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Ben’s Traditional Fish & Chips

+44 20 7240 3348
200 Shaftesbury Ave, London WC2H 8JL United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Wir sind aufgrund der positiven Bewertungen hingegangen.
Sauberer Laden, sehr sehr nettes Persona. Und Fisch & Chips waren super lecker! Vielen lieben Dank wir können diesen Laden nur empfehlen.
Ganz schön preis intensiv dafür sind die Portionen aber ganz ok. Könnte sauberer sein. Gerade die Toilette.
Hier gibt es eine große Portion Fish&Chips zu einem guten Preis. Wird frisch zubereitet, allerdings ist es ein wenig geschmacklos und halt fettig. Kann man 1x probieren.
Aufgrund positiven Bewertungen hingegangen. Sauberer Laden, sehr sehr nettes Personal! Fisch & Chips waren sehr sehr lecker! Das Öl wird täglich gewechselt, der Fisch war frisch und Hey die Pommes sind selbstgemacht, ich habe extra nachgefragt,weil man geschmeckt hat, dass es nicht industriell ist!! Und ja übersalzen ist es nicht, dafür steht ja Salz auf dem Tisch. Da ich es natürlich auch knusprig mag und nicht wusste, wie sie es zubereiten, habe ich von vornherein um "extra crispy" gebeten und es war sehr lecker. Vielen lieben Dank*
Der Fisch war gut und die Portion gross. Das Personal sehr Freundlich und hilfsbereit.
Die chips (Pommes Frites) waren leider zu wenig gebaken und nicht gewürzt.
Mein Geschmack wurde nicht getroffen.
Sehr gute und große Portion Fish&Chips. Das Essen ist frisch zubereitet worden und war super lecker. Das Personal war auch sehr freundlich. Für 10£ pro Portion kann man hier nichts falsch machen. Achtung, es ist nur Barzahlung möglich.
Super lecker. Bezahlung in Euro auch kein Problem
Kabeljau war lecker und Frites auch, aber die Soße war ein tik säurig.

Quick Facts About Ben’s Traditional Fish & Chips

Ben's Traditional Fish & Chips has received mostly positive comments, with customers praising the cleanliness of the establishment, the friendly and helpful staff, and the deliciousness of the fish and chips. However, there have been some criticisms, including the price, the cleanliness of the toilets, the lack of flavor and greasiness of the food, and the undercooked and underseasoned chips. It is also noted that the sauce was slightly sour.
One of the strengths of Ben's Traditional Fish & Chips is its positive reputation, as mentioned by the first comment. The fact that customers went there based on positive reviews indicates that the restaurant has a good following and is known for its quality fish and chips. Additionally, the cleanliness of the establishment is appreciated by multiple customers, suggesting that the management pays attention to maintaining a hygienic environment.
The friendly and helpful staff is another strength of the restaurant. Several customers have mentioned how nice and accommodating the staff members are, which can greatly enhance the dining experience. Good customer service can leave a lasting impression and make customers feel welcomed and valued.
The portions at Ben's Traditional Fish & Chips are described as generally satisfactory, although one customer mentioned that they were too small. This can be seen as a strength in terms of providing value for money, as the prices are described as "good" and "not expensive" by different commenters. The fact that the fish and chips are freshly prepared can also be seen as a strength, as it indicates that the restaurant is dedicated to serving high-quality food.
On the other hand, there are some weaknesses highlighted by the comments. One weakness is the cleanliness of the toilets, which is mentioned as an area that could be improved. Clean and well-maintained facilities are important for creating a positive impression and ensuring customer satisfaction.
Another weakness mentioned is the taste of the food. One customer describes it as "a little tasteless and greasy," while another mentions that their personal taste preferences were not met. This suggests that there might be inconsistency in the flavor and quality of the dishes, which can be a drawback for some customers.
The undercooked and underseasoned chips are also seen as a weakness by one customer. Chips are a crucial component of fish and chips, and not getting them right can detract from the overall dining experience. It is important for the restaurant to ensure that the chips are cooked properly and seasoned to enhance their flavor.
One comment mentions that the sauce was slightly sour, which can be seen as a weakness. Sauces are often used to enhance the taste of fish and chips, and if they are not of good quality or properly balanced in flavor, it can negatively impact the overall enjoyment of the meal.
Finally, it is noted that the payment method is limited to cash only, which can be seen as a weakness in today's increasingly digital and cashless society. The convenience of being able to pay with different methods, such as credit cards or mobile payment apps, can be a significant advantage for customers.
In conclusion, Ben's Traditional Fish & Chips has strengths in terms of its positive reputation, cleanliness, friendly staff, satisfactory portions, fresh preparation, and reasonable prices. However, there are weaknesses regarding the cleanliness of the toilets, the taste and consistency of the food, the undercooked and underseasoned chips, the slightly sour sauce, and the limited payment method. These weaknesses should be addressed to ensure overall customer satisfaction and to maintain the positive reputation of the establishment.

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