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Allen's Barber Shop

+1 727-736-0452
2160 Main St, Dunedin, FL 34698 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM


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I got exactly the haircut I was looking for!!! It’s always difficult to find an excellent barber who listens. I just relocated from Texas. It was my first time in and I am a life long customer. Thanks!
Great hair cut. I recommend them for Seniors.
Took my dad for a shave and a haircut. They were so nice and he looked like a million bucks after! Clean, welcoming, friendly place with reasonable prices . Dad said it was his new favorite place!
Great old style barbershop with great customer service, which is nice…
Best barber in the area!! Old school barbershop vibe. Does a great fade. Allen will Crack jokes with the best of them. Highly recommend. Guys don't go to hair salons. Do yourself a favor. Check him out!
the woman who cut my hair there is an enormously poor hairdresser. my head looked as if someone had been cutting me with a scythe. Never in my life had my hair cut so unevenly. Admittedly, another barber in the business tweaked my hair a bit, but there was not much he could do as she didn't leave much hair in some places. if he wanted to completely straighten my uneven haircut by her, .. he would have to cut me completely. I hope that no customer will decide to visit her. it looks like two other men in this business are doing a better job. she, on the other hand, does not deserve even a single star
I am a repeat customer for 27 years I always get a great cut. Like me a normal Walk-in are welcome (no reservations needed unless you would like to).
If you would like to wait in line the staff (Allen, Dan and Sue) keep the atmosphere fun/ funny.
In the past my hair style has changed several times. I would definitely recommend Allen's barber shop for just about any style or hair type as the staff always seem to know what they're doing.
Susan is amazing with my 5 year son. She’s got the patience of the saint. My husband gets amazing results with all of the barbers. 10/10 would recommend

Quick Facts About Allen's Barber Shop

Allen's Barber Shop has received a mix of positive and negative comments, which provide insights into its strengths and weaknesses.
One of the strengths highlighted by multiple customers is the excellent haircuts they received. One customer specifically mentions getting the exact haircut they were looking for, which shows that the barbers at Allen's Barber Shop are skilled and competent. Another customer comments on the great fade they received, indicating that the barbers are proficient in a variety of styles. This demonstrates that the shop can cater to different customer preferences and hair types.
Several customers mention the welcoming and friendly atmosphere of the barbershop. One customer praises the great customer service and another mentions the old-school barbershop vibe. These positive comments highlight the strength of the shop in creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment for customers. The friendly atmosphere and customer service contribute to a positive overall experience for customers.
The fact that one customer has been a repeat customer for 27 years speaks volumes about the consistency and quality of service at Allen's Barber Shop. This demonstrates that the shop has built a loyal customer base over the years, which is a strength in itself. The customer also mentions that walk-ins are welcome and that the staff keeps the atmosphere fun and funny, which indicates that the shop is accommodating to customers and prioritizes their satisfaction.
Another strength of Allen's Barber Shop is evident in the recommendation from a customer who took their elderly father for a shave and a haircut. The customer appreciates that the staff was nice and that their father looked great afterward. This highlights the shop's ability to cater to senior customers and provide services that make them feel good. It suggests that the barbers are skilled not only in cutting hair but also in providing personalized care for different customers.
However, the negative comment about a poor hairdresser at Allen's Barber Shop raises some concerns. The customer complains about an uneven haircut and suggests that the hairdresser did not leave much hair in some places. This indicates a weakness in terms of consistency in the quality of service provided by the barbers. Although another barber attempted to fix the customer's haircut, the overall experience was negative. This negative comment may lead potential customers to question the overall skill and professionalism of the barbers at Allen's Barber Shop.
In conclusion, Allen's Barber Shop demonstrates several strengths, including excellent haircuts, a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, a loyal customer base, and the ability to cater to different customer needs. On the other hand, the negative comment about an uneven and poor haircut suggests a weakness in terms of service consistency. Although this may be an isolated incident, it is important for the shop to address any potential weaknesses and ensure that all barbers provide high-quality service to maintain their positive reputation.

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