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Golden Scissors Turkish Barber Shop

+353 85 732 8874
7b Northgate St, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, N37 E165 Ireland
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Golden Scissors Turkish Barber Shop

Golden Scissors Turkish Barber Shop has received a mix of positive and negative comments, which provide insights into its strengths and weaknesses. In this analysis, we will explore these aspects in more detail to understand the overall performance of the barber shop.
One of the strengths highlighted by customers is the talent of the barber. They mention that he is very skilled in providing a mid high skin fade and beard cut, which suggests that the shop hires experienced and competent barbers. This is crucial as customers seek professionals who can deliver quality haircuts and achieve the desired style.
The efficiency and speed of the barber are also praised in the comments. Several customers mention that the barber is quick and efficient, allowing them to get their desired haircut without wasting much time. This is a significant strength as it indicates that Golden Scissors provides a convenient service for busy individuals who want a fast yet satisfactory experience.
Value for money is another strength mentioned by a customer. They highlight that the prices at Golden Scissors are reasonable, particularly when considering the quality of service provided. The commenter states that they have been a customer for almost ten years, indicating that the shop consistently offers good value and a positive experience.
Another strength highlighted by a customer is the simplicity and focus of the barber shop. They appreciated the absence of unnecessary distractions such as branded products and loud music. This suggests that Golden Scissors prioritizes the core service of haircuts without pushing additional products or services onto customers. This focus on providing a straightforward and no-nonsense experience can be seen as a strength, especially for those who prefer a more traditional barber shop environment.
However, there are also weaknesses identified in the comments. One customer highlights that the barber was not friendly during their visit. This indicates a lack of customer service skills and could deter potential clients who prioritize a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.
Additionally, another customer raises an issue regarding inconsistent pricing. They mention that they were charged €20 for a shave when the advertised price was €15 for a hot towel shave. The lack of clarity in pricing and the confusion described by the customer indicate a weakness in communication and transparency. This inconsistency and perceived deception could harm the shop's reputation and customer loyalty.
Another comment mentions that the price of €17 for a 10-minute men's cut is relatively expensive. This raises concerns about the pricing strategy of Golden Scissors, as customers may perceive their services as overpriced compared to competitors offering similar hairstyling services. This weakness can deter price-sensitive customers and impact the overall customer base.
To summarize, Golden Scissors Turkish Barber Shop presents several strengths, including talented barbers, efficiency, reasonable prices, and a straightforward approach. However, it also faces weaknesses such as unfriendly service, inconsistent pricing, and potentially higher costs for some services. These weaknesses can undermine customer satisfaction and loyalty. To address these issues, the barber shop should focus on improving customer service, ensuring transparent and consistent pricing, and reassessing their pricing strategy to align it with customer expectations.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The guy wasn't friendly which was the first issue. Not only that but he charged me €20 for a shave when it is clearly advertised as "€15 for hot towel shave" on the front window. I asked him about this and he stated that that was for hair cuts. He didn't make sense. Also he didn't do good service. Therefore I was deceived and ripped off. Won't be going back.
Favourite barber he is very talented. I always get a mid high skin fade and the beard cut. He is very tidy and very quick. Highly recommend!
I recall getting my first cut and shave here nearly ten years ago and the service they provide is simply the best for the result and value for €. My last cut and hot towel shave on 15/5/22 was no exception and all for the grand total of €27! I love being able to simply walk in to Golden Scissors without making an appointment through some website or app (why is that a thing). At Golden Scissors your not bombarded and overwhelmed by a million branded hair and beard tonics or the latest shampoos and gadgets. There's no loud booming beats playing and the staff know exactly what they're about and why you're there - to simply get a hair cut - and that's perfect by me.
Excellent service no nonsense barber, fast and efficient.
Lovely man. Good at his job. A little expensive at €17 for a man's cut that takes 10min. But other than that I was happy.
Excellent service from Suli as usual. Haircut and shave. Great job and value.
I don't mean my husband. nothing to say about their togetherness. quality is here.
Great professional barbers! 5️⃣????

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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance


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