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Taylor Park

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Regents Rd, Saint Helens WA10 3HX United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Good for kids

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Fantastic spot to take a walk. Taylor perfect for dogs as there are lots of places to go and rummage and plenty of space to run and play. Several play areas for younger children and a cafe for refreshments. The park was very tidy with bins a plenty to dispose of your rubbish.
Lovely park with 2 kids play areas, large field, large lake, cafe, and even what used to be a massive paddling pool that small children now ride they're bikes/scooters/skateboards in. Lovely in the summer with all the flowers too.
Absolutely Fantastic Views And A Lovely Walk… Although The Lake Next To The Main One Was Infected With Blue-Green Algae
Which Is Unfortunate Since I Had A Childhood Fishing Here But Aside From That It Was Beautiful…
Taylor Park isn't what it was like when I was a child but still a nice place to go walking my dog, the big field is a meeting point for dog walkers
Lovely place to take the kids. Lovely walks, 2 really good parks and a lake. Also an ice cream van and a little tuk shop. Ice cream van only accepts cash and there isn't much parking, just a small car park so difficult if it's busy.
It's nice to have a walk here. Plenty of open space for walking, picnic and running.
Saw lots of people walking their dogs there. Also saw some squirrels, ducks and swans.
Free parking at the entrance.
A beautiful public park. Nice little cafe, wildlife all around. Seats if you just want to forget about time. Love going there.

Quick Facts About Taylor Park

Strengths of Taylor Park Place:
1. Variety of amenities: Taylor Park Place offers a range of amenities such as play areas for children, a cafe for refreshments, and even an ice cream van. These amenities make it an attractive destination for families with young children.
2. Dog-friendly: The park is described as being perfect for dogs, with plenty of spaces for them to run and play. This is a strength for dog owners who are looking for a place to exercise and socialize their pets.
3. Beautiful views: Many visitors commented on the fantastic views and the overall beauty of the park. This makes it a pleasant and enjoyable place to take a walk or simply relax and enjoy the surroundings.
4. Wildlife: Several visitors mentioned seeing wildlife such as squirrels, ducks, and swans. The presence of wildlife adds to the natural charm of the park and provides an opportunity for nature-lovers to observe and appreciate local fauna.
5. Tidy and well-maintained: Commenters noted that the park was tidy and well-maintained, with plenty of bins available for disposing of rubbish. This is a positive aspect of the park as it ensures a clean and pleasant environment for visitors.
Weaknesses of Taylor Park Place:
1. Blue-green algae in the lake: One visitor mentioned that the lake next to the main one was infected with blue-green algae. This can be a potential health hazard and may discourage visitors from using the lake for recreational activities such as fishing or boating.
2. Reduced facilities from the past: One commenter mentioned that the park wasn't what it used to be when they were a child. This suggests that some of the facilities or attractions in the park may have been removed or changed over time, which could be seen as a weakness by those who have nostalgic memories of the park.
3. Limited parking: Another weakness mentioned by a visitor is the limited parking available in the park. With only a small car park, it can be difficult to find parking space, especially during busy periods. This could be inconvenient for visitors who are driving to the park.
4. Cash-only ice cream van: One commenter noted that the ice cream van in the park only accepts cash. In today's digital age, where many people rely on card payments or mobile wallets, this can be a drawback for those who don't carry cash or prefer cashless transactions.
In conclusion, Taylor Park Place has several strengths, including its range of amenities, dog-friendliness, beautiful views, wildlife, and cleanliness. However, it also has weaknesses such as the presence of blue-green algae in the lake, reduced facilities from the past, limited parking, and a cash-only ice cream van. Despite these weaknesses, the park still offers enjoyable experiences for visitors, particularly families with children and dog-owners.

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