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Farmbria Food Center

+1 718-723-9000
217-20 Linden Blvd, Queens, NY 11411 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 07:30 PM


Service options
  • In-store shopping
Health & safety
  • Mask required
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Safety dividers at checkout
  • Great produce
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Quick visit
  • Glass bottles
  • Metal cans
  • NFC mobile payments

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This place is great! They have everything! I went here on the recommendation of one of my friends. I needed some fresh seafood for the holidays and they did not disappoint. I’m originally from Jamaica and was happy to see that they had so many groceries from back home. If you are looking for a market with a wide selection of West Indian products, this is your place!
Let's put it this way, I travel from Nassau county to do my food shopping at Farmbria for years. This place is a home away from home. The food quality and quantity are priceless. I've seen the recent changes ( too many to mention) but I'm loving it. 5 star in my book and I recommend this grocery store to anyone. Although I miss seeing the owner at the entrance, wonder if he retired.
There is some good and bad. I had stopped going here when it was called Farmbria due to the extremely long checkout lines and because the security would occasionally follow me around the store. With the new management, the store seems much more clean and organized. They have even added one of those modernized screens that tells you which cashier is ready à la Whole Foods. The produce section is well maintained which I primarily go there for. There are new hours allowing you to shop until 10:30p which is great for me to avoid the long lines.
Now the bad. The prices are exorbitant! I don't even see prices this high in Manhattan. I can't imagine shopping for a large family here. Probably the biggest negative: the neighborhood is over 90% Black (just looked it up) and I haven't seen one Black person working there other than the security. What happened to all the people that were there when it was called Farmbria? The store has some potential but I probably will only go here as a backup plan.
EDIT: After a few weeks came back for some of their fresh cut fruit which had a weird taste. Still no people from the community working there. I pass.
Shop here for all your Caribbean food needs. Parking lot new and improved .
Inside is big and clean. Fish department in the back always busy buy they have great selection of fish.
This place is so much better now. The price signs are clearer..especially sale signs. The store no longer feels cluttered. More check out lanes are open. Looks like a self check out area is coming. New ownership! Much better!
I like it. The first time you go, it's enormous and difficult to navigate because the aisles are crowded on Friday after work. possess all things. Clean. supplied entirely with fresh produce and fruits. The meat and fish sections impressed me. There are no offensive odors, indicating that hygienic procedures are being followed. I'll have time and patience the next time, and I won't go on a hectic day. And prices are excellent.
Love it here. Nice neighborhood supermarket
Not the great prices since a new management took over. But it is cleaner and it seems to be ran more smoothly and efficiently

Quick Facts About Farmbria Food Center

Farmbria Food Center has a number of strengths that make it a popular choice for customers. One of the main strengths is the wide selection of products they offer, particularly West Indian groceries. This is particularly appreciated by customers who are looking for specific items from their home countries, such as the commenter from Jamaica. The variety of products available is seen as a major positive, making it a go-to place for Caribbean food needs.
Another strength is the positive feedback given by customers regarding the quality and quantity of the food. One customer specifically mentions that they travel from Nassau county to do their food shopping at Farmbria, indicating that they believe the quality of the food is worth the journey. The commenter also mentions the recent changes in the store, noting that they love the changes and consider it a 5-star grocery store.
Customers have also expressed appreciation for the cleanliness and organization of the store. One reviewer mentions that they had stopped going to Farmbria in the past due to long checkout lines and a lack of cleanliness. However, they note that with the new management, the store seems much more clean and organized. This indicates that the new management has made improvements to address previous weaknesses, resulting in a cleaner and more organized shopping experience for customers.
The store's extended hours until 10:30p have also been viewed as a positive by several commenters. This allows customers to shop at more convenient times, potentially avoiding long lines during peak hours. The commenter who primarily goes to Farmbria for the produce section specifically mentions that the new hours are great for avoiding long lines.
While there are many strengths mentioned by customers, there are also some weaknesses that have been pointed out. One major concern is the prices, which have been described as exorbitant. One customer compares the prices to those in Manhattan and finds them just as high or possibly even higher. This could make shopping at Farmbria unaffordable for larger families or customers on a budget.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of diversity among the employees. One commenter notes that they haven't seen any Black employees, aside from security, despite the fact that the neighborhood is over 90% Black. This lack of representation is seen as a negative and may indicate a disconnect between the store and the local community.
In addition, one commenter mentions that they experienced a weird taste in the fresh cut fruit they purchased at Farmbria, which led them to stop shopping there altogether. This suggests that there may still be issues with the quality or freshness of some products.
Overall, Farmbria Food Center has strengths in terms of its wide product selection, quality food, cleanliness, and extended hours. However, weaknesses exist in the form of high prices, lack of employee diversity, and potential issues with product quality. These strengths and weaknesses should be taken into consideration by potential customers when deciding whether or not to shop at Farmbria.

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