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I had high hopes for this nail shop as they have thriving reviews and according to the atmosphere extremely busy. My daughter and I decided to get our nails done and happened to stop by. My nail tech was Lee he was extremely sweet I showed him a picture of nail design that I wanted he was honest and said that it was difficult and he could probably not make it perfect. We decided on a deep French tip design. The French tip was poorly designed and began to chip off in less than 24 hours. I went to the salon to just get a color change because I thought it would be best and easiest. I picked out a few different colors none of which were in stock. I even switch up my color and decided to do some thing spontaneous they also said that that product was out of stock. The lady who was helping me continue to speak in her lane of language and didn't direct any conversation toward this writer she just kept saying I don't know. They wanted to charge me for a change color and due to the circumstances of poorly designed French tip I thought it was absurd. I will never come back to this nail salon ever again their customer service is extremely poor they are slammed with customers and do not thrive on having excellent customer care I strongly do not recommend this nail shop
Angie did an amazing job. She perfected them even when it meant we were the last two people in the salon. Thank you so much!
I highly recommend coming here.
The salon is beautiful. Plus, they have a wide variety of colors. I got two types of dipping powder, one a holographic blue, the other a dark blue sparkle. They have many nail techs working too. So, I did not have to wait long to be seated and get started. Did I mention they have complimentary drinks? I'm not talking just water. They had Mimosas, Vietnamese coffee, juice....I had a Bellini????‍♀️????✨
Always have loved this place! They redid the inside and its beautiful! They did a amazing job and most of the techs really care to give you a great, relaxing experience. It's nice and clean and they provide a number of great pedicure options.
I don’t get my nails done very often, but I heard this was a great place to get a set of beautiful nails. I am so glad I went here! I showed the nail artist what colors I like, shapes and textures and let him have fun with it. The outcome was incredible and I’m so thrilled to have these done for my birthday! I will definitely be back.
I normally love this place. I tell all my friends about this place and have brought out of town friends here. The customer service is usually very good and they do a good job with the nails. My last 2 times weren’t very good, especially my last visit. I showed pictures of the color I wanted and I explained I wanted it to look glittery/sparkly (for the holiday season.) I know it’s never going to look just like a picture but at least some inspiration from it. The lady was rude, kept getting frustrated with my hand based on how she grabbed it and when I gently asked her to correct my nail that was crooked, she didn’t see it and was dismissive. And I did not like my nails at all. Not sure if I’ll go back; I’m disappointed since I thought I found my go-to salon.
My first time here was so awesome. Nina did my dip powder full set coffin shape with a few designs. She did such a great job! I’m so happy with my nails. I’ll be back if course.
Came for a fill. The girl that did my nails she should get 10 stars. Awesome job! The reason I gave only 4 Stars is because it was very expensive. Most shops are $25 to $35 for a fill. They charge $52 not including the tip. So even though she did great I dont think I'll be back. They do offer a complimentry drink, its not worth the extra $25 or so for me,anyway.
100% I will go back for pedicures. I didn't try their other services but will in the future. Walking in I was immediately impressed with the cleanliness and overall atmosphere of the salon. Clean, very appealing to the eye. The manicure/nail stations are in the center, pedicure chairs around the outside. Plenty of seating and space so you don't feel crowded. The waiting area is really lovely with a million colors to chose from for nails and toes. Heads up, you definitely are hit by the chemical smell from the products so for that reason, no children are allowed in the salon (signs are posted as a reminder). I made an appt in advance and was seated at the appt time. Chairs are comfortable, everything worked. You get a menu to chose your package and yes, they serve drinks and alcoholic drinks if you prefer.
I chose a mimosa $5 and their best pedicure package "24k Gold" for $72 plus a gel color for $5 extra. My total before tip $82. To clarify - I chose the best package they have. They have packages down to $42 dollars (my 2 girlfriends got the Pomegranate Lime pckg for $52 each and were very happy!).
I was seated at 12pm on a Sunday and was out by 1pm. Busy but not slammed. Quiet enough my girlfriends and I could enjoy our drinks and have a conversation while getting our pedicure without having to yell. They have TVs all around if you want to watch.
The mimosa was delish (more juice than champagne but not bad at all!). My pedicure was very enjoyable! Starts with a champagne rinse of your legs and feet, honey based scrub with 24k gold leaf to exfoliate, massage with amazing sented oils, hot stones, mask and collagen socks. Also includes a hand mask.
Salon is a 5 out of 5 Stars
Technician: ask for Mimi, she was terrific! Personable & took her time.
Quality: 5 out of 5 Stars
Price: I'm going to give it a 4 out of 5 Stars just because $72 is pretty pricey as far as the salons I've been too. Yes, it was terrific and you won't be upset trying it but to do it on a reoccurring basis I'd like to see it more around the $60 mark vs $72.
I'll definitely be coming back here for my pedicure needs and will be trying them for manicures too!

Quick Facts About VIP Nails & Spa

VIP Nails & Spa, as evidenced by the comments, has many strengths and weaknesses. Let's discuss them in detail:
Strengths: 1. Positive reviews: The salon has received thriving reviews and recommendations from several customers. This indicates that many people have had satisfactory experiences at VIP Nails & Spa. 2. Skilled technicians: Customers have praised specific nail technicians, such as Lee, Angie, and Nina, for doing an amazing job on their nails. This suggests that the salon has competent and talented staff members who can deliver high-quality results. 3. Beautiful salon: The commenters mention that the salon is beautiful and appealing to the eye. This indicates that VIP Nails & Spa has put effort into creating a visually pleasing atmosphere for customers. 4. Wide variety of colors: Customers appreciate the wide range of colors available at the salon, allowing them to choose from a diverse selection. This indicates that VIP Nails & Spa puts effort into providing options for customers. 5. Complimentary drinks: The salon offers complimentary drinks, including Mimosas, Vietnamese coffee, and juice. This extra service is appreciated by customers as it adds to their overall experience.
Weaknesses: 1. Poorly designed French tip: One customer mentioned that the French tip design they received was poorly done and started chipping off within 24 hours. This suggests a lack of attention to detail and quality control in the nail design process. 2. Lack of stock: Multiple customers mentioned that the salon did not have the colors or products they wanted in stock. This indicates a potential issue with inventory management and ensuring that all necessary products are available for customers. 3. Language barrier: A customer mentioned that the nail technician continued to speak in their native language and did not engage in conversation with the customer. This suggests a lack of customer service and inclusivity, which can make customers feel ignored or alienated. 4. Inconsistent experience: One customer mentioned that their last two visits to VIP Nails & Spa were not up to par, with a rude technician and unsatisfactory results. This inconsistency in quality and customer service can be a major drawback for customers who value reliability. 5. Expensive pricing: Several customers mentioned that they found the salon to be expensive compared to other similar establishments. This pricing may deter some potential customers who are looking for more affordable options.
In conclusion, VIP Nails & Spa has strengths such as positive reviews, skilled technicians, a beautiful salon, a wide variety of colors, and complimentary drinks. However, it also has weaknesses including poorly designed nails, lack of stock, a language barrier, inconsistent experiences, and high pricing. These factors should be considered by potential customers when deciding whether to visit VIP Nails & Spa.

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