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Super store!! They got all kinds of stuff. You will need time to find everything they offer. Reasonable prices and good quality.
You get what you pay for pretty much .
Purchased a blanket comforter set for a twin bet . I noticed it was stained so I washed it , well stains didn’t come off because it was actually mold stains. So these products are literally left for years maybe until they are purchased then sold to us . I won’t be coming back .
Now I get why this place smells like mold!! The cashiers are super nice which is why I gave 2 stars . But waste of my $$$ . Pictures are posted as proof and no money back all sales are final !!!
OMG! We were in here looking for hair and were waiting in line when this cashier told the manager hey that guy with the hat just walked out and didn't pay for his stuff. The manager walked outside and back in and started yelling at the cashier and I quote " Your just a wet back cashier don't worry about anybody but the person in front of you, if people want to steal let them this isn't your dam store."! She said ok next time don't tell me nothing. He continued to yell at her with a store full of people. Not to mention all the food is EXPIRED! If he would have talked to me like he was talking to her I would have caught a case cause he would of had a Black eye! I'm just sayin. He needs to be FIRED! His attitude and way he speaks to people is DISCUSTING!
This was previously a big lot location. So you know it's big inside. The isle size has changed. The Isles a much narrower, they a pretty tight. Only 1 shopping cart can fit. They did this to put more products out on the floor. This place is packed with stuff. From household, food, frozen food, clothing, pet things, makeup and stuff. They have deals all over the store. It's always busy. Recommendation is to get a shopping cart because you'll find more than a few things you will want.
This place is huge, and there's stuff EVERYWHERE. If you're willing to take your time and look around, there's some good stuff for really cheap. If you're getting any food, be sure to check the dates. The large majority seemed to be expired. Overall, I'll go back.
Just a heads up DONT BUY ANY MENS T SHIRTS IN BAG THAT SAY 99c . It shredded in tiny pieces and dyed the WHOLE load black!!! Lesson learned. Don't buy clothes here and if you do wash separately!
Came for the prices, stayed for music. All around a great experience during my visit.
This place is not for picky folks who need sterile big box store experience. Come with an open mind, good attitude, and you'll end up having a great time shopping here.
Lots of great bargain finds if you are patient and look around.
We used to go here all the time. Last time we were there it looks like it has a new owner since they fixed up the store. The issue is the food used to be on the border of being or just expired. Now it is several years of being expired. Not to mention their prices are the same as the stores for most not all items. We have been goin there for 10 plus years we will not be returning.

Quick Facts About Just Bargain

Just Bargain Place, based on the comments provided, has a number of strengths and weaknesses that can be analyzed to gain a better understanding of the business.
One of the major strengths of Just Bargain Place is the wide variety of products they offer. Customers mentioned that the store has "all kinds of stuff," including household items, food, frozen food, clothing, pet products, and makeup. This wide selection makes it a convenient one-stop shop for customers looking for various items. Additionally, customers mentioned that the prices at Just Bargain Place are reasonable, making it an attractive option for those seeking good deals.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the pleasant and helpful attitude of the cashiers. They were described as "super nice," which can greatly enhance the overall shopping experience. Friendly staff can create a welcoming atmosphere and encourage customers to return.
However, several weaknesses were also pointed out in the comments. One customer mentioned that they purchased a blanket comforter set that was stained with mold. This suggests that the store may not thoroughly inspect their products for quality before selling them. This can be seen as a weakness, as it may lead to disappointed customers who receive defective or damaged goods.
Another weakness mentioned by customers is the issue of expired food. Multiple customers commented that they found the majority of the food products to be expired. This raises concerns about the store's food safety practices and quality control measures. Selling expired food can contribute to negative customer experiences and potentially cause health issues.
Additionally, one customer shared a troubling incident concerning the store manager. The customer witnessed the manager using derogatory language towards a cashier and displaying disrespectful behavior. This is a significant weakness as it reflects poor management practices and creates a hostile work environment. Such incidents can harm the store's reputation and turn away both customers and potential employees.
Another weakness that was raised in the comments is the decreased aisle size in the store. While it was mentioned that this change was made to accommodate more products, it was also noted that the aisles became narrow and it was difficult for multiple shopping carts to navigate through them. This can create an inconvenience for customers and hinder the overall shopping experience.
In terms of clothing items, one customer warned against purchasing men's T-shirts that came in a bag priced at 99 cents. The shirts were reported to shred into tiny pieces and dye the entire load of laundry black. Such low-quality clothing items can lead to dissatisfied customers and damage the store's reputation.
Despite these weaknesses, Just Bargain Place still has loyal customers who appreciate the store for its bargain finds. Patience and a willingness to search for good deals were mentioned as requirements for a successful shopping experience. This shows that customers are willing to overlook certain weaknesses in favor of the store's affordable prices and unique offerings.
Overall, Just Bargain Place has strengths such as a wide variety of products, reasonable prices, and friendly cashiers. However, weaknesses such as poor quality control, expired food, disrespectful management, and low-quality clothing items have been identified. These weaknesses can significantly impact customer satisfaction and the store's reputation. It is important for Just Bargain Place to address these weaknesses in order to improve the overall shopping experience and retain customers.

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