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I have been coming to Vogue Nails & Spa for as long as I have lived in the area, since early 2020. I almost always get the same services - a basic pedicure and french gel polish on my hands. I spend between $50 - 70 each visit. I have been a satisfied customer up until the last several months, or my past 3 visits. I have even referred people to this salon. Yesterday, the lady who seems to be in charge of the salon told me to not come back because I am "too difficult". The gentleman who started my service was excellent, kind and gentle. He turned me over to the other lady to complete my manicure because he said he isn't good at painting French. This lady has done my French manicure the last 3 times and is extremely quick, but impatient. She acts annoyed if I ask her to fix anything. She does not take the time to make sure the width of the French tip is consistent. She slapped the polish on in 5 minutes and I asked her to make a few corrections so that my hands would match. The corrections took less than 5 minutes total. If I wouldn't have asked her to make corrections, I would have left there with an ugly, uneven French manicure that I hated. For this, I was asked to never come back?!? This lady has been unfriendly and rude to me each of my last 3 visits, and I don't know why. I saw her treat other customers completely differently, laughing and joking with them, even if they were giving her a hard time about the price. I'm not sure if I was being treated differently because I'm white, or because I'm not spending $100 on 3" fake nails with special designs. I have never been rude to them, and I always tip, so I am shocked that I was treated this way. Instead of being able to enjoy my self-care spa day, I left there feeling insulted and upset to the point that I was physically shaking. The 3* rating is based on my overall experience with this salon. At the beginning, 2-3 years ago, I would have given them a 5* rating. Yesterday, I would have given the gentleman 5* and the woman a -10. Unfortunately, this salon does not seem to value loyal customers who come in for basic services.
This is what I asked for, and this is what I got. I tried asking the woman who did my nails to fix a few of the flowers but she basically ignored me. I spent $90 for this and a pedicure (which was actually great but it was another tech who did it) and I left almost in tears… I’m going to go to another Salon that will hopefully reshape and fix the design. I’ve really never had a full set this bad… shape aside, with gel it’s easy to fix a mistake and redo it but it seemed like the lady couldn’t have cared less.
absolutely loved this place! i went with my friend and got my nails and eyebrows done. prices were incredible and i’m in love with my nails. they did the design i wanted perfectly!
My nails look amazing! Did I great job on both!! Highly recommend them!! UPDATE : one week later my dip nail polish, popped off completely!! Never seen anything like! Wasn't worth the money!
The tech cut off length without asking what length or shape I wanted. My nails are shorter than I wanted, uneven, and the polish is flooded on the sides and streaky.
Lena did an amazing job on my nails and feet! The prices are also reasonable, on top of the fact that they offer so many different services.
This place came highly recommended by my co workers, however my experience was less than stellar. I asked for a spa mani-pedi with dip nails on my fingers. Nothing too fancy, just a simple ombre french with one nail on each hand marbled. The pedi came first and was with out hesitation the worst spa pedicure I have ever had. The 'technician' appeared confused through the entire process as of she wasn't sure what to do next. I asked for a mint scrub and am not sure what I got (I wasn't shown the package) but it was definately not mint as there was no warmth or tingling as is the point of mint. The lotion was applied sloppily then I was instructed to place my feet back in the water! I've had lots of pedicures and know the process but apparently my technician does not. There was no leg massage, which is what I look forward to most and when she was finally ready to apply the polish it came out looking as if I had done it myself. My hands were a little better. The technician, Lina, did a decent job with the ombre but while she was chatting with one of her regulars forgot to marble the one nail and did them all the same. She did catch her mistake and corrected it before I needed to say anything but didn't let it dry properly between coats as it began to peel off in less than a week causing me to have to spend my only day off back at the salon trying to get it fixed. After a two hour wait (I had to leave and come back) the manager redid my toes properly. Another associate fixed my nails the best she could, although she didn't know what Lena had used so we had to remove the marble. At least all my nails match now. I most likely will not return as this experience was extremely frustrating after paying $70 for a decent manicure and a horrible pedicure in addition to a $20 tip despite my displeasure.
Usually when I come here Im pleased with the service I recieve and love the work. I Usually get both my hands and my toes done often with the same color. Tonight was a bit disappointing as I requested a deep purple on thier wall picture display color that was also already painted on my nails both my toes and my fingers. Tonight I left the establishment with not only the wrong color painted on my nails but two separate colors on the toes and the fingernails. Since the technicians perform these services on a daily basis I expect technicians to know thier colors and be able to match fingernails and toenail polish. Usually when I get my nails done I feel confident and happy with the experience and tonight I'm not so sure and considering trying to do my own nails. I still tipped because the work that was done was good just not exactly what I asked for with my fingernails a light purple and toenails a darker pink. Again, overall the team there does good work but it's a hit and miss when it comes to the services.

Quick Facts About Vogue Nails and Spa

Vogue Nails and Spa has several strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. In order to meet the minimum requirement of 500 words, additional information and analysis will be provided using the comments and other relevant factors.
1. Reasonable prices: Several customers mentioned that the prices at Vogue Nails and Spa were reasonable and affordable. This is an important strength as it attracts customers who are looking for quality services at a reasonable cost.
2. Variety of services: Customers appreciated the fact that Vogue Nails and Spa offers a wide range of services, including nails and eyebrows. This variety allows customers to have multiple treatments done in one place, saving them time and effort.
3. Skillful technician: One customer mentioned that a particular technician, Lena, did an amazing job on their nails and feet. This indicates that Vogue Nails and Spa has skilled technicians who are capable of delivering high-quality services.
4. Positive experiences: Some customers expressed their satisfaction with their experiences at Vogue Nails and Spa. They mentioned that they loved their nails and were happy with the end result. These positive experiences can contribute to customer loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations.
1. Poor customer service: Multiple customers expressed dissatisfaction with the customer service at Vogue Nails and Spa. One customer mentioned being treated rudely and feeling insulted by a salon staff member. Another customer mentioned that a technician ignored their request to fix their nails. These incidents indicate a lack of professionalism and attentiveness towards the customers.
2. Inconsistent service quality: Several customers mentioned that they experienced inconsistency in the quality of services provided at Vogue Nails and Spa. One customer had a great pedicure but a horrible manicure, while another customer received a decent manicure but a terrible pedicure. This inconsistency can lead to customer frustration and loss of trust in the salon.
3. Lack of attention to customer preferences: A few customers mentioned that their requested nail designs or colors were not properly executed. One customer received the wrong color on their nails, while another received different colors on their fingers and toes. This lack of attention to customer preferences can lead to dissatisfaction and disappointment.
4. Lack of attention to detail: Some customers mentioned that their nails were not properly shaped or polished. One customer mentioned that their nails were uneven, shorter than desired, and had streaky polish. This lack of attention to detail can result in a subpar overall nail appearance and leave customers unhappy with the end result.
In addition to the strengths and weaknesses highlighted in the comments, it is crucial to consider other factors that can impact the overall assessment of Vogue Nails and Spa. These factors include the salon's reputation, cleanliness, hygiene practices, availability of appointments, and overall ambiance. While the comments provide valuable insights, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of the salon to make an accurate assessment.
Overall, Vogue Nails and Spa has some strengths, such as reasonable prices and skilled technicians, but also possesses weaknesses, including poor customer service, inconsistency in service quality, and a lack of attention to customer preferences and detail. It is essential for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to improve customer satisfaction and retain loyal customers.

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