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Northwest Promenade

Bakersfield, CA 93312 United States of America
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My kids love it. They show how are made, kids get a free donut for each A on a school report card.
Best donuts I ever had . My daughter took me there when we visited. My fave was the bacon donut can't remember the exact name of that donut but man wish we had a store in California where we live
Closest to it is in Venice ca that compares .
My donuts have always came out quick and are GOOD! Servic we has been fine. Never had an issue. 1 time my donuts were about the size of regular style mom and pop donuts but still had the same Krispy Kreme flavor.
Lots of variety of well known and loved stores. You could spend an entire day there
There donuts too sweet, small mass production no quality. At my work 45 people a dozen will be there 2 days then go in the trash
I know this place is known for its doughnuts, but the coffee is not to be overlooked. It was specifically formulated to go with the doughnuts, but it is delicious all on its own and WAY cheaper than the competitor with the green siren.
I love this whole area for shopping the best out of all of Bakersfield. Lots of variety, clean, and never had any complaints about anything regarding here.
This is a wonderful shopping center/mall. Excellent tenants. This is way bigger than a strip mall. It goes for almost a half mile. Plenty of parking, several exits that have traffic lights lead to Rosedale Hwy, way smart planning and thinking as Rosedale is one of the busiest area in Bakersfield.
To top It off they just added Vallarta, I love that store, thank you.

Quick Facts About Northwest Promenade

Northwest Promenade is a shopping center located in Bakersfield that is known for its variety of stores and its popular donut shop. Based on the comments provided, we can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Northwest Promenade.
One of the strengths of Northwest Promenade is the popularity of its donut shop among children. The first comment states that kids love the donuts and that they are rewarded with a free donut for each A on their school report card. This indicates that the donut shop has created a positive and engaging environment for children, which can attract families to the shopping center.
In addition to the popularity among children, the donuts at Northwest Promenade are highly praised by the visitors. One comment mentions that they are the best donuts ever had, with a special mention to the bacon donut. This positive feedback can help the shopping center gain a reputation for its high-quality baked goods, attracting donut enthusiasts from both the local community and beyond.
The quick service and lack of issues mentioned in one comment also indicate that the overall customer experience at Northwest Promenade is positive. Customers appreciate the efficiency and consistency of the service, which contributes to their satisfaction with the shopping center.
Another strength of Northwest Promenade is the variety of well-known and loved stores available. One comment suggests that visitors could spend an entire day at the shopping center, indicating the presence of a wide range of options to explore. This variety can appeal to different preferences and needs, attracting a diverse customer base.
The coffee offered at the donut shop is also highly regarded, according to one comment. The fact that the coffee is specifically formulated to complement the donuts shows attention to detail and a commitment to providing a cohesive experience for customers. Additionally, the coffee is noted to be cheaper than the competitor, which can be a significant advantage in terms of attracting coffee lovers.
On the other hand, some weaknesses of Northwest Promenade can also be observed from the comments. One comment states that the donuts are too sweet and of low quality, suggesting that there might be a lack of consistency in the products. Additionally, the comment mentions that leftover donuts often go to waste, which indicates a potential issue with overproduction or wastage management.
Although the shopping center is highly regarded by one comment for its variety and cleanliness, there are no specific details provided regarding the actual stores or the cleanliness standards. Therefore, it is difficult to assess the overall quality and attractiveness of the other stores at Northwest Promenade based solely on the comments.
Furthermore, the comment about the addition of Vallarta, a grocery store, might suggest that Northwest Promenade lacked a well-known grocery option previously. This can be seen as a weakness because a lack of a grocery store can limit the convenience and appeal of the shopping center to some customers.
In conclusion, Northwest Promenade has several strengths, including the popularity of its donut shop among children, the high-quality donuts, quick service, variety of stores, and the positive feedback on their coffee. However, there are also some weaknesses, such as potential inconsistency in the donut quality, wastage issues, and the lack of a prominent grocery store in the past. Overall, Northwest Promenade seems to offer a pleasant shopping experience with various options for customers, particularly those with a sweet tooth.

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