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Bridlington South Beach

62 S Marine Dr, Bridlington YO15 3JW United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Good for kids

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Wundervoller Samdstrand, super sauber. Wird jeden Morgen gereinigt. Saubere Toiletten, Eis, Fritten, Bier, Babyplanschbecken, alles was man braucht ????
This place is a nice destination to visit.
It is very clean and tidy.
The beach is amazing and very clean and soft sand is amazing
Lots of restaurants and fresh good wholesome food.
The prices vary depending in what shop or restaurant you visit and there is a lot.
Good for a family with kids value for money is there.
Parking was easy.
Many hotels you cam stay in and the average one night stay is £45 per person with breakfast free WiFi.
Disabled friendly with ramps everywhere for good access.
Definitely well worth a visit especially on a nice warm day
I’ve been to a lot of beaches in the UK and still think South Beach is one of the best. And lucky to have this local to us too. Huge at low tide, great expanses of perfect sandcastle making sand, backed by sand dunes. A fabulous council run car park which is also a park and ride for the town (via bus or land train). Great toilet facilities and somewhere to get ice cream or a coffee too.
Was the best beach I have been to yet. The beach is split up into two parts one is dog friendly and the other is more family friendly. There are toilets located along the Promenade that are free! The beach is a lovely, sandy beach and didn’t find it too busy despite the sunny weather which came as a shock. There is a paddling pool area for young children located near the beach huts which i hadn’t seen at a beach before. Plenty of benches are dotted around the Promenade as well as ramps making it accessible to all. Had an amazing time :)
Vast expanse of dog friendly beach.
Good little cafe at the end of the promenade with a few tables.
The land train runs from here to the Spa.
But a nice stroll along the promenade past the chalets and children's paddling pool.
First time in a long time I've visited Bridlington South Beach and what a pleasure it was! Clean, tidy and everybody just enjoying themselves as they should. The weather was beautiful and just a really relaxed atmosphere.
Took my Umbrella Cockatoo and he had a lovely time too!
Will be returning this weekend ❤️
Lovely little English seaside setting. Fairground is pretty decent and well located below the main arcades, shops and take aways. Good mix of arcades, mini golf, haunted house, dinosaur show, boat rides. Especially loved the Kentucky Derby with a larger than life MC, recommend going in beneath the Octopus.

Quick Facts About Bridlington South Beach

Bridlington South Beach has several strengths that make it a highly recommended destination. Firstly, the beach itself is described as "amazing" with "soft sand," making it a pleasant place to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Additionally, visitors praise the cleanliness of the beach, emphasizing that it is regularly cleaned and well-maintained. This is a crucial aspect for many beachgoers as cleanliness contributes to the overall enjoyment of the visit.
The availability of various amenities is also a strength of Bridlington South Beach. Visitors note the presence of clean toilets, which are crucial for comfort and convenience, especially for families with young children. The presence of facilities such as ice cream, fries, beer, and a baby paddling pool are also mentioned, indicating that the beach provides everything one needs for a day out. This variety of amenities enhances the overall experience and makes the beach a suitable choice for families and individuals.
The comments also highlight the accessibility and inclusivity of Bridlington South Beach. The beach is described as "disabled friendly" with ramps available for easy access. This ensures that individuals with disabilities or limited mobility can enjoy the beach without any hindrance. The presence of benches and ramps is also mentioned, showing that the beach is designed to accommodate visitors of all ages and abilities.
Another strength of Bridlington South Beach is the availability of nearby facilities. Visitors mention the presence of numerous hotels, indicating that finding accommodation is convenient and accessible. The average price mentioned for a one-night stay with breakfast and free WiFi is also reasonable, making it a value-for-money option for visitors. Additionally, the availability of a council-run car park is mentioned, highlighting the ease of parking, which is important for convenience and accessibility.
Many visitors also praise the overall atmosphere and experience at Bridlington South Beach. The comments describe it as a "nice destination to visit" and emphasize that it is a great place for families, stating that it is "good for a family with kids" and offers "value for money." The beach is appreciated for not being overly crowded, even on sunny days, which adds to the enjoyable experience. Visitors also mention the relaxed atmosphere, indicating that it is a peaceful and pleasant place to spend time.
In terms of weaknesses, the comments do not provide any negative aspects of Bridlington South Beach. All the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, highlighting its cleanliness, amenities, accessibility, and overall experience. This suggests that the beach is highly regarded and meets the expectations of those who visit it.
In conclusion, Bridlington South Beach has numerous strengths that make it a highly recommended destination. The beach offers a clean and tidy environment with soft sand, making it enjoyable to relax and unwind. The availability of amenities such as toilets, food, and a baby paddling pool adds to the convenience and enjoyment. The beach is also praised for its accessibility, with ramps and benches available for visitors of all ages and abilities. Additionally, the nearby facilities, including hotels and a car park, make it convenient for visitors to access and enjoy the beach. The positive atmosphere and overall experience further contribute to the desirability of Bridlington South Beach. Overall, it is a highly regarded destination that offers a great beach experience for individuals and families alike.

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