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St Anne's Beach

Beach Rd, Lytham St Annes, Lytham Saint Annes FY8 2PQ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Good for kids

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An einem schönen Tag macht es Spass am Strand zu gehen, Esel reiten für 3pfund und ca 4 Minuten später ist es vorbei ist zwar teuer aber die Tiere müssen gefüttert werden und und und.... das Essen in den Toby Carvery am Strand war auch ok aber es hat eine gute halbe Stunde gedauert bevor dass Essen kam. Für traditionelle Englische Essen würde ich persönlich in den Pub gehen. Blackpool ist gleich neben an aber da ist es auch sehr teuer.
St. Anne's beach ist auf jeden Fall ein paar Stunden wert.
Sehr schöner Strand zum spazieren gehen. Relaxen und einfach die Seele baummeln lassen
Eine schöne Gegend zum Strand Spaziergang. Bei jedem Wetter ein Erlebnis
Weitläufiger Stand mit schönen Dünem
Gepflegter Strand...
Absolutely amazing place. We’ve been here about four times already and it’s wonderful. You’ve got toilets and loads of parking spaces. The beach is wow and the sand is super fine and soft. A bit windy but would recommend checking the place. Check out the town center also!
What a beautiful beach. Its quite but really accessible from the carpark which is 90p for an hour. Their are steps to get down to the beach.
It's dog friendly. after September till May all day. In the summer, only before 8am and after 6pm.
When low tide the sea is a good walk away nut the sand is flat and you can walk all the way out.
Definitely a lovely way to spend a few hours but wellies are a good idea
The pier is home to multiple businesses that sell food ans drinks.
Two thumbs up from me
Two thumbs up from my wife
Four paws up from our dogs

Quick Facts About St Anne's Beach

St. Anne's Beach in the UK has received mostly positive comments from visitors, highlighting its strengths such as the beauty of the beach, the availability of amenities, and its dog-friendly policy. However, there are also some weaknesses mentioned, such as the slow service at a local restaurant and the high cost of activities in the neighboring town of Blackpool.
One of the major strengths of St. Anne's Beach is its beauty and the opportunity for leisurely beach walks. Visitors describe it as a "wonderful" and "absolutely amazing" place with "super fine and soft" sand. The beach is also well-maintained, with comments mentioning it being "gepflegter Strand" (well-kept beach) and having "schönen Dünem" (beautiful dunes).
Accessibility and amenities are another strength of the beach. Visitors mention the availability of toilets and ample parking spaces, which is an important factor for many beachgoers. The town center is also mentioned as worth checking out, adding to the overall experience of visiting St. Anne's Beach. The presence of businesses on the pier selling food and drinks is also seen as a positive aspect.
Furthermore, the beach is praised for its dog-friendly policy. From September to May, dogs are allowed all day on the beach, providing a great opportunity for dog owners to enjoy the beach with their pets. In the summer months, there are specific times when dogs are allowed on the beach, allowing for flexibility in planning visits with furry friends.
While there are several strengths of St. Anne's Beach, there are also some weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One visitor mentions that it took over half an hour for their food to arrive at a restaurant in the area, which could be frustrating for those seeking a quick meal. Additionally, the commenter notes that the activities in the neighboring town of Blackpool can be expensive, which could affect visitors looking for more affordable options.
In conclusion, St. Anne's Beach is highly recommended by visitors due to its beautiful scenery, accessible amenities, and dog-friendly policy. However, drawbacks such as slow service at local restaurants and the costly activities in Blackpool should be considered for those planning a visit. Overall, St. Anne's Beach is praised as a lovely place to spend a few hours, allowing visitors to relax, take a stroll, and enjoy the beauty of the beach.

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