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Hair Force 1 Stay Fresh Racine, WI

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1300 Grange Ave, Racine, WI 53405 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Hair Force 1 Stay Fresh Racine, WI

Hair Force 1 in Racine, WI has received a mix of positive and negative feedback from customers. In order to examine the strengths and weaknesses of the place, we will analyze the comments provided.
One of the strengths mentioned by Thomas is that he received a stellar haircut for a fair price. This suggests that the barbers at Hair Force 1 have skill and expertise in delivering high-quality haircuts. Additionally, the mention of a fair price indicates that the establishment offers competitive prices, which could attract customers looking for affordable options.
On the other hand, there is a comment that criticizes the professionalism of Hair Force 1. The customer claims that despite having an appointment, they were overlooked and other people were prioritized. This highlights a potential weakness in the management and organization of appointments at the establishment. This could lead to dissatisfaction among customers who value punctuality and efficiency.
A different perspective comes from a customer who took their son to Hair Force 1. They appreciated the great prices offered, especially for children's haircuts. This is a strength for the establishment, as it shows that they cater to families and provide affordable options for parents who may be budget-conscious. Additionally, the customer mentions that they were not required to wear a mask, suggesting a relaxed atmosphere that some customers may find appealing.
Another positive comment comes from a customer who had their dreads cut at Hair Force 1. The customer praises the barber, Troop, for doing a wonderful job on their haircut. This highlights the expertise and skill of the barbers at the establishment, particularly Troop. It suggests that they are capable of handling a variety of hairstyles and delivering satisfactory results.
A different customer who took their grandson for a haircut mentioned the fast, efficient, and friendly service provided by Hair Force 1. This is a strength for the establishment as it indicates that the barbers are able to work efficiently, minimizing waiting times for customers. Additionally, the mention of friendly service suggests that the staff creates a welcoming and comfortable environment for customers.
However, there is a negative comment from a customer who had a poor experience at Hair Force 1. They claim that they were not greeted or attended to for 15 minutes, and people who walked in without appointments were taken before them. This reflects a weakness in the customer service and communication at the establishment. Lack of communication about the wait time and the departure of barbers may have led to frustration and dissatisfaction for this customer.
The commenter also mentions encountering cursing and a lack of professionalism at Hair Force 1. This further highlights potential weaknesses in the overall professionalism and management of the establishment. Customers expect a professional and welcoming environment when they visit a barbershop or salon, and this negative experience detracts from the reputation of Hair Force 1.
Another strength mentioned by a customer is their favorite place to get their haircut. They specifically mention Tony, implying that the barbers have established a loyal customer base due to their ability to meet their clients' expectations consistently. Leaving all customers looking fresh further attests to the skill and expertise of the barbers at Hair Force 1.
Lastly, a new customer praises Troop for providing an excellent fade and declares Hair Force 1 as their go-to place from now on. This reinforces the skill and talent of the barbers at the establishment. Positive first-time experiences can contribute to customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals.
In conclusion, Hair Force 1 in Racine, WI has received both positive and negative feedback. The strengths of the establishment include stellar haircuts at fair prices, affordability for kids' haircuts, skilled barbers, fast and friendly service, and a loyal customer base. However, weaknesses lie in potential unprofessionalism, poor communication, and lack of organization in managing appointments. Improving these areas could help Hair Force 1 enhance its reputation and attract a larger customer base.

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Thomas gave me a stellar haircut for a fair price.
Unprofessional af… they know you’ll have an appt and still let people go ahead of you even after mentioning that your there for an appt
Take my son here for haircuts. Great prices $10 haircut for kids is perfect some places charge over $25! For a buzz cut? Also didn't make me wear a mask. Will continue to come.
Just cut my dreads after having them for 9 years and came here to see Troop. And he did a wonderful job on lining me up and cuting my hair. If you in the need of a great barber go see Troop he going to get you right.
Took my grandson for a haircut. Fast efficient and friendly service
So I currently went to this establishment today January 26th, and if I could have given them a zero star I would have. This establishment seemed nice and friendly when you came inside, however me and my children sat for about 15 minutes and no one said that they would be with us and people just walked straight in from the street and sat down in the chair to get their haircut. Now I understand that sometimes people make appointments but you should at least tell your guests what you were doing. Not only was there cursing but then there were two Barbers that were leaving for a few hours. So there's one Barber to handle all of the clientele but no one is explaining that. It just seems as though they are not trying to make money or the boss is not trying to make money because when I tried to call him I could not reach him and his mailbox was full. We will not be returning to this establishment nor will I be endorsing it. Hopefully people realize that when you are running a business everyone doesn't have the same values and also you need to speak and tell people what you were doing we are not mind readers. I wonder if the owner knows how much money he is really losing because I am sure I'm not the only one this is happened to.
Favorite place to go get my hair cut. Tony always knows exactly what I need. Everyone leaves here looking fresh.
First time I ever been here and Troop was awesome with the fade. Definitely my go to place from now forward. I definitely recommend him.

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