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Shirley Park

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Stratford Rd, Shirley, Solihull B90 3AL United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Good for kids

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I visited Shirley Park a few days back and I do love it. It is a simple park with playground, tennis court, a nice football field, great for walking dogs and really serene. I would have given it a 5star but I have been to more beautiful parks that this within Birmingham.
If you live around Solihull you should definitely visit this park with your family and or friends.
I love sitting on a bench there looking over at the green scenery near the field there or just sitting down on a bench having a picnic. I also like walking around the park. I also found a apple tree there recently. 4 stars as there are sometimes playful dogs there and I am terrified of them in case they jump up me
A great Park for children and adults, play areas for children, lots of benches to sit on and for picnic, free carpark for 3 hours, plenty of grass area for football / cricket etc and bike routes too
It's the most Big Park in Shirley, especialy for you and your dog ????. Have a realy big green spaces, sites with games for Kiss.. realy good park!
Nice clean park with picnic areas big playground, skater ramp, basketball place etc
Shirley park is the most amazing place that caters for most activities. I really love it. However I have personally found the "Friends of Shirley Park" to be not very friendly. Don't let that put you off this amazing space though. We are lucky to have it.
Nice park to visit as always. Been going approximately 70 years. Seen a lot of changes ie designated playground, dog friendly etc
Great little skate park for the younger clientele, been here twice with my 7 year old son, with his scooter. This park is mainly scooters though some of the regulars have skateboards as well, some of the more able riders have shared hints with my son to help him improve. Why 4 stars? There can be a lot of young children running about using it as an assault course, with is unfortunate as the parents could bring them to the assault course in the park right next door.
I've seen a few more able riders/boarders use the park but they are in the minority and seem respectful to the young children trying to use the park for skateboarding/scootering. I feel sorry for them that some of the time the park is overrun by children not using it for its intended purpose.

Quick Facts About Shirley Park

Shirley Park has several strengths that make it a desirable place to visit. Firstly, it offers a variety of facilities and activities for both children and adults. There is a playground for children, which provides a safe and fun environment for them to play. Additionally, the park has a tennis court, a football field, and grass areas that can be used for various sports and recreational activities like cricket. It also has bike routes, making it suitable for cyclists.
The park is known for its serene atmosphere, making it a peaceful place to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Visitors can sit on benches and appreciate the green scenery, or have a picnic with their family and friends. The presence of an apple tree adds a touch of nature and beauty to the park. The park is also well-maintained and clean, with picnic areas and a skate ramp available for use.
Furthermore, Shirley Park is spacious and has plenty of open green spaces. This is beneficial for those who enjoy walks or have dogs, as there is ample room for them to exercise and roam freely. The park is described as a "big" park, which indicates that it offers a large area for various activities. The availability of free parking for up to three hours is also a convenience for visitors.
However, there are some weaknesses that should be noted. One commenter mentioned their fear of playful dogs in the park, which can be a potential concern for those who are afraid of or have allergies to dogs. This could impact their overall experience and prevent them from fully enjoying the park. Additionally, it is mentioned that there can be an influx of young children running about and using the skate park as an assault course. This can be frustrating for those who intend to use the skate park for its intended purpose and may lead to a less enjoyable experience for some visitors.
Another weakness that was mentioned is the unfriendliness of the "Friends of Shirley Park." This could create a less welcoming atmosphere for visitors and potentially discourage them from fully engaging with the community or participating in events organized by the group. However, this does not detract from the overall beauty and appeal of the park itself.
In conclusion, Shirley Park offers several strengths that make it a worthwhile visit. Its variety of amenities, such as playgrounds, sports facilities, and picnic areas, cater to both children and adults. The park's serene atmosphere and green surroundings provide a peaceful environment for relaxation and appreciating nature. However, there are some weaknesses to consider, such as the presence of playful dogs and potential overcrowding in certain areas. Despite these drawbacks, Shirley Park remains a valuable recreational space in the community and a destination worth exploring.

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