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Crazy Wave Beauty Supply

+1 484-466-3016
110 S 69th St, Upper Darby, PA 19082 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 08:00 PM


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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The customer service here is nice and if this hair store doesn't have everything you need, you probably won't find it in Delaware County. This store is like that,....very well stocked, organized and clean.
I love it for my supplies and hair needs, customer service is AMAZING ???? but they are not inclusive. They only have a limited amount of colors. Majority 1b, and some Platinum blonde or weird colors. I'm always looking for a drawstring ponytail in a 27/30 they never are carrying it unless it's an ombre with 1b at the roots. But I still love them.
The store has a wide variety of products and supplies. The wigs come from a very good quality of hair. Very clean store and helpful employees. Joanna is very helpful and courteous. She slayed this wig I bought, I thank her a lot.
It is illegal to advertise low prices on items that you don’t actually have available for customers, especially for their wigs that they sell BE Careful when buy hair their pay attention to the price or ask the person who get the hit for you the price because they be putting different prices mannequin that wig is on and it’s different then the actual price of the wig.
If a customer requests a receipt for a purchase between $5 and $20, you must provide it, and if the purchase is $20 or more, you are required by law to provide a receipt. They don’t give you receipts and would take it and throw it always. By Law you have To Give me a Receipt, unless I say I don’t want one from you you have to give me my receipt. I find it very dishonest and distrustful if I don’t have a receipt about what I have purchased.
A very big variety of hair jewelry even clothing items shoes lashes everything that you would love to find for beauty I would love to say...... But when it comes to some of their hair prices it could be a bit expensive well for human hair when compared...... but everything else all in all is well and the manager / I guess maybe the owner has a very good way of making sure that everybody is getting taken care of as smoothly as possible
I love it! They always have what I’m looking for and staff is very kind and nice
Love, always great and helpful service. Bought 3 wigs in the last week, love them all. Will add pics later
I love this store! Fashionable wigs at cheap prices and different colors. Big selection of all the glitz and glam a girl could need. Make up, eyelashes, gels and mousses, you can't go wrong shopping here.

Quick Facts About Crazy Wave Beauty Supply

Crazy Wave Beauty Supply has several strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
1. Well-stocked and organized: The store is praised for having a wide variety of products and supplies, making it a one-stop shop for all hair needs. This demonstrates their commitment to catering to customer demands and ensuring they have a comprehensive selection.
2. Clean and well-maintained: Customers appreciate the cleanliness of the store, which adds to the overall positive shopping experience. A tidy store creates a pleasant environment and reflects positively on the business.
3. Excellent customer service: The staff is described as kind, nice, helpful, and courteous. Their expertise and willingness to assist customers create a positive impression and encourage repeat visits.
4. Good quality wigs: Customers appreciate the quality of the wigs, noting that they are made from good hair and satisfied with the results. This shows that Crazy Wave Beauty Supply offers products that meet customer expectations in terms of quality.
5. Wide variety of beauty items: The store offers not only hair products but also a selection of beauty items like makeup, eyelashes, and gels. This diversity allows customers to find everything they need in one place, making their shopping experience more convenient.
1. Limited color options: While the store generally offers a wide variety of products, some commenters note that there is a lack of color options, particularly for wigs. This could limit the choices available to certain customers who prefer specific colors or shades.
2. Inconsistency in stock availability: Some customers have reported issues with low stock or items not being available as advertised. This can be frustrating for customers who have specific needs or expectations. It suggests a potential problem with inventory management and fulfillment.
3. Pricing issues: There are complaints about inconsistent pricing, with prices on mannequins not matching the actual prices of the wigs. This can lead to misunderstandings and customer dissatisfaction. It is important for Clear Wave Beauty Supply to ensure accurate pricing and transparent communication.
4. Lack of receipt provision: Several commenters mention that they did not receive a receipt for their purchases, despite their legal entitlement to one. This raises concerns about transparency and accountability. Providing receipts is a standard practice in retail and failing to do so can create distrust among customers.
5. Human hair prices: Some customers feel that the prices for human hair products are expensive compared to other items in the store. This could discourage customers from purchasing human hair products and potentially lead to them exploring other options.
In conclusion, Crazy Wave Beauty Supply has several strengths, including well-stocked inventory, cleanliness, excellent customer service, and a wide variety of beauty items. However, they also face challenges such as limited color options, inconsistency in stock availability, pricing issues, lack of receipt provision, and perceived high prices for human hair products.


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