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Cleopatra Nails place, based on the comments provided, has a number of strengths and weaknesses. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis, these will be discussed below.
Strengths: 1. Adorable and talented nail technician: One comment mentioned a nail technician who was described as adorable and did an excellent job on the customer's nails. This shows that there are skilled professionals working at Cleopatra Nails place. 2. Good service in the past: Another comment mentioned that Cleopatra Nails place used to be the best shop in Las Vegas, with a busy clientele and excellent service. This indicates that there was a time when the establishment had a strong reputation and satisfied customers. 3. Reasonable prices: A comment mentioned that pedicures are listed on the window for $25, suggesting that Cleopatra Nails place offers competitive prices for their services.
Weaknesses: 1. Poor customer service: Several comments criticized the customer service at Cleopatra Nails place. The experience described ranged from rude behavior to a rushed job. This highlights a significant weakness in terms of the overall customer experience. 2. Inconsistent quality of work: Customers reported issues with the quality of the nail services they received. Complaints included lumpy acrylics, uneven polish application, nails lifting, and nails popping off shortly after getting them done. These indicate a lack of consistency in the quality of the work performed at Cleopatra Nails place. 3. Negative experience with specific nail technician: One customer had a particularly negative experience with a specific nail technician named Brian Baltazar. The complaints included cutting a customer's cuticle, blaming the customer for his mistake, and refusing to finish the service. This suggests that there may be issues with the professionalism and skills of some staff members at Cleopatra Nails place. 4. Declining reputation: Another comment mentioned that Cleopatra Nails place has taken a nose dive in terms of both customer traffic and quality of service. This indicates a decline in reputation over time, which could be a significant weakness for the establishment.
In conclusion, Cleopatra Nails place has both strengths and weaknesses. While some customers have had positive experiences in the past, recent comments indicate a decline in customer service, inconsistent quality of work, and specific issues with individual staff members. It is important for the establishment to address these weaknesses and improve the overall customer experience in order to regain its previous reputation.

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I'm never going to this facility again. I went in today asked for just a polish change. The lady had an attitude because I didn't want a full pedicure. She told me it would be $15 with regular white polish. Then after I get in the chair and she's taking the polish off of my toenail I switch it and tell her I want a French tip. She tells me she cannot do a French tip with regular polish. I'm like that's impossible. Then she says. Oh no, we ran out of the supply of regular polish. We all know that's impossible. She just didn't want to do my toenail going to try to tell me it would be $30 to do a polish change into a French tip it's listed on the window that pedicures are $25
Man I asked for red tips and a Santa hat and this is what I got? Where's the hat?? The acrylic is lumpy and you can see thru the polish she put on like she couldn't at least add 2 coats? Nothing is even. I'll never come back here back to NAILAND I go!
Also my daughter came with me and her nails started lifting after 2 days! Hoowwww?!?
Please take it from me don’t go here !!! Rushed job I’ve never got a pedi and been done in 15min !!! No TLC don’t get me started on my nails the shape and all is ugly I would never waste my time in here again
Nail tech is adorable at the first counter to the the right!!! I love her, she did an excellent job on my nails!! Anna is very good at lashes but her attitude sucks when she's mad at her husband for not being at work on time other than that I love her!!
Whoever the new set of workers are here do a terrible job! My gel on my toes (that I specifically told her I didn’t want ) peeled off from the shower water the SAME night and my nails started popping off just 1 week after getting them done when I use to go almost a month without breaking a single nail and could still get a fill. I will not be returning. Very disappointed in this new staff.
Customer Service is the worst. I walked out with my nails like this after paying $75 and they burnt my skin with the eyebrow wax
They use to be the best shop in Las Vegas, I made a visit there last month (I no longer live in Vegas) and I was kinda shocked that hardly anyone was in the shop, before you couldn't even get in the door and the service was on point. Sad to see the shop take a nose dive
I've lived in Vegas for almost 8 years. The first year I moved to Las Vegas, Cleopatra Nails was a first stop to get pampered and groomed. I came to get my nails done and the gentleman pictured below is Brian Baltazar. He is one of the worst nail technicians I've ever come across. I not only witnessed him cut a ladies cuticle. He then blamed her for moving when it was genuinely his fault because his phone was ringing, he then refused to finish her hands. I made it a point to never go to him. Fast forward the few years to a separate occasion I went in to get my usual full set, pedicure and eyebrows waxed. They were busy as usual and unfortunately Brian was the only available nail tech. Any other day I would have waited for ANYONE else but I figured "hey, its been 6 years since he cut that one lady" so why not give him a chance." HUGE FLIPPIN MISTAKE. He helped me pick out 2 gel polish colours, both similar. As he began to paint my pinky he shows me the result, asking if I like the colour? I simply responded "it's too pink, can you try the other." He removed the polish and repainted my pinky. Unfortunately, both of the colours he grabbed were not what I wanted. (Keeping in mind I'm paying $55 + tip for a natural looking set) I asked can I pick the colour. He then literally slams his hands down and begins ranting that I keep changing colours and he doesn't have time for this and demanded I move from his station. As a mother of a 3 year old, I sat there and let him complain for 8 LONG minutes before responding "do you have time to finish your job now?" He went into the back for another 20 minutes and refused to finish. The main tech Ana stepped in and quickly finished what Brian would not. He has the WORST attitude and zero customer service. You can bet money I will NEVER GO TO BRIAN!

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