and complementary bar finished surprisingly early.
Excellent view of what is a great looking ground.
Our waitress was excellent and kept us all going throughout the day.
Great ground, helpful staff, good catering and beer with a friendly home crowd. Only downside is they need more Ladies toilets.
Fantastic day at the Riverside venue. Great service and view of the cricket grounds.
Big thank you to all the staff!

Quick Facts About Emirates Riverside

The Emirates Riverside place, located in Durham, has several strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Overall, it seems to be a popular and well-loved venue for cricket and other events.
One of the strengths mentioned is its excellent connectivity. The stadium is well connected with the metro and bus, making it easily accessible for visitors. It takes around 20 minutes by walk to reach the stadium from the Chester-le-Street metro station, which is convenient for those using public transportation. Additionally, there are plenty of parking spaces available near the ground, providing options for those who prefer to drive. The venue's location by the river and nearby Lumley Castle also adds to its appeal.
The staff at Emirates Riverside are praised in the comments for being friendly and helpful. Friendly staff enhance the overall experience for visitors and contribute to a welcoming atmosphere.
The stadium itself is highly regarded for providing a fantastic experience for cricket fans. It is described as a great ground to watch and enjoy cricket in all formats, with excellent views of the action from all around the ground. The setting by the river and Lumley Castle adds to the beauty and ambiance of the venue, making it one of the prettiest cricket venues according to one commenter. The quality of the cricket pitches is also mentioned as a positive aspect.
Food and drink offerings at Emirates Riverside are generally well-received. Delicious food and drink options are available, with plenty for families and kids at T20 games. However, there is a mention of disappointment regarding the Michael Buble concert, where the internet went down and attendees were unable to purchase food and drink if they didn't have cash. This highlights a potential weakness in the venue's infrastructure and communication during such events.
One commenter mentions the value for money at Emirates Riverside, suggesting that it is a good deal. However, another commenter notes that the portion sizes of food and drink served in the corporate suite were small and not reflective of their ticket value. Additionally, the complementary bar finished early, which may be disappointing for those expecting a fully inclusive experience.
The venue's facilities, particularly the washrooms, are generally considered satisfactory. One commenter compares them favorably to other cricket stadiums. However, there is a suggestion that more ladies' toilets are needed, which could be seen as a weakness in terms of providing adequate facilities for all attendees.
In conclusion, Emirates Riverside place has several strengths, including its excellent connectivity, friendly staff, great cricket viewing experience, and satisfactory food and drink options. However, there are some weaknesses, such as internet connectivity issues during events, small portion sizes in the corporate suite, and a potential need for more ladies' toilets. Overall, it is a highly regarded venue that offers a fantastic experience for cricket fans and other event-goers.

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