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Colonial Plaza

+1 407-897-3574
601 N Bumby Ave, Orlando, FL 32803 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 10:00 PM


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  • In-store shopping
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

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Schöne Mall um bummeln
I shop at all the discount stores. Live in Mount Dora so frequently have to go to Orlando. That's a good location lots of other stores nearby if you don't find what you want there. There's Ross, Big Lots and several other large stores to select from. Starbucks right there in the plaza and several sandwich places too.
Really has ever we needed! The Ross was pretty empty. Apparently they just had a big sale. ALDIs was great. Walmart had canning jars— only one in the Orlando area to have em!!
This is the junkiest Ross in Orlando. They are always shorthanded but they need to put some effort into cleaning and organizing the store. Never fail to have merchandise on the rollers they use in the backroom sitting on the floor with merchandise on them.
If no one is stocking the store they need to roll them to the back. It's unsafe.
I hate the long wait.
I hate the untidy store
But I keep coming back for the prices.
You can find a very good variety of stores in this centric shopping center
Great! Everything you need is over there! Sprouts always had good deals!
Great plaza!! They have a few stores that I love:. Ross, bath & body works, Total wine and so much more!
I’ve ironically found this far more fun and interesting then Fashion Square right next to it. Far more to do and very fun, would recommend

Quick Facts About Colonial Plaza

Colonial Plaza is a shopping center located in Orlando, Florida that has a mix of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. In this analysis, we will examine both the positive and negative aspects of Colonial Plaza.
One of the main strengths highlighted by the comments is the variety of stores available at Colonial Plaza. Commenters mention stores like Ross, Big Lots, ALDI, Walmart, and Total Wine that offer a range of products at affordable prices. This variety allows shoppers to find everything they need in one location, saving them time and effort. Additionally, Sprouts is mentioned as a store with good deals, which can attract price-conscious shoppers looking for quality products.
The location of Colonial Plaza is also considered a strength by commenters. Being in Orlando, a popular tourist destination, it is convenient for those visiting the area for its proximity to other stores. Commenters specifically mention the availability of other nearby stores if they cannot find what they need at Colonial Plaza. This accessibility adds value to the shopping experience, as shoppers have more options to choose from.
Another strength is the availability of food and beverage options within the plaza. Starbucks and several sandwich places are mentioned, providing shoppers with the opportunity to grab a quick bite or enjoy a hot drink while taking a break from shopping. These options contribute to the overall convenience and enjoyment of the shopping experience at Colonial Plaza.
However, there are also weaknesses identified in the comments. One common complaint is the cleanliness and organization of Ross, one of the anchor stores in Colonial Plaza. Commenters mention that the store is often untidy, with merchandise left on the floor or on rolling racks in the backroom. This lack of cleanliness and organization can be a deterrent for some shoppers, as it creates a negative impression of the store.
Another weakness mentioned is the long wait times experienced by some shoppers. Although not specified which store or service causes the long wait, it can be assumed that it negatively impacts the overall shopping experience. Long wait times can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction, potentially discouraging customers from returning in the future.
Despite the weaknesses mentioned, it seems that the strength of the prices offered at Colonial Plaza's stores outweigh the negative aspects for some commenters. They admit that the Ross store may be untidy and the wait times may be long, but they continue to shop there because they appreciate the affordable prices. Price-conscious shoppers may be willing to overlook certain drawbacks if it means they are getting good deals.
Overall, Colonial Plaza has strengths in terms of its variety of stores, convenient location, and food and beverage options. However, weaknesses such as the cleanliness and organization of specific stores and long wait times are areas where improvement could be made to enhance the shopping experience. Despite these weaknesses, the affordability of products at Colonial Plaza appears to be a significant factor for shoppers, as they continue to visit despite the drawbacks.

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