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Hesketh Park

+44 1704 540070
17 Park Cres, Brentwood Ct, Southport PR9 9JN United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Good for kids
  • Public toilet

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A really nice park and walk around. Good play area for children and the park also has open grass areas. Park benches clean and maintained. On street free parking. Not parkrun use this park in a Sunday morning.
What a lovely park great pond full of ducks who were happily being fed by passers by.
Very clean and tidy, lots of people with dogs both on and off lead .We were there for about an hour for a quick walk around with our dog but will definitely return for a longer walk, great find. There are plenty of seating areas and a lovely quiet rose garden.
This is a great park that is nice for a stoll or a dog walk. There are plenty of areas for dogs to rummage around. Not massive but it's enough for a nice walk around. There's a play area for children with a crazy golf section which I assume is open at the weekends in the summer months. Plenty of off path areas to explore as well as a formal garden. A good sized pond in the middle of the park with ducks and geese to feed if you choose. It does have a shop to purchase food and snacks which again I would assume is open in the summer months.
Well kept tidy and preened public park. Beautiful scenery; lake, trees, flowers and pathways. Large, safe and clean play area, next to a small cafe. Lovely day out for all the family. Fully recommendable
Beautiful place, nice playground, lots of nice paths to walk, little cafe with food toys and memorable and ice-creams off course ????
Lovely park it's a shame Sefton Council doesn't look after all its parks like this,""ohh I forgot they do if its an affluent area""
This park is absolutely fantastic, beautiful sights, amazing scenery, really good for dogs (unfortunately have to be on a lead). I live nearby and visit here often, even more so now that I have a dog. The cafe sells tea, coffee, ice pops, ice cream and some children's toys
Beautiful park, even after lockdown. Great park for all ages. Volunteers out trimming overgrown brushes and tidying bedding plants. The Rose Garden is not in bloom yet and we can't wait until they do. The rhododendron are absolutely beautiful with the huge magnolia. The green house was closed to the public while it was getting painted. The children's play area was open but not sure about the mini golf. The pond has two lovely working fountains with loads of wild fowl, ducks and some swans.

Quick Facts About Hesketh Park

Hesketh Park has numerous strengths that make it a popular and enjoyable place for visitors. One of its primary strengths is its aesthetic appeal and beautiful scenery. Visitors mention the park's well-kept and tidy appearance, with a stunning lake, trees, flowers, and pathways. The presence of a pond with working fountains adds to the park's charm. The park's attractive features make it a pleasing environment for leisurely walks and spending time with family and friends.
Another strength of Hesketh Park is the range of amenities it offers. The park boasts a well-maintained play area for children, including a crazy golf section that is likely open during summer weekends. This play area provides entertainment and fun for children and families visiting the park. Additionally, the park has ample seating areas, allowing visitors to rest and take in the surroundings. A small cafe within the park provides refreshments such as tea, coffee, ice pops, ice cream, and snacks, contributing to visitors' convenience and satisfaction.
The park's dog-friendly atmosphere is also a strength mentioned by visitors. While dogs are required to be on a lead, there are plenty of areas for dogs to explore and roam around, making it an enjoyable space for dog owners. This dog-friendly aspect contributes to the park's inclusivity and makes it an attractive destination for pet owners.
Furthermore, Hesketh Park's cleanliness and maintenance are frequently highlighted as strengths by visitors. The park benches are clean and well-maintained, providing comfortable seating options for visitors to relax. The overall tidiness of the park demonstrates the efforts made by park authorities to ensure visitors have a pleasant experience.
On-street free parking is another strength of Hesketh Park. This amenity makes the park easily accessible and convenient for visitors, as they do not have to worry about finding and paying for parking. The availability of free parking encourages more people to visit the park, particularly those who may not have convenient access to public transportation.
Despite its many strengths, Hesketh Park also has some weaknesses that should be taken into consideration. One weakness that was expressed by a visitor is the limited space of the park. Although it is described as not massive, it is still enough for a nice stroll or walk around. However, visitors seeking a larger and more expansive park may find Hesketh Park somewhat limited in terms of size.
Additionally, it is worth noting that there is some dissatisfaction expressed by a visitor regarding the council's maintenance of parks in affluent areas. This comment implies that other parks in less affluent areas may not receive the same level of care and attention. Although this comment does not directly relate to Hesketh Park, it raises an issue of unequal park maintenance that may affect the overall perception of parks in the region.
In conclusion, Hesketh Park offers a range of strengths that make it an enjoyable destination for visitors. The park's aesthetic appeal, amenities such as a play area and cafe, dog-friendly environment, cleanliness, and free parking are all positive attributes that contribute to a pleasant experience. However, potential weaknesses include the park's limited size and concerns about unequal park maintenance in the broader region. Overall, Hesketh Park remains a popular choice for individuals and families seeking a picturesque and well-maintained green space to enjoy.

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