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Quick Facts About Golden Nails

Golden Nails Place, based on the comments provided, has several strengths and weaknesses. In order to provide a thorough analysis, we will start by highlighting the strengths of the salon.
One of the strengths commented upon is the expertise of a specific nail technician named Nancy. According to a loyal customer, Nancy is amazing and has been followed for over 10 years, indicating that she consistently delivers high-quality and satisfactory results. Additionally, another individual mentioned that their toenails were gelled really well by a technician at the salon, implying that some of the staff members possess skill and competence in nail services.
Another strength of Golden Nails Place is the availability of unique and cute nail designs. A customer named Vi had a positive experience with a gel manicure featuring a summer-themed design. This suggests that the salon offers a range of creative nail art options that might appeal to those interested in more personalized and trendy looks.
Moving on to the weaknesses of Golden Nails Place, there are several recurring issues mentioned by multiple customers. The most significant weakness revolves around poor customer service and disrespectful behavior from the salon staff. Customers have reported feeling ignored and mistreated during their visits. One individual was left waiting for almost three hours, while the staff attended to another customer who entered the salon after her. The lack of attention to customer needs and the seemingly dismissive attitude exhibited by the staff is a major weakness that should be addressed.
Furthermore, the negative customer service experiences are reportedly enhanced by the unprofessional conduct of the staff members. In particular, there are comments about employees speaking Vietnamese and making derogatory comments about customers. This behavior is disrespectful and creates a hostile environment, contributing to a poor customer experience and damaging the salon's reputation.
Another weakness highlighted by customers is the inconsistency in the quality of services provided. While some customers have had positive experiences with their nail services, others have encountered issues such as poorly shaped nails, uneven applications, and unsuccessful attempts at specific designs. This inconsistency in the skill level of the technicians suggests a lack of proper training and supervision, leading to subpar results for some customers.
Lastly, there have been complaints about pricing practices at Golden Nails Place. One customer expressed shock at being charged $25 for nail polish removal, considering it to be an exorbitant fee. Another customer mentioned that the staff demanded a tip, which is unprofessional and inappropriate behavior.
In conclusion, Golden Nails Place has a few strengths, such as the expertise of certain technicians and the availability of unique nail designs. However, the salon also has several weaknesses that need to be addressed, including poor customer service, disrespectful behavior, inconsistency in service quality, and questionable pricing practices. It is crucial for the management of Golden Nails Place to take these weaknesses seriously and make the necessary improvements to create a welcoming and satisfactory experience for their customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I’ve had my nails done twice at this nail salon, and my experienced was VERY BAD!!! First, when i had a color gel it took an almost 3 hrs to wait before they assist me and they always said they’re almost done until there was a next customer just came then they took care of her at once! Like what?? I was waiting for almost 3 hrs they just treated me like an invisible customer, pretending they didn’t know that I was waiting that long!! That was very upsetting and such a disappointing service!! For the second time, I went back there because i had no choice I was in hurry i need to get my nails done and that’s the only nail salon that closest to my house, so i supposed to get a gel nail polish but they don’t have that yet, so i got my acrylic done, i’ve been telling the lady who did my nails that this is what I wanted to get a nice shape! But it turned out to awfully shaped!!! So I had to make it nicely shape at home cause I was not satisfied with her design and shape!
I’ve been done my nails to any nails salon but only this one has a horrible customer service and ugly personality! They will speak their language like vietnamese when they talk something bad about you! They are very disrespectful customer service! I WOULD REALLY NOT RECOMMEND THIS GOLDEN NAILS SALON! VERY POOR SERVICES!!!
BEWARE OF THIS NAIL SALON!!! If I could give this place 0 stars I definitely would. That was the worst customer service I have ever received in my life. The woman was so obnoxious and aggressive I could not wait to leave. Not only did she do a horrible job, she was demanding a tip! She then "mistakenly" punched the wrong total in the credit card machine of course for more and laughed about it! I was in such awe that I just told her to keep it and left. Unbelievable!
I just went here with my mom and we didn't have the best experience. We are Vietnamese and could understand the nail technicians as they'd talk amongst themselves. They did not have anything nice to say about us even though we were nothing but kind to them.
There was instant trash talking about us from the beginning and unnecessary comments about my mom's age, weight, and overall look. The only pro was that my tech knew what she was doing and gelled my toenails really well. My mom's tech was inconsistent and made her toes unevenly shaped and shaded.
I wish I could say they only said mean things about us but they literally had something negative to say about each and every client who was in that place. Everyone's entitled to their opinions but there's a time and place to express them. The level of professionalism was extremely low. I would never recommend this place to anyone. They can do so much better.
These people charged me $25 for nail polish removal?? That’s really wild.
I wish I would of read the reviews before coming here. The tech I went to for acrylic nails was really bad. She startled herself three times while using electronic nail buff tool once causing me slight pain. The shape of my nails are horrible !!! She couldn’t do any type of design. And instead of telling me she could not do the type of French tip I wanted she attempted to do it and it came out really bad. On top of that when I paid I told her to keep the change (3 dollars) and she had the nerve to say only 3 dollars….lol. Never coming here again. save your time and money ladies.
I have been following Nancy for her services for over 10 years! She is amazing.
When I went into Golden nails the Aspen Hills location I was disappointed. I went in and asked for a assistance in picking out a color I was pointed to the wall. I said I don’t usually get manicures I need you to help me to find a neutral color. Then the woman grudgingly came over to assist me. When I sat down I asked the woman how would she file my nails I wanted them to be filed such that it didn’t damage them. She was OK with that. It’s useful to say she was translating through a coworker. When I was seated, I noticed she was sniffling. I asked her did she have a cold or allergies and she didn’t understand So I asked her coworker that question. The woman came over yelling at me saying we are OK. We are OK. I said I just asked does she have a cold or allergies since she’s sniffling she said do you wanna go somewhere else? I said I’m just asking a question! The woman said we’re OK and walked away from me and rolled her eyes. Then she came back asked her Coworker do you want to do her and she shook her head no we do not want to do. Ridiculous in the time of a pandemic there is Absolutely nothing wrong with a customer clarifying whether the person who’s going to be working with her has a cold allergies or Covid. Do not go to the salon.They were rude and dismyof my concern. It just doesn’t make sense. STAY CLEAR!!
Go see Vi! She did the cutest design on my nails for summer. I got a gel manicure with design, and a pedicure, love this place.

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