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Beauty Expo y Más The Discount Beauty Supply Warehouse

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20811 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33189 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Do your research before you visit this store. I asked for help finding a 3 pack bundle for a half up/ half down style. I was shown the most expensive hair and ended up paying $200.
The next day, I googled the hair brand and it was actually less than $100 online. I felt so taken advantage of.
The sales people lead you to the most expensive stuff and just start ringing you up so you feel pressured to pay at the register without asking for a more affordable product.
Then the lady was visibly impatient when I was not sure about spending so much money on hair.
Said she will give me a discount if I wrote a good review for her, but there was a sign in the store that said the bundles were 50% off (I still pd $200 after the discount).
I’m not very versed in hair, so I definitely feel taken advantage of. I won’t be the first or the last to get up sold on some hair, but this store will never get me again.
"Warning" Do not buy from this beauty supply store. They are scamming you with the buy one get one free sale. I bought some products and they only take the money of the cheapest items and you pay full price for the more expensive items. I bought 2 packs of same hair for $24.99 each and two packs of the same perm for $12.99 each and two of the same developers for $6.99 each and 2 packs of the same Hair lightener for $2.99 each. They gave me the two $6.99 products and the two $2.99 products for free and charge me for both the $12.99 and $24.99 products. When I confronted them they claim that its buy one get one free of equal or lesser value and when you tell them you want your money back they show you the receipt where it says "No Refund" after they make you believe everything in the store is on sale. I asked when I went in the store if everything was on sale and all the sales people tell you its buy one get one free and they even want you to leave a google review to get the sale.
My first time in this store and let me tell u everyone was so helpful and there was soooo many options! Friendly staff and very informative they knew exactly what I wanted as I described!
Bria got me right she helped me find the best prices especially for the human hair bundles they be having the best sales an the best hair when you come to Beaty expo holla at Bria she will get u right
Fadi is excellent and goes above and beyond to make sure that you are satisfied within your purchase! I love that this store has everything that you need all in one without the hassle. Will definitely recommend!
Employees very helpful and friendly. This store has many options to choose from.
I have been wanting a place to go for wigs without having to order online. This place has a wall and 3 shelves of lace fronts and extensions. But don’t forget hair gel! That’s here too! Maria was so sweet and helpful!
The store had every color I needed the sales clerk was very courteous and helpful he was also really handsome ???? the store is spacious and organized making easy to find what I needed quickly. I’ll definitely be back for my hair products.

Quick Facts About Beauty Expo y Más The Discount Beauty Supply Warehouse

Beauty Expo y Más The Discount Beauty Supply Warehouse, based on the comments, has several strengths and weaknesses that can be identified.
One of the strengths of the store is the wide range of options and products available. Customers mention that the store has a vast selection of hair products, including wigs, extensions, lace fronts, and hair gel. The abundance of options allows customers to find what they need easily and quickly, providing convenience for those who prefer to shop in-store rather than online.
The helpful and friendly staff is another strength mentioned by customers. Employees are described as informative, knowledgeable, and going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. The assistance provided by the staff, such as recommending the best prices and helping customers find the products they are looking for, contributes to a positive shopping experience.
The store's spacious and organized layout is also mentioned as a strength. Customers appreciate the easy navigation through the store, as it allows them to find the products they need without hassle. The organized layout contributes to an efficient and enjoyable shopping experience.
However, there are also several weaknesses highlighted by customers that need to be addressed. One significant weakness is the issue of overpricing and misleading discounts. Customers mention feeling taken advantage of, with salespeople leading them to the most expensive products and pressuring them to make the purchase without offering more affordable options. This practice creates a sense of mistrust and dissatisfaction among customers.
Another weakness is the discrepancy in pricing during the buy one get one free sale. Customers report being charged full price for the more expensive items while receiving the cheaper items for free. This misleading promotion and the lack of transparency with pricing lead to frustration and a feeling of being scammed.
In addition, some customers mention instances of employees offering discounts in exchange for positive reviews. This practice raises ethical concerns as it manipulates customers into leaving favorable reviews, potentially misleading other potential buyers.
Lastly, while the store's wide range of options is mentioned as a strength, it can also be seen as a weakness. Customers without extensive knowledge of hair products, like one comment states, may feel overwhelmed and taken advantage of by the numerous choices. The lack of guidance in terms of suitable products for specific needs can lead to customers feeling uneasy and less likely to return to the store.
In conclusion, Beauty Expo y Más The Discount Beauty Supply Warehouse has several strengths, including a wide range of products, helpful and friendly staff, and a spacious and organized layout. However, there are clear weaknesses in terms of overpricing, misleading discounts, questionable practices, and the potential overwhelming nature of the vast selection. These weaknesses contribute to a negative shopping experience and undermine customer trust and satisfaction.

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