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BK Nails Inc.

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594 N Pinecrest Rd B, Bolingbrook, IL 60440 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Quick Facts About BK Nails Inc.

to this salon for nail art. The technician seemed rushed and not very skilled in that area. The overall service was average, nothing impressive. The salon itself was clean, but the atmosphere was lacking. It felt cold and unwelcoming. The prices were decent, but I expected better quality for what I paid. I would not recommend this place for nail art.
Overall, BK Nails Inc. seems to have several strengths as well as a few weaknesses. One of its biggest strengths is its knowledgeable and talented nail technicians. Customers have raved about the skills of the technicians and how they are able to replicate nail designs and colors exactly as requested. They also appreciate the professional and friendly service they receive at the salon. The nail stylists are helpful in assisting customers with their choices and providing an extra opinion when needed. Additionally, customers have mentioned that the salon is not crowded, allowing for a pleasant and peaceful experience.
Another strength of BK Nails Inc. is their fair pricing. Customers have mentioned that the prices are reasonable for the service they receive. They are happy with the value they get for the amount they pay. This affordability makes BK Nails Inc. an attractive option for those who want quality nail services without breaking the bank.
The convenience of BK Nails Inc. is also noted as a strength. Customers have mentioned that they were able to be taken in right away without an appointment, which is not always the case in other nail shops in the area. This shows that the salon is efficient and able to accommodate customers even at short notice.
However, there are a few areas where BK Nails Inc. could improve. One common complaint is about the quality of nail art. Some customers have mentioned that the nail art they received looked unprofessional and as if it was done by a child. This suggests that the salon may need to invest in further training or hire more skilled technicians in this area.
Another weakness highlighted by a customer is the poor attitude of one of the technicians during a pedicure service. The customer felt as if she was bothering the technician with her requests and experienced a negative overall experience. This indicates that customer service may not consistently meet expectations and that improvements may be needed in ensuring a positive and welcoming environment for all customers.
The salon's atmosphere is also mentioned as lacking warmth and comfort. Though customers appreciate the cleanliness of the salon, some have noted that it felt cold and unwelcoming. This may be an area for improvement to create a more inviting and pleasant ambiance for customers.
In conclusion, BK Nails Inc. has several strengths such as knowledgeable and talented technicians, fair pricing, and accommodating service. However, there are also areas that could use improvement, including the quality of nail art, customer service, and the overall atmosphere of the salon. Overall, customer reviews suggest that BK Nails Inc. is a decent option for nail services, but there may be better options available in the area.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I had a wonderful experience with this shop. They’re like a hidden gem ???? in the Bolingbrook area; not too crowded and they have knowledgeable nail technicians. I wanted a natural looking French manicure and my nail tech recommended the dip powder over my usual acrylic choice and it’s by far the best French manicure I’ve ever had.!!!! They took me in right away without an appointment. It seems like other nail shops in the area won’t even acknowledge you without an appointment….I will be returning, 5 stars indeed ????☺️
This will always be my favorite spa! Professional and cheap!! Anytime someone comments on my nails I tell them to go here! The technicians are very talented and stylish and always does an amazing job!! I'm always taken care of and I always leave very happy! Amazing service with fair price! Definitely worth it to come!
Super kind, and amazing service— got quite literally exactly what i asked for- the image i used was for inspiration at first because i was unsure if they could replicate but i was happily surprised when she gave me the same nails as the image. Also very fair pricing- told me what it was before proceeding— i know most places won’t tell you until after the fact or are way more for simple designs but that’s not the case at BK Nails— very worth it ???? will definitely be coming back soon <3!!
I’ve been coming here for my nails all the time. Every time we come here the service is absolutely amazing. This is our go to place to get nails done because even if we don’t really know what color we want the nail stylists are always helpful with an extra opinion. We are always impressed and shocked at how good the nail designs and colors turn out. Even a couple of times the mail artists do free hand designs for no charge and they turn out perfectly beautiful. I would 100% recommended this salon and will always be going here. The stylists are so nice and always welcoming and engaging in conversation. This is my best friend and I’d favorite salon and we will be going here until the end. I’m very satisfied with everything they’ve done and do for us. I can’t think of a better nail salon that we go to. If your thinking about coming here I would DEFINITELY recommend!!
I love the techs and their skills! I have always stayed with them for years as they actually assist me with my colors and desighs and even mixing up my colors to really make my nails pop! It is clean and usually nice and quiet! They are real professionals and i hate when i have to go somewhere else so I wait! Their pricess af great for the service you get! I highly recommend them!
I came in for a pedicure and overlay. The lady who did my pedicure had a whole attitude. Not sure if she was having a bad day or what. Everything I asked her to do seemed like I was working her last nerves. When she polished my toes she polished as if she did not want to be doing my pedicure. She got polish all on my skin, I asked her to use the brick a little more on the bottom of my feet. She goes to getvv bc the scraper and I told her I didn’t want that. She breathing all hard. Like I am paying for this service. Do my freaking feet the way I want ma’am. Because of all the attitude and poor quality of service I decided to take my money elsewhere for the overlay. I will NEVER be back!!!
I had a pedi and a nochip done . There was only 1 person available to do both. This guy Monti did my nails. There were 2 women that worked there were sitting by there stations filing their nails ????. 1 women getting her nails done by the owner. The massage chair ???? was kind of uncomfortable, with a ball in your back .I was sore for a few days. The hand dryers were filthy , I didn't want to put my hands in it. I didn't touch the bottom of the dryers . The only good thing was the price. Very reasonable. Monti did a pretty good job, but wasn't very talkative. Overall not sure if I'm going back ???? because the massage chair hurt my back. ????
I went in for a acrylic fill & a very simple nail art and the fill looks great! Nail art is terrible. It looks like a child did my nails. I don’t think I will ever go back

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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