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Conway Commons Shopping Center

310 Elsinger Blvd, Conway, AR 72034 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 10:00 PM


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  • In-store shopping
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

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I do love this store! Helpful and know how to find the things you don't know the proper name of! Lots of parking and hands to help you out. Almost everyone there is on board the happy helpful train. ????
This is a good place to shop however it is always a challenge turning into the parking lot from the road.
It's Home Depot! Just like them all! Decent selection on most stuff. A little pricey but everything is nowadays.
The photo says it all. The Spencers store in the Conway Commons Shopping Center was a breath of fresh air in this otherwise stiff and obtuse place called Arkansas. Like the days of old they have wall to wall novelties, t-shirts, posters, black lights, adult gag gifts and quite an overwhelming selection of vibrators and lubes. The only drawback was that they only had a single girl working and she was clearly catastrophically overwhelmed in trying to help customers. Great place to spend some time browsing.
Shopped at tj max. The Christmas selection of clothes for little boys was very limited. Maybe we went to late but the girls had 4 racks boys only had one. They had a guy playing a violin outside it really made it feel like Christmas the sound filled the store and made shopping fun .
Had to walk around a bit to find a cart for lumber and bathrooms (at least the mens) was pretty gross but lady at self-checkout was very helpful and friendly
Made copies at Staples at the self-serve copier. Had to ask for help three times and was met with kindness and helpfulness. Will be my go to in the future!
The Conway location is not near as bad as most of the other stores regarding the empty sleeving, and mostly the empty displays that are left out in the floor causing issues and potentially safety hazards.

Quick Facts About Conway Commons Shopping Center

Conway Commons Shopping Center, located in Conway, Arkansas, has received a variety of comments from customers regarding their experiences at different stores within the shopping center. These comments highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of the shopping center, providing valuable insights for potential customers.
One prominent strength of Conway Commons Shopping Center is the helpful and knowledgeable staff. According to one comment, the employees are quick to assist customers in finding items, even if the customer does not know the proper name. This personalized assistance enhances the overall shopping experience and helps customers feel supported. Additionally, the comment mentions that almost everyone at the shopping center is friendly and helpful, indicating a positive work culture and customer service focus.
The availability of parking spaces is another strength mentioned by a customer. With ample parking, customers do not have to worry about finding a spot and can enjoy a stress-free shopping experience. This feature is particularly important for customers who prefer driving to the shopping center or have larger vehicles.
Furthermore, the diverse selection of products offered at certain stores within the shopping center is seen as a strength. One customer mentioned that Home Depot, a popular store in the shopping center, has a decent selection of items. While the customer finds the prices to be slightly expensive, they acknowledge that this is a common trend in today's market. Despite the prices, the availability of a wide range of products caters to different customer needs and preferences.
The presence of specialty stores also adds to the strengths of Conway Commons Shopping Center. For instance, the customer praises Spencers for its unique and diverse product offerings, including novelties, posters, and adult gag gifts. This store provides a breath of fresh air to the shopping center and offers customers a place to browse and explore. However, the comment also mentions that the store seems understaffed, leading to overwhelmed employees and potential customer service issues. This suggests that while the products may be appealing, there could be improvement in employee management to ensure smooth operations.
In terms of weaknesses, one customer mentioned the challenge of turning into the shopping center's parking lot from the road. This issue indicates a potential traffic or design problem that might inconvenience customers and deter them from visiting the shopping center. Addressing this weakness could involve improving the road infrastructure or providing clearer signage to facilitate access.
Another weakness highlighted in a comment is the limited Christmas selection for boys' clothing at T.J. Maxx. This suggests a potential imbalance in the store's inventory management and could lead to dissatisfaction among customers seeking specific items. Enhancing the selection for boys' clothing during the holiday season would help create a more inclusive shopping experience.
The cleanliness of the restrooms is another weakness pointed out by a customer. Specifically, the men's restroom was described as "pretty gross," indicating a potential lack of regular maintenance or cleaning. Clean facilities are essential for a positive shopping experience, and addressing this weakness would improve customer satisfaction.
Lastly, a specific weakness mentioned by a customer relates to empty sleeving and displays left out on the floor in other stores within the shopping center. Empty displays can create obstacles and safety hazards for customers, potentially leading to accidents or frustration. Ensuring that store employees promptly tidy up and remove empty displays would enhance the overall safety and appearance of the shopping center.
In conclusion, Conway Commons Shopping Center has several strengths, such as helpful staff, ample parking, and a diverse selection of products. However, there are also weaknesses, including challenges with access, limited inventory for specific holiday items, cleanliness issues, and unattended empty displays. Addressing these weaknesses would contribute to a more positive and enjoyable shopping experience for customers.

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