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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Very delicious, fresh, and authentic Japanese food that is reasonably priced! The waitress who served us this evening was lovely and friendly. Highly recommend if you're in the area and craving Japanese food.
An added bonus: There's a multistorey carpark two minutes walk away that is free of charge after 6pm from Monday to Saturday, and completely free on Sunday.
Absolutely incredible Japanese food with friendly service. Can't recommend this place enough, the miso soup here is some of the best I've had in the area honestly! Great selection of food and huge ramen portions, definitely worth the money. Would love to revisit, might become somewhat of a regular myself!
Nice place, always welcoming. We discovered this place in one rainy evening walking on Twickenham High street. Since the first time we are been amazed from the freshness of the food, especially the sushi, and the unique flavour of the dishes. Personally i love the special flavour of Tuna Tataki, marinated Tofu, Nasu Dengaku Eggplants, fried Rice with Pork, and Kurogoma ice cream( Black Sesame ice-cream) absolutely amazing taste! The Plums wine is the best, and every time we come back for a dinner, we never stop at 2 chalices only…
Very tidy place, always, with a very relaxing and intimate atmosphere. The personell at the service is always kind, smiling and welcoming.
We continue to come back happily.
Clean and tidy toilets. Prices in the average. Thank you Umi, you always give us lovely time to share.
Excellent food and attentive service. I haven’t tasted food like this since my last trip to Tokyo. Would highly recommend trying this restaurant.
Had an amazing experience dining here, would highly recommend it! We booked a table for later that day and although they were busy, they managed to squeeze us in. So glad they could - the sashimi was fresh and the sushi was delicious. Particularly enjoyed the dragon roll. The service was perfect - the staff were friendly, attentive and generous. Will definitely be back in future.
We had a pretty-okay last lunch in London here. The service was splendid. We ordered eel roll, inari, curry katsu bento, and spicy chicken ramen.
The sushi was alright, but as a hopeless ramentic, I was a tad bit disappointed with their ramen as nothing in the ramen bowl tasted Japanese and some bits of the noodles came clumped together. What surprised me (not in a good way) was the bell peppers and bean sprouts. I know some parts of Japan do use bean sprouts in ramen to provide a different texture but I haven’t seen Japanese ramen with bell peppers in my entire life.
In addition, the chicken still carried some sort of stinky taste when I chewed it, which meant the chicken meat didn’t soak up the broth properly. The meat should have been marinated ahead of time to mask up the smell (if it’s kept frozen in advance). That said, I think their food is value for the money, especially their lunch set menu, since each lunch set comes with gyoza and miso soup. Perhaps other dishes taste better. I just had a bad luck with the ramen. Curious to hear what Japanese diners here think about the ramen though!
Other than that, I liked their toilet - it’s sparkling clean!
Must visit when around Twickenham area and wanting some Japanese. Worth prebooking as usually busy, particularly over the weekend.
The mains and sushi are great quality and served rather quickly & portions are slightly above average. We had 2 sushi rolls, gyoza, 2 mains & the aubergine for two which was plenty.
In particular the Rock prawns and Miso aubergine where delicious.
Excellent service which was very polite & attentive - definitely recommended!
I came here for the 5* reviews and I wasn't disappointed. The waiting staff were as good as the food was delicious. I would highly recommend!

Quick Facts About Umi

Umi place receives overwhelmingly positive feedback in the comments above, highlighting its strengths as a restaurant. Let's delve into the strengths and weaknesses of Umi place based on these comments.
Strengths: 1. Delicious, fresh, and authentic Japanese food: The majority of comments mentioned the high quality and taste of the food at Umi place. Customers specifically praised the miso soup, sushi, ramen, Tuna Tataki, marinated Tofu, Nasu Dengaku Eggplants, fried Rice with Pork, and Kurogoma ice cream (Black Sesame ice-cream). These positive remarks demonstrate that the restaurant excels in providing flavorful and authentic Japanese dishes.
2. Reasonably priced: Several comments mention that Umi place offers reasonably priced food. This affordability factor adds to the restaurant's appeal and makes it an attractive option for customers seeking value for their money.
3. Friendly and attentive service: The waitstaff at Umi place is consistently described as lovely, friendly, kind, smiling, welcoming, attentive, and polite. This positive feedback highlights the strengths of the restaurant's customer service and indicates that the staff goes above and beyond to make guests feel welcome and well taken care of.
4. Relaxed and intimate atmosphere: The comment about the restaurant having a relaxing and intimate atmosphere suggests that Umi place provides a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience. This strength contributes to the overall ambiance and satisfaction of customers.
5. Cleanliness: The comments mention that Umi place maintains cleanliness not only in the restaurant itself but also in its toilets. This attention to cleanliness enhances the overall experience and adds to the restaurant's positive reputation.
6. Convenient parking: One comment mentions the presence of a multistorey carpark within a short walking distance from Umi place. Moreover, the fact that the carpark is free of charge on Sunday and after 6pm from Monday to Saturday is highlighted. This convenience factor can attract customers who appreciate accessible parking options, making the restaurant more appealing.
Weaknesses: 1. Mixed reviews on specific dishes: One customer expressed disappointment with the ramen, stating that it did not taste Japanese and had clumps of noodles. They also mentioned the inclusion of bell peppers and bean sprouts, which they found unusual in Japanese ramen. Additionally, they noted that the chicken had a stinky taste and did not absorb the broth properly. While this comment represents a specific experience, it does highlight potential inconsistencies in the quality and authenticity of some dishes.
2. Availability and booking: One comment suggests that Umi place can get busy, particularly over the weekend, and recommends prebooking. While this indicates popularity, it could also be seen as a weakness for customers who prefer spontaneity or struggle to secure a reservation.
Overall, Umi place has numerous strengths. Its delicious, fresh, and reasonably priced food, coupled with friendly service and a relaxed atmosphere, make it an appealing destination for Japanese cuisine enthusiasts. However, some inconsistencies in the quality of specific dishes and potential difficulties in securing a booking should be noted as areas for improvement.

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