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Payne Arena

+1 956-843-6688
2600 N 10th St, Hidalgo, TX 78557 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot

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What a fantastic last minute road trip. The festival of lights in Hidalgo County Texas was amazing! The staff, ushers were so helpful from the get-go. They helped out with the ticket purchase, direction, and even gave free sodas on the way in. Everything was so bright and pretty, you could see it a couple of miles away. When you get through the checkpoints as you will see in some of the pictures, they have stands to buy donuts, popcorn, and a variety of different sweets. Never experienced a drive-through festival of light show and I have to say, this one I will never forget. All the displays of light art were beautiful, and very artistically put together. It was about eight rows you can drive through, so much light candy, your eyes and heart filled up with joy. If you haven’t had a chance to visit, I highly recommend it. This Sunday is the last day so purchase the dash pass for $40.00 and you will have the time of your life. With that purchase, you will also get a free parking pass for the carnival, no fee to enter the carnival area. Thank you Hidalgo county for such an amazing display of love and holiday cheer. Thank you to all the sponsors that contributed and made this a reality. Must check it out when you can, YEAH!! Don’t forget to follow me for more adventures and like the pics as you scroll through, talk soon.
Enjoyed the Festival of Lights tonight. Enjoyed the music as we drove through the many different lighted displays. There are food stands as you enter, curb side, so just follow line, drive by and order. There was corn in a cup, manzanas with Tamarindo, brisket sandwiches, coke, water, hot cheetos with cheese, little Cesar's pizza truck and other snacks..so bring some cash..although I think they take cc. Entrance fee 20$ per car. Very organized drive through process. Come early as lines can get long. Took about 45 minutes give or take to drive through the whole thing.
Прекрасное зрелище, очень интересно сделаны фигуры, достопримечательности разных стран, герои любимых сказок и шоу, есть на что посмотреть.
Спасибо организаторам!
Hidalgo Festival of Lights in Hidalgo Texas. Extremely beautiful Christmas light set up…I highly recommend parents to take your children…this is a In-Vehicle Only lights Festival.
This is the women's restroom, why is the roof like this? If anyone was ever in the attic they can see us. And not one person in there noticed or looked up
One of the best places to see a concert. The only bad thing is that the seats don't have enough leg room. You need to stand to let someone pass. If you are a short Mexican like me you are better off getting seats that are not on the floor. Try to get them as close to the stage as you can afford. If you are short and have seats on the floor, the people will stand and then you can't see anything. Just saying.
Staff was good, the concert was great. The seating... was a hard no.why even bother with seating anyway when you have floor tickets. Everyone is going to stand up. You just gave people tools to stand on. There should definitely be someone directing traffic when event goers are leaving. It was a mad house.
He ido a pocos eventos recientemente y hay muy buen hambiente y con gusto volveré

Quick Facts About Payne Arena

a Payne Arena. La acústica es buena y el escenario está bien situado para que todos puedan ver. Sin embargo, el estacionamiento es limitado y puede ser difícil encontrar un lugar cerca del recinto. Además, los asientos en el piso pueden ser incómodos y no ofrecen suficiente espacio para las piernas. Muchas personas optan por estar de pie durante los conciertos, lo que dificulta la visibilidad para aquellos que están sentados en el piso. También se señaló que no había personal para guiar el tráfico al salir del estadio, lo que resultó en un caos.
Por otro lado, el evento del Festival de Luces fue muy bien organizado. Había stands de comida disponibles al entrar al recinto, lo que brindaba opciones para satisfacer las necesidades de alimentos y bebidas de los asistentes. El proceso de conducción a través de las exhibiciones de luces fue fluido y bien dirigido. Las personas elogiaron la belleza de las luces y la variedad de diseños, que incluían figuras de diferentes países y personajes de cuentos de hadas.
En general, Payne Arena tiene fortalezas como un personal amable y servicial, un proceso de entrada organizado y la capacidad de albergar eventos de música en vivo. Sin embargo, también tiene debilidades como la falta de espacio en los asientos, la falta de personal para guiar el tráfico y la limitación del estacionamiento. Estas áreas podrían mejorarse para brindar una experiencia aún mejor para los asistentes.

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