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Al & Diane's Red Onion Lounge

+1 928-535-4433
1931 AZ-260, Heber-Overgaard, AZ 85928 United States of America
Open Today: 11:00 AM - 08:00 PM


Service options
  • Drive-through
  • Takeout
  • Dine-in
Health & safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Great coffee
Popular for
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Solo dining
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom
  • Wheelchair accessible seating
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee
  • Comfort food
  • Kids' menu
  • Late-night food
  • Quick bite
  • Small plates
Dining options
  • Dessert
  • Good for kids
  • High chairs
  • Casual
  • Cozy
  • Groups
  • Tourists
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Classic small stop off from the long haul drive, complete with digital juke box and pool table. Very fun vibe! The staff were friendly and willing to chat.
The food was better quality bar food, lots of greasy options, very few fresh/raw veggies. That said, the fries were crispy and fresh (and real!) and the chicken wings were juicy.
Bathrooms were binary, with three or so stalls each. Might be a difficult stop for anyone with dietary restrictions.
It was my birthday today and we live in Mesa. Wanted to go for a drive and decided to take a trip to the Red Onion! Never disappointing, the absolute best burgers! And the house, homemade blue cheese dressing is delicious! Don't let me forget they have our favorite all time beer on tap, Amberbock! Dylan was the best server! I couldn't eat my birthday dessert, he offered to box it to go. I told him I couldn't decide between the cheesecake and pecan pie! When I got home, he surprised me with both! Thank you for a great birthday dinner!
The new owners have done well! The menu was delicious as always and the service was great! We had a larger party and the staff was great, the drinks were perfect and I always enjoy the special items.
When you go ask for Amy Jo! She’s a gem of a server. We love this place and tonight we came for dinner for the first time. The meal was perfect and so delicious. Rib eye is flavorful and prime rib is so large and cooked to perfection. Make sure to stop whenever you can, it’s so worth it.
GREAT onion rings, good fries, everything about the burger was good, except the burger pattie ordered at a medium was a little dry. Beer was good and the servers were excellent! It had a nice atmosphere and Yes, I would go there again. I will try the burger at a medium rare. I attached a photo, but what can I say? I was hungry, so you get a pic of the to-go box.
Food was good. Little overpriced but good. Everything is sold al a cart so maybe that’s why it seemed overpriced. Also the country fried steak sandwich doesn’t come with sausage gravy that it usually does so maybe the sandwich is different. We’d prolly go back while
In town
We have been here a few times. This place offers a couple of great steak choices and an awesome fish fry on Fridays.
Nice seating for the bar area or a side area is available for the families.
Salad bar is pretty good, service is decent but could use some improvements. Overall I suggest this place if you're looking for a fun place to hang out for a few hours. They also have a pool table for your enjoyment.
The Red Onion is great, just as other reviews say. We've been there numerous times, and the Red Onion has not disappointed. I personally like their pitchers of beer to go with the Thursday Special. Don't forget to add the Mushroom appetizer. They are really good, but I personally prefer the smaller ones. I've had both.
I also recommend Friday Fish Special. It's really good as well.
I haven't met the owners, but they walked out behind us, and were very nice and friendly. The employees are outstanding as well!!!
Red Onion ???? is truly worth a stop. The menu options are wonderful.

Quick Facts About Al & Diane's Red Onion Lounge

Strengths of Al & Diane's Red Onion Lounge:
1. Fun vibe: The comment mentions that the lounge has a fun vibe, making it an enjoyable place to stop off during a long drive. This is a strength as it attracts customers looking for a lively and entertaining atmosphere.
2. Friendly staff: The staff at the lounge are described as friendly and willing to chat. This is a positive attribute as it creates a welcoming and personable experience for customers.
3. Crispy and fresh fries: The comment praises the quality of the fries, stating that they are crispy and fresh. This indicates that the lounge pays attention to the quality of their food, which is a strength as it enhances the overall dining experience.
4. Juicy chicken wings: The comment highlights the juiciness of the chicken wings, implying that the lounge excels in preparing flavorful and well-cooked meat dishes.
5. Accommodating service: The comment from the birthday celebrant mentions that the server went above and beyond by boxing the dessert to go and surprising them with both options. This demonstrates a strength in providing exceptional customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction.
6. Delicious menu: Multiple comments mention the deliciousness of the food at the lounge, specifically praising the burgers, blue cheese dressing, and the rib eye and prime rib dishes. A positive reputation for tasty food is a significant strength for any restaurant.
7. Good atmosphere: The lounge is described as having a nice atmosphere, which adds to the overall dining experience. This is a strength as it contributes to customer satisfaction and encourages repeat visits.
8. Variety of menu options: The comment mentions that the menu options are wonderful, suggesting that the lounge offers a wide range of choices to cater to different tastes and preferences. This is a strength as it allows for a diverse customer base.
9. Special events and promotions: The comment highlights the Thursday Special and the Friday Fish Special, indicating that the lounge offers special deals and events to attract customers. This is a strength as it creates incentives for customers to visit on specific days.
Weaknesses of Al & Diane's Red Onion Lounge:
1. Lack of fresh/raw veggies: One comment mentions that there are very few fresh/raw veggies available on the menu. This can be seen as a weakness, as customers looking for healthier options or those with dietary restrictions may find limited choices.
2. Price point: A comment indicates that the food may be slightly overpriced, possibly due to the à la carte pricing for items. This can be seen as a weakness, as customers may perceive the overall value for money to be lower.
3. Inconsistent service: While most comments praise the friendly and outstanding service, one comment suggests that the service could use some improvements. Inconsistent service can be seen as a weakness, as it may result in dissatisfaction among customers.
4. Limited seating for families: A comment mentions that there is a side area available for families, implying that the main seating area may not be as suitable for families. This weakness can limit the lounge's appeal to a wider demographic.
5. Potential dry burger patty: One comment mentions that the burger patty ordered at medium was a little dry. This can be seen as a weakness as it indicates potential inconsistency in the preparation of the food.
In conclusion, Al & Diane's Red Onion Lounge possesses strengths such as a fun vibe, friendly staff, quality food, accommodating service, a delicious menu, a good atmosphere, a variety of menu options, and special events/promotions. However, there are weaknesses including a lack of fresh/raw veggies, potential overpricing, inconsistent service, limited seating for families, and a potential for dry burger patties. Addressing these weaknesses can help the lounge further improve the overall customer experience and maintain its strengths.

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Wednesday 11:00 AM - 08:00 PM
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