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I called same day and they were able to squeeze me in. I also had dip on with extensions that I needed removed before the manicure. The nail tech did a great job even with me throwing her curve balls. 10/10 recommend.
The staff were friendly, an older woman did my pedicure and she did a great job. Another woman did my manicure and she did an OK job. I didn't notice much until after leaving the shop that my manicure was just poorly did. I got white tip nails and it's obvious she didn't attempt to even out the white polish on my nails; one the tips of some of my nails are a lot thicker than others and looks crazy. I typically get a full set, white tip to avoid this, but I was pressed for time and took a "lunch" break to get my nails done before going out of town.
Went here with my friends for some bonding time! e nails was very accommodating with the appointments and taking care of all 5 of us. Very clean, efficient and friendly staff. Would definitely recommend and they did a great job!
I was nervous about coming here because of some Yelp and Google reviews I read, but I am very happy with my experience!
I first visited around noon on a Monday but they were really busy so I came back at 5 p.m. At 5, I was serviced right away. They told me the mani-pedi would take one hour and that was spot on. I got french tips and they look fantastic. She put on three coats of top coat!
The pricing was a little confusing, but it was partly my fault not understand that $5 for french tips was if you only did finger or toe nails.
Caveat: This is only my second ever mani-pedi, so I am by no means an expert.
- Pay in cash! Their minimum credit card charge is $15 and they can only take cash tips.
- Try to visit when it's not super busy. They didn't rush through my mani-pedi because there were fewer people there.
My best experience was my first time there with Hannah! She did an excellent job, they all do. However, my last two visits were not very pleasant. Both times I was rushed immediately to sit down and give her my hand to start before I could even pick a color. Later, I was rushed to choose a color because I didn’t have it already. I asked to have my old set soaked off because the set I had was very old and I wanted a fresh start without the pain. However, the tech was rushing and tried to force my nails off manually. It was painful and very uncomfortable. When I asked her to please soak then she continued to try to force then manually saying that it would take too long, until I insisted that she soak them because how she was doing it was painful. Another tech took over, she again rushed the entire process. My finished polish was dull. My hands, not just my nails but all down my fingers and palm, have nail glue all on them that I am having a extremely hard time getting off. Overall they did a decent job but for $55 dollars the professionalism in the finished product and customer experience was not there. Although I remained polite and tipped her, I was extremely disappointed in my service and won’t be returning.
First time going there for the SNS dip powder on 11/26 and had a nail crack that night. Luckily, they fixed it for free the next day. 3 days later, another nail cracked in half but did not go in to get it fixed due to a holiday weekend. Now, a week later (12/4), I have two more crack and chip. Will not ever being going back and would not recommend going here.
First experience here was great. I had a gentleman do a gel manicure and it turned out beautiful, clean, and long lasting. Second time I believe I had the owner. She was very rough and filed my nail down so much it hurt. The gel cracked at 2 weeks and it just wasn’t as flawless. Attempted to go in there today to have the gel polish removed and normal polish back on, but I was rudely shoo’d out of the store and she said she was busy. Basically if you don’t need a job that’s expensive they will tell you that they’re too busy to help.
Absolutely awful. I went in for a gel manicure but decided just to have them remove my polish. This woman was starting to paint my nails without any shaping or even having me wash my hands! No cuticle treatment at all. I thought, I’ll just have her polish up my natural nail. She did not even do that and it cost me $30. Will NEVER be going back.

Quick Facts About E Nails

E Nails Place has a number of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Overall, customers had mixed experiences with the salon, with some praising the quality of the service and others expressing disappointment.
One of the strengths of E Nails Place is their ability to accommodate last-minute appointments. One customer mentioned that they were able to squeeze them in even with short notice. This shows that the salon is flexible and willing to work with customers to meet their needs. Additionally, the salon was commended for being clean and efficient, with friendly staff. This indicates that the salon maintains a pleasant environment for customers and provides a good overall experience.
Another strength mentioned is the skill of some of the nail technicians. One customer mentioned that their nail technician did a great job, even with unexpected requests. This indicates that some of the nail technicians are highly skilled and capable of delivering excellent results. Additionally, one customer praised the gel manicure they received, describing it as beautiful, clean, and long-lasting. This suggests that the salon is capable of providing high-quality gel manicures.
However, there were also several weaknesses identified by customers. One common issue mentioned was rushed service and a lack of attention to detail. Multiple customers mentioned feeling rushed during their visits, with one customer specifically noting that they were immediately seated and asked to give their hand without having the chance to pick a color. This suggests that the salon may prioritize speed over quality and customer satisfaction. Additionally, one customer mentioned that their manicure was poorly done, with uneven white tips on their nails. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and suggests that not all nail technicians at the salon provide consistently high-quality services.
Another weakness mentioned in the comments is the inconsistency in service. While some customers had positive experiences with certain nail technicians, others had negative experiences with different technicians. This indicates a lack of consistency in the skill and approach of the nail technicians at the salon. Additionally, one customer mentioned that they were treated rudely when attempting to have their gel polish removed. This suggests a lack of professionalism and customer care from some of the staff members.
Pricing was also identified as a weakness by some customers. One customer mentioned that they found the pricing to be confusing, indicating that the salon can improve its transparency and clarity when it comes to pricing. Another customer mentioned that they felt the service they received did not justify the price they paid. This suggests that the salon may need to reassess its pricing structure to ensure it aligns with the quality of service provided.
In conclusion, E Nails Place has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. While some customers praised the salon for accommodating appointments, having friendly staff, and delivering excellent results, others expressed dissatisfaction with rushed service, lack of attention to detail, and inconsistent experiences. The salon may benefit from addressing these weaknesses to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

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