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Seafood City

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8020 Olive Blvd, University City, MO 63130 United States of America
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  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Came here looking for some seafood for a boil. Ended up buying a ton of fresh shrimp. I liked that it was pre-bagged so you could just grab and go. It was not frozen stuff, but they had plenty of that too. Their live crawfish stock was small and didn't look great so I got that elsewhere. Wanted live muscles, but they only had frozen.
Person that checked me out was polite and feiendly. Parking lot is huge.
I found what I was looking for. BOK CHOY and CHINESE BROCCOLI. I was trying to make a new beef meal. Their veggies looked so fresh. I recently discovered these veggies and a friend told me where to buy them. The store was neat. Be aware it is a seafood place, so the smell was obvious when I entered, but not in a bad way. I was there for veggies, but they have a huge selection of seafood. The cashier was polite and quickly processed my purchase. experience.
2/15/22 - Update - It has been months since this initial review, but yesterday I returned, and the "SMELL" was GONE!. I was extremely please and enjoyed ???? my shopping experience.
Overall this store is huge, it would take multiple trips to actually time to observe everything.
They have not only Asian, they have Mexican, African, and Filipino, cuisine ingredients.
Fish - I bought the lobster and I’m sadden to say it tasted rotten, I am from New England and I can say this Lobster was disturbingly poor.
(If your from the coast, there is no hope here .... sadly)
Meat - the Pork selection was great.
Dairy, they had a special Mexican cheese section which was amazing.
Snacks, they obviously had aisles and aisles of incredibly options.
Frozen - this is where I think the best options where located they had literally EVERY flavor of dumpling and every noodle and vegetable options.
Seafood City is one of my favorite stores to wander through while in St. Louis! It has a huge selection of drygoods from a variety of countries, as well as fresh and frozen seafood, fresh produce, and several aisles of frozen fare that houses myriads of delicious things. It is always my last stop to stock up on snacks for my journey, as well as spices and ingredients/sauces that I can't find at home.
For anyone wondering, yes, they are temporarily closed right now .
I went there last weekend (21 Jan) and it was closed. I had to try to get all of our foods from the other asian stores around St. Louis and came up short on certain items and fish. Seafood City is best place around if you need obscure Asian ingredients/foods.
ETA: be careful of the seafood products that you purchase. I have not been back since the first visit. I did receive a spoiled fish, which completely turned me off from returning... Stars updated to reflect disappointment.
They got everything! From live Catfishs, blue crabs, and lobsters to fresh exotic fruits. It is a "fish market" so it does smell "fishy". A star was taken off for the smell of the place. I think some proper ventilation would be great.
Check out the county's latest Health Inspection December 2022. Seafood City was shut down due to numerous contamination violations. Damaged roof allowing rainwater to drip on meat and seafood that was improperly stored in coolers. That is the real reason they are remodeling.
This is my favorite place to shop when I'm needing specialty items I can't get in the area where I live. Prices are fair and selection is great. I sincerely hope that Google is wrong and this place isn't closed.

Quick Facts About Seafood City

Seafood City has several strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. By analyzing these comments, we can get a comprehensive understanding of the store's advantages and drawbacks.
One of the main strengths of Seafood City is its wide selection of seafood. Customers mentioned purchasing fresh shrimp and a variety of frozen seafood options. The availability of pre-bagged shrimp also made shopping convenient for those looking for quick grab-and-go options. Additionally, the store offers a diverse range of international cuisine ingredients, including Mexican, African, and Filipino products. This variety appeals to customers seeking specific ingredients for their meals.
The store's customer service is another noted strength. The staff is described as polite, friendly, and efficient when checking out customers. This positive interaction can enhance the overall shopping experience and leave customers satisfied. In addition, Seafood City's parking lot is mentioned as being spacious, allowing for easy access and convenience.
Seafood City also has a well-maintained and neat store layout, according to customers. This cleanliness contributes to a positive shopping environment. The freshness of the produce, specifically bok choy and Chinese broccoli, is highly praised, indicating that the store takes care to stock high-quality vegetables.
Another strength mentioned is the store's extensive selection of snacks, frozen fare, spices, and sauces. Commenters expressed satisfaction with the variety and availability of these products. This aspect of Seafood City can attract customers who are looking for unique snacks or spices that are not commonly found in other stores.
Despite these strengths, there are a few weaknesses highlighted in the comments. One recurring issue is the smell of the store, which is described as "fishy." Although some customers did not find it unpleasant, others were put off by the odor. Improving ventilation is suggested as a way to address this concern.
The quality of the seafood products is another area of concern. While some customers were satisfied with their purchases, others reported receiving spoiled or rotten fish. This inconsistency in seafood quality could discourage some customers from returning to the store.
One commenter also mentioned that Seafood City received a health code violation, leading to its closure for remodeling. This incident raises concerns about cleanliness and proper food handling practices within the store.
In terms of variety, customers suggested that it would take multiple visits to fully explore Seafood City's offerings. While this may be seen as a strength for some who enjoy exploring an extensive selection, others may find it overwhelming or time-consuming to find specific items.
In conclusion, Seafood City possesses several strengths, including a wide selection of seafood and international cuisine ingredients, friendly customer service, and a neatly organized store layout. However, weaknesses such as inconsistent seafood quality, complaints about the store's smell, and a health code violation raise concerns about the store's overall performance. By addressing these weaknesses, Seafood City can further enhance its strengths and provide a better shopping experience for its customers.


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