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+44 7429 160939
508 Hempshaw Ln, Stockport SK2 5TL United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Top noch init asu
Really good food. Healthy and delicious. The calories are on the menu and if you ask nicely they will work out the macros for you too. I had chicken with the plumb peri sauce and a tropical trio juice. Really nice gym food. Also all the staff are really nice and friendly. Will be back. Thank you.
Been there twice now, great options. Really tasty fresh healthy food and the staff are very friendly and open. Great customer service. Will be back to try more food and desserts. Keep up the good work. The picture is from the lunch menu of the Moroccan steak ????
Affordable healthy options, meal preps are great, would highly recommend A+
Bought a lunch box and Smoothie for a picnic. Lovely fresh food, healthy take-out. They filled my drink container too which cuts down on the single use plastic
Hmmmm first time I ordered. Loved my food. Healthy. But went for the hot box. Was too spicy ha ! Will deffo order more tho. Friendly. Few add ons which I thought u get standard. So always ask if they cost.
This place is special. I've just finished my meal and my mouth is in heaven, there's still so many flavours going on in there.
I've only ordered once, I had Chicken Chipotle, with salad. We also ordered the Zaynies Slaw.
Everything was so fresh, the sauces were delicious, the meat was tender and fresh. My favourite part was the salsa, that was absolute perfection, I could eat a tub of that on it's own.
Can everyone in the area please start eating here regularly? I want to be able to order here every week.
We tried to order from this restaurant and ended up waiting almost 2 hours and still no food, the place closes at 4pm but we've been calling since 2:30pm which was when our food was meant to arrive. When we they finally picked up the phone they told us the driver tried to call us a few times but we received no such call and we couldnt get a refund. I could not get any update from the store nor could they provide us with a refund. We've never had a problem with any restaurant or delivery driver as they alwayscall when they arrive. The lady at the restaurant told us their driver tried to knock on 5 different door because she couldnt find our place I believe no such call was made to us. Ive never been so unhappy with the service and disorganisation. I hope that they can improve on their service and answer the phone after a few calls instead of after 10-15 calls.

Quick Facts About Zaynies

Zaynies Place, based on the comments provided, has several strengths and weaknesses that can be assessed.
Strengths: 1. Quality of Food: Multiple comments mention that the food at Zaynies Place is delicious and fresh. Customers appreciate the healthy options and the use of high-quality ingredients. This reflects positively on the restaurant's commitment to providing tasty and nutritious meals.
2. Customer Service: Many customers praise the staff for being friendly and accommodating. The positive interactions and good customer service contribute to a pleasant overall experience and encourage customers to return.
3. Healthy Options: The restaurant is commended for offering affordable and healthy meal options, including meal preps. This attracts health-conscious customers who are looking for nutritious options that align with their dietary goals.
4. Customizable Menus: Zaynies Place's willingness to accommodate customers' specific requirements is valued. They provide calorie and macro information upon request and are flexible with add-ons. This level of customization enhances customer satisfaction.
5. Environmentally Friendly: Customers appreciate the restaurant's efforts to reduce single-use plastic by filling their drink containers. This shows a commitment to sustainability and reflects positively on the restaurant's values.
Weaknesses: 1. Delivery Service Issues: One negative comment highlights a significant issue with Zaynies Place's delivery service. Customers experienced a delay of almost two hours and faced difficulties in obtaining updates and refunds. This lack of communication and poor organization negatively impacted the customer experience.
2. Spiciness Level: While the majority of comments praise the taste of the food, one customer found their order to be too spicy. This suggests that Zaynies Place might benefit from providing clearer indications of spice levels or offering milder options for those with lower tolerance.
Improvement Areas: 1. Delivery Service Improvement: Zaynies Place should address the issue with their delivery service. Improving communication, ensuring timely deliveries, and implementing a clear refund policy are essential steps to prevent customer dissatisfaction.
2. Consistency in Add-Ons: Since one customer mentioned being surprised by additional charges for certain add-ons, it would be helpful for Zaynies Place to clarify whether add-ons are included in the base price. Clear communication on pricing can prevent misunderstandings and ensure that customers feel they are receiving value for money.
Overall, Zaynies Place has several strengths, including the quality of food, customer service, healthy options, and environmental consciousness. However, they need to address the weaknesses in their delivery service and potential inconsistencies in handling add-ons. By improving these areas, Zaynies Place can enhance their customer experience and reputation.

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