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Cafe Britiano

+44 1952 299612
Telford Shopping Centre, 216 Dean street, Overdale, for, Telford TF3 4BT United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Cafe Britiano

Cafe Britiano has received mixed reviews from customers regarding the freshness of their food and the quality of their service. Some comments highlight the lack of freshness in the sandwiches and toasties, as they are taken from a display cabinet and warmed up instead of being made fresh when ordered. This raises concerns about how long the food may have been sitting out, leading to dry bread and a lack of butter. Additionally, customers have noted that the display food should be for takeout purposes only, and if customers choose to dine in, their food should be made fresh.
One positive aspect mentioned is the friendliness of the staff. Despite the dissatisfaction with the food, the lady serving was reportedly friendly. However, it seems that this is the only positive aspect of the café mentioned in the comments.
Customers also commend the café for its good prices in comparison to other establishments in the town. This suggests that Cafe Britiano offers affordable options for those looking for a quick bite to eat. Another comment praises the café's cleanliness, mentioning that the tables are promptly cleared when customers finish their meals. This indicates that the café maintains a clean environment for its patrons.
On the other hand, there are positive reviews that highlight the great food and friendly staff at Cafe Britiano. These comments recommend the café and express a willingness to visit again. One customer specifically mentions the excellent prices offered compared to other establishments in town. This suggests that the cafe provides value for money.
Another positive review states that the food is always fresh and reasonably priced. The owner is also praised for being attentive to customers' needs. Furthermore, there is mention of a recent makeover, which adds to the overall appeal of the café.
The comments also mention that the café has a limited seating area, which can be tight and uncomfortable. Customers note that all seating is indoors and that there is not much space available. This can be a disadvantage for those looking for a more spacious and comfortable dining experience.
In conclusion, the strengths of Cafe Britiano seem to be its affordable prices, friendly staff, and generally clean environment. However, weaknesses include the perceived lack of freshness in the food, limited seating space, and mixed feedback about the overall quality of the food. It is essential for the café to address these weaknesses and be mindful of the customer's expectations for fresh and well-prepared food.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Not to great
All sandwiches/ toasties/ baguette ???? are taken from the display cabinet and not made fresh if you order them and sit down which we thought they do.
They just take from the display cabinet and warm them up.
So your food could have been sitting there the whole day for example as our bread was dry and had no butter on at all and was pretty dismally as sandwiches go.
The display food that u can see as u walk past should be take away only and if u seat down they should make from fresh.
The only positive was the lady was friendly but that's the only positive.
Wouldn't recommend not even for a quick bite.
Great little cafe, excellent food and good service with a very friendly atmosphere. Super good prices in comparison to other places throughout the town!
Very lovely cafe ???? lovely staff, great food and great prices would go there again. Really recommend
Drop in here often for a bite to eat,nice clean place,clean tables when tables come empty, not bad food/ drinks,prices reasonable good service, recomended
Small café in Telford town centre, good value and clean. Staff are friendly and there's a reasonable choice of food. Drinks are non alcoholic and all seating is inside. Good choice for a quick snack or not elaborate meal.
This place always cooks fresh food and at a reasonable price and Ali the owner will cater for your every need.......also it has just had a new make over too looks very nice
Very nice place very nice food at half price compared with other cafes in town
Reasonably priced independent coffee shop with excellent Chocolate Chip muffins ????. Seating can be a bit tight with limited space but comfortable.

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  • Coffee
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  • Good for kids
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