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Mill Creek Crossing

3795 Buford Mill Dr, Buford, GA 30519 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM


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Alles bestens
The shopping center is great! A few things they have include Lowes, A movie theater, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta urgent care, code ninjas, and burger King.
I come here mostly for Lowes and Walmart and sometimes to get last minute snacks and supplies for road trips because of it's close proximity to I-985
Yesterday, one gentleman 50th years old man with one young guy seems a trainee in the water connector department, he helped me all the way beginning to end, I really appreciate , thanks a lot,
Not my favorite Walmart, no staff, it's not easy to go in, get stuff and leave!
Good location (near I-985 and Buford Dr.) But the strip mall itself is kinda rough. The place is seedy and I felt unsafe there. Most of the stores in the strip mall need a coat of paint. The parking lot needs attention and daily cleaning. The Wal Mart there is in pretty good shape from the inside.
Shop here all the time. I love it.
We stopped to visit the Walmart there. Easy in, easy out parking, plenty of spaces. There were at least a dozen large tractor trailer rigs making it a bit like a truck stop.

Quick Facts About Mill Creek Crossing

Mill Creek Crossing Place, located near I-985 and Buford Dr., has a number of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. In terms of strengths, the shopping center offers a variety of options including Lowes, a movie theater, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta urgent care, Code Ninjas, and Burger King. This diverse range of stores and services makes it convenient for shoppers looking for different options in one location. Additionally, one customer had a positive experience with a helpful staff member in the water connector department, which suggests that there may be friendly and knowledgeable employees present at the shopping center.
Another strength of Mill Creek Crossing Place is its proximity to I-985. This makes it easily accessible for customers and convenient for those planning road trips and in need of last-minute supplies. The fact that one customer mentioned using the shopping center specifically for this purpose indicates that it is a favorable location for such needs.
On the other hand, there are several weaknesses mentioned in the comments as well. One customer expressed their dissatisfaction with the Walmart at Mill Creek Crossing Place, citing the lack of staff and difficulty in navigating the store. This suggests that the customer service and overall shopping experience may not be up to par at this particular Walmart branch.
Furthermore, another customer described the strip mall itself as "seedy" and feeling unsafe. This raises concerns about the cleanliness, maintenance, and security of the shopping center. The comment also suggests that many of the stores in the strip mall are in need of cosmetic improvements, such as a fresh coat of paint. Additionally, the parking lot is mentioned as requiring attention and daily cleaning, which can be seen as a negative aspect of the shopping center's overall maintenance.
Despite these weaknesses, one customer mentioned that they love the shopping center and frequently shop there. This positive sentiment suggests that there may be redeeming qualities to Mill Creek Crossing Place that outweigh the mentioned negatives. The overall positive experience of this customer could imply that the shopping center offers a wide range of products or services that meet their needs. However, the specific reasons for their satisfaction are not provided in the comments, so their statement should be taken with caution.
Lastly, the presence of numerous large tractor-trailer rigs in the parking lot is mentioned by another customer. While this may be a common sight due to the center's location near I-985, it can make the shopping center feel chaotic or crowded, potentially impacting the overall shopping experience for some customers.
In summary, Mill Creek Crossing Place has strengths such as a diverse range of stores and services, convenient location near I-985, and positive experiences related to helpful staff members. However, it also has weaknesses including dissatisfaction with the Walmart, concerns about the strip mall's cleanliness and safety, and possible overcrowding due to the presence of large truck trailers.

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