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Gilbert Town Square

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1040 S Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296 United States of America
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You'll visit this place feeling like a puppy with a paint brush. Then you'll leave this place feeling like a Michaelangelo with a canvas. It's a very exciting experience. No pressure, just a relaxing experience. Also, you can bring your favorite adult beverage to enjoy. I would suggest this for the ranges of young teenagers all the way up to the retired wanderlust. EVERYONE NEEDS TO EXPERIENCE THIS. Ask for Megan. She's a great instructor.
Great place to come and visit for the day grab some lunch walk around the downtown area of Gilbert lot to do and see love people watching here take a Saturday relax and come see Gilbert it's worth a trip
We went to Desert Monks Brewery. It was great! Lots of beer choices. We had a flight of beers and enjoyed them all. They don't serve food so they were fine with us bringing Sal's pizza in. Sal's pizza was so good! Loved the crust. It might be my favorite pizza now. You won't be disappointed. The service was great, too.
Really nice little plaza, some restaurants and bowling. Very clean and well kept
These are the best gyros in town. I am a medium sized guy and I can't finish one. I have been eating here since 2005 and it has always been a pleasure. Save room for the deserts, they are all fantastic.
Has to be one of the best self defense classes out here. If you have not tried one of their incredible classes than do so sooner than later. The class is so much fun with so much work. The staff are all great. I left feeling validated, inspired and empowered. I highly recommend Gilbert Defense Arts. Tell them Shanesha sent you!
Great craft beers, atmosphere, and food trucks. I drank the RedforEd Pale Ale, and my daughter and son in law had Wy Abbo Pale Ale. We will be back soon.
Place was clean and was greeted by guy with a minions costume right at the door. Bought tickets using fandango and the guy scanned the qr code and sent us in the right direction. Seats were adjustable and comfortable. Will definitely go back!

Quick Facts About Gilbert Town Square

Gilbert Town Square has received overwhelmingly positive comments, highlighting its strengths as a place for relaxation, entertainment, food, and drink. Additionally, it offers self-defense classes and a movie theater, providing a diverse range of activities for visitors. However, it is important to acknowledge some potential weaknesses, such as limited food options for some establishments and the absence of food service at the Desert Monks Brewery. Overall, Gilbert Town Square appears to be a vibrant and enjoyable destination for individuals of all ages.
One of the main strengths of Gilbert Town Square, as noted by several reviewers, is the wide range of activities it offers. One comment describes the feeling of becoming an artist at the painting studio, suggesting that it caters to both artistic and creative individuals. The fact that visitors can bring their own adult beverages further adds to the relaxing experience. This attraction appeals to a broad demographic, from young teenagers to retired individuals, highlighting its versatility.
Another strength of Gilbert Town Square is the downtown area of Gilbert itself. Visitors commend the area for its cleanliness and well-kept appearance, suggesting that it provides a pleasant environment for a leisurely stroll. People-watching is also mentioned, indicating that there is a lively atmosphere and diverse crowd in the area. This is further supported by the suggestion to take a Saturday to relax and explore Gilbert, implying that there is much to see and do in the vicinity.
The presence of Desert Monks Brewery is another strong point for Gilbert Town Square. Reviewers praise the variety of beer choices and express their satisfaction with the quality of the brews. The fact that the brewery allows customers to bring in outside food, such as Sal's pizza, is seen as a positive aspect, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds. The service is also commended in the comments, indicating that the staff are attentive and friendly.
According to one reviewer, the gyros at Gilbert Town Square are the best in town. This suggests that the dining options in the area are of high quality and worth trying. The comment also highlights the generous portion sizes, indicating that visitors can expect value for money. The desserts are mentioned as being fantastic, which adds to the overall dining experience.
Gilbert Defense Arts is identified by a reviewer as offering one of the best self-defense classes in the area. This strength adds to the diversity of activities available at Gilbert Town Square, catering to those with interests in personal safety and physical fitness. The positive experience, as described by the reviewer, suggests that the class is engaging, and the staff are knowledgeable and supportive.
Craft beers and food trucks are another attraction that Gilbert Town Square offers. Visitors appreciate the selection of craft beers and mention the enjoyable atmosphere. This suggests that the area has a vibrant social scene and offers a casual, laid-back experience. The inclusion of food trucks further enhances the dining options available, providing visitors with additional choices. The mention of specific beers enjoyed by the reviewer shows the variety and appeal of the craft beer selection.
While not explicitly mentioned as a strength, the cleanliness of Gilbert Town Square is highlighted in one of the comments. This suggests that the management and maintenance of the area are successful in providing a pleasant and inviting environment for visitors. Furthermore, the mention of the employee dressed in a Minions costume at the movie theater entrance implies that the staff are friendly and provide a welcoming atmosphere.
A potential weakness that can be derived from the comments is the limited food options at some establishments. Although Sal's pizza is highly recommended, this raises the question of whether there are other dining options at Gilbert Town Square or if visitors may prefer a wider variety of choices.
Additionally, it would be beneficial for Desert Monks Brewery to have its own food service, as some visitors might not want to bring outside food or might be looking for a more streamlined dining experience. While the ability to bring in food from other establishments is appreciated by reviewers, it may be more convenient and appealing to have on-site food options.
In conclusion, Gilbert Town Square appears to be a popular destination with several strengths. These include its diverse range of activities, such as painting studios, self-defense classes, craft beers, and a movie theater. The cleanliness and ambiance of the downtown area, as well as the quality of dining options, add to its appeal. However, it is important to consider potential weaknesses, such as the limited food options and the absence of on-site food service at the brewery. Overall, Gilbert Town Square seems to provide a positive and enjoyable experience for visitors of various interests and age groups.

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